Official: Reyes rejects Galatasaray

Spanish winger to stay with los Rojiblancos

Reyes to stay at Atlético...for now (

Reyes to stay at Atlético...for now (

Atlético Madrid have confirmed that José Antonio Reyes has rejected a move to Galatasaray and will be staying at the Vicente Calderón next season.

In a statement released on the club’s official website, Atlético confirmed that Galatasaray had made a bid for Reyes, Diego Forlán and Tomas Ujfalusi.

Today, Atleti revealed that Reyes held a meeting with his agent, Mariano Aguilar, and Atlético’s new sporting director Jose Luis Perez Caminero.

“All parties have agreed to decline the offer from Galatasaray, and the player will form part of Atlético Madrid’s first team next season,” read the official statement.

Tomas Ujfalusi however, went on to sign for the Turks, who finished a disappointing 8th in the league last season.

“The club gave the Czech defender freedom to negotiate his contract with Galatasaray as long as the economic conditions were those required by Atlético Madrid,” the club confirmed.

There was no further mention in the statement of Diego Forlán, and it remains to be seen if the Uruguayan has held talks with the Turkish club.

Reyes himself took to Twitter to explain what went down. He wrote:

“I’ve told Caminero that it’s very difficult for me to move from here. I’m happy. After the final in Barcelona I understood what this club is. I’m staying! Aupa Atleti!”

  • javi

    Atletis website is down, probably because of the high volume of hits right now.
    This and Forlan’s comments are the first good signs for next year.
    Now lets keep Joel as a starter and get him an experienced backup if Asenjo is not well.

  • javi

    BTW, Manzano wants to bring Negredo to replace kun if he exits. That works for me much better than Osvaldo.

  • Sweden

    Javi you are absolutely right, Get an experienced keeper who don’t mind sitting on the bench, Joel should get his shot!

    Negredo is a much better option then Osvaldo considering that Espanyol wants 18 million euros for him!

  • palc

    Negredo should be more expensive than Osvaldo. I think he’s better.

    Aren’t we switching to 4-3-3? If so I think we don’t need another striker. Play Forlan upfront with Adrian and Borja as backups. Juanfran, Salvio y Reyes as wingers. Bring in a left winger like Piatti or Guardado and a creative midfielder then the team is complete. Both should be quality signings.

  • starvs

    First, Emregunen, well put, I’m surprised I agree…

    Second, I agree with palc if we gonna play 4-3-3 we only need one starting striker and I am confident Forlan will be back to more than acceptable form. No reason to waste money on a new striker, especially if its 20 mil for Osvaldo’s mediocre ass. Priority is def left wing and central playmaker creator. Break the bank on a CAM and this team could be very solid next year.

  • pepe

    “Aquí soy feliz. Es muy difícil que me mueva. Me quedo. ¡Aupa Atleti!” – José Antonio Reyes

    problem galatasaray? -insert trollface-

  • starvs

    Sorry, my spanish is pretty bad, does Aupa Atleti means ‘Turkey is a great place to play soccer and will certainly help me get back into la seleccion?’

  • mesut

    amınakoyyim gelceksen gel artık reyes nedir bu çektirdiğin rezillik bize ya gel kral ol ASLAN ACİMBOM

  • starvs

    Oh mesut, you crack me up!

  • Davide

    No, Aupa Atleti means that Reyes is not ready to play retirement football in Turkey yet. Ujfalusi signed for Galatasaray because he like to smoke waterpipes and go shopping Alladin lamps in Bazaars.

    I think Luis Perea should be ready for Turkey next year. Rignt now, he is to fast for Süper Lig.

  • Last-King

    Davide you are very funny, how much do you want for your mother??

  • Davide


    I know you are not used to it, but everybodys mother is not for sale like yours is.

  • Last-King

    Davide, you are not only funny but also stupid, i promise iam not gonna negotiate..

  • palc

    Reyes nuevo capitan? Grande Reyes! Viva Reyes!

  • Javi

    Palc I’m with you he’s earned it today

  • Davide


    Wow.. So now you think i am funny and stupid?! Negotiate what? I would appreciate if you make sense next time you write, cause right now not even Google Translate can desipher your jibberish.

  • Chalet

    Good boy, Reyes!!! 🙂
    He had a great season and he will be one of our leaders in the future!

    But Reyes definitely staying will probably also mean that Forlán will be on his way out.
    Rumour has it that the ” Never a ball to ‘La Rubia’ ” incident was the idea of Reyes and that Forlán and Reyes can´t stand each other…

  • dgsozkan

    Dear friends who writes in Turkish, please at least bother to write in english it is an international blog and if everyone tries to write in his main language it would be impossible to understand each other in here. I understand you but not everyone.If you want to share your opinion, write it in english so everyone can understand.

  • NiñoTorres

    Those poor Galatasaray fans, they were so convinced that Reyes was their’s 😛

  • 7th

    anyway, when is the new atletico kit gonna be revealed?

  • Martin Rosenow

    Mundo Deportivo said last week they were to be revealed yesterday…don’t know what happened with that.

    Someone in the forums said the club pushed the kit presentation to early next week. Maybe they are trying to buy more time to secure a sponsor.

  • LionKing

    Can someone give me the link to this official news. I have been to the website but I don’t see any official news about reyes rejecting the move to Galatasaray. Where is it?

  • Derek Maaijen

    The link is in the article, LionKing. Here it is in English:

    “After meeting with José Antonio Reyes and his representative Mariano Aguilar this Monday the 21st of June in Seville, along with the new director of football José Luis Pérez Caminero, all parties agreed to decline the offer from Galatasaray with the player remaining part of the Atlético de Madrid first team squad for the coming season. “

  • Sebyk

    good boy reyes 🙂 la perla por el capitan!

  • Good man himself! Reyes por el capitan!

  • can7ona


    Could you please stop acting as headmistress since you are neither moderator nor the owner of blog! Mate, dont be offended but take this as a little friendly advice from me.

    @Atletico Fans
    Congrats, seems your board members changed their mind after your pressure. However frankly speaking this will be considered as an unethical way of treating in bussiness life by Galatasaray board by the reason of following facts.
    Firstly, Atletico agreed to give permission to Galatasaray which means they were ready to sell said 3 players and committed to do it after player and Gala agree in principle. While Gala and Reyes were discussing the terms and conditions , Atletico can not declare off by turning one hundred and eighty degrees. This is unacceptable in bussiness life in many aspects. Sorry but from now on brace yourself for Galatasaray’s retaliation in every transactions and possible negotiations..

    Galatasaray followed the steps regarding transfer proceedings correctly and properly. We respect the history and the fans of Atletico Madrid club. However we would have expected to get same respect at least. Instead of speaking to media, Atletico board members should have shared their last unethical action directly with Gala Board.

    Consequently, this has been a huge example for mishandling or screwing up. Thank you Atletico, we still respect but not you just to your fans.

    @Galatasaray fans

    No worries, make yourself relax, trust Fatih the Emperor Terim, he can create lots of players better than Reyes or Forlan by the help of youth squad members considering cost efficiency.. Now let’s focus on goalkeeper transfer and leave Atletico forums with our Atletico fans.

  • Nick Poskitt


    Galatasaray apparently following the correct transfer proceedings by not speaking to the media? Your club is the one that came out and announced you were trying to sign the three players on your website long before Atleti confirmed anything to the media.

    You had permission to speak to all the players, and the fee would have been agreed thereafter. Ujfalusi decided he wanted to join you, Reyes rejected you, and Forlán is currently deciding. Where is the 180 by Atleti?

    We can’t ‘commit to sell’ – it’s ultimately upto the players. We can’t help it if they don’t want to take a step down…

    And as ‘owner’ of the blog, I’d like to thank dgsozkan for encouraging his compatriots to write in English.

  • starvs

    I wonder what coud possibly have transpired in Turkey to give Gala fans such a ridiculous sense of self importance.

  • can7ona

    @ Nick,

    sure that dgsozkan will be pleased after your support but the way of expressing his ideas were not nice at all. If you check his previous messages you can see how provocating they are.. Everyone should know that both Gala and Atletico fans can discuss a subject regardfully. In other words as an “owner” you’d better be aware of rival team fans’ provocating messages such as dgsozkan’s all messages which were annoying Gala fans.

    Moreover we do hate fenerbahce fans and their provocating attempts to set Galatasaray against Atletico! I hope this is clear enough.

    When it comes to the media discussion, I am sorry to say that you are wrong my friend. Galatasaray board didn’t declare anything to media before the negotiations have been completed. Our president informed media and public since Galatasaray is also a company of public ownership. In other words the official negotiations must be declared as a result of statutory obligation in Turkey. Furthermore the declerations were reflecting entirely truth thusly no one from atletico side raised an objection.

    On the other hand, Atletico board members directly spoke to media without informing Gala board with regard to doing a one-eighty! Anyway, for the purpose of correcting a misunderstanding, we did not ask for your help to settle with players. We have just expected from your board members to keep their promise and wait untill we finish the negotiations with players.

    Enjoy your Reyes 🙂

  • Nick Poskitt


    Your official website (link), the day this all went public, said that they had ‘begun negotiations’. That’s hardly waiting until they were completed.

    Also, Reyes decided he didn’t want to take a step down and play in Turkey. How is that Atlético doing a 180? We said you could speak to him – you did – and you got rejected.

    @ starvs

    Tell me about it. Jeeez…

  • dgsozkan

    I’ve been supporting Atletico since I was 7. My interest with this blog isn’t about Gs’ transfer moves at all.I’ve shared my opinions but I don’t think that they were provocative.If you think so , there is a huge misunderstanding. After all I’m talking as a Atletico fan. Please look at the some comments especially which are written in Turkish to see who is trying to aggravate. Does cursing make sense ? Anyway, about Reyes rejection , I’m very contented.After Aguero and De Gea, Reyes’s lose would be to much for us. We should keep our talented men as much as we can.Otherwise next year would turn in to a nightmare.

  • k14

    wow, pointless drama since none of you can do anything about it :p

    @ Davide
    Alladin is arabic, and turks aren’t arab,
    so… hands off !