Caminero reportedly declares Reyes “untransferable”

Atlético’s sporting director informed Galatasaray officials that ‘la Perla’ isn’t for sale

Atleti winger Reyes is not for sale (

Atleti winger Reyes is not for sale (

Atlético supporters worried about losing Jose Antonio Reyes can breathe a collective sigh of relief. For now.

While Spanish radio station COPE reported late Thursday evening that Atleti officials confirmed negotiations were underway with Galatasaray for the transfer of Reyes, Diego Forlan and Tomas Ujfalusi to the Turkish club, AS sheds more light on what actually went down.

Sources in Turkey initially claimed the Istanbul-based outfit’s president had met directly with Enrique Cerezo at the Vicente Calderon in an attempt to take the trio in one fell swoop.

However, according to AS, Galatasaray president Ünal Aysal, accompanied by a team that included Gala’s sporting director, met with Jose Luis Caminero at a restaurant in Madrid.

While our sporting director reportedly did not reject bids for Forlan and Ujfalusi, he did make it clear that Reyes was “untransferable”.

As for ‘la Rubia’ and Ujfa, Caminero said he would inform the players of Gala’s interest, though he clarified his intentions are to retain both for next season.

AS contacted Ujfalusi, who, in response to the reports of a possible move, told the Spanish paper:

“I’m in Italy on vacation and I don’t know anything about it. But, I’m very happy in Madrid and with Atlético fans.”

  • Yon

    Please sell Ujfa, keep the other 2 though!

  • starvs

    I’d like to see us keep all three to be honest. Reyes is obvious, I think Forlan will bounce back, and Ujfa is a good backup to have because he can play RB and CB.

  • javi

    I agree with Starvs, and Manzano made declaration on video in that he is counting on Forlan and hopefully with kun at his side. So despite what our Turkish friends say, I think our boys are staying home with us.

  • Martin Rosenow

    AS reported today that Forlán would reject a move to Galatasaray.

  • All three should definitively stay at Atléti! Screw Galatasaray!

  • palc

    Were they really offering €5-7 million for Ujfalusi? Thats insane. And €10million for Reyes which is RIDICULOUS.

  • GS fan

    we have money our president has money he is like abramovich how can you stop power of money…

  • GS fan

    wait and you will see losing your 3 key players.

  • NiñoTorres

    I really hate how Galatasaray fans seem to think they are some kind of European superpower. The fact the club announced negotiations on their website is pretty desperate as well.

    Forlán has apparently rejected you already, Ujfa said he knows nothing of your interest and is happy in Madrid, and Reyes is not for sale and apparently wants to stay as well. I wouldn’t be surprised with our management if somehow all three players did end up at Galatasaray, but still I highly doubt that this deal will happen.

  • Chalet

    I´m sure that this deal won´t happen.

    Neither Forlán nor Reyes or Ujfa are willing to go there.

  • Davide

    Is anyone here a shady lawyer? Is there anyway we can make Galatasaray think they are getting Forlán and Reyes, but on the fineprint it says they are getting Cerezo and Gil?

  • Sweden

    Reyes should stay, the money we are getting from Kun, De Gea and RG. . . should be enough to manage.

  • Chalet


    Hahaha. Hilarious.
    Thanks for making my day! 🙂

  • Croatia Atletista

    also any news about Niko Kranjčar? Roumors are he might join atleti.

  • Please sell forlan and reyes, keep the other 1 though!

  • Mujdat

    I think nobody knows the meaning of official announcement:) Stil some people say that this is just a rumour or its a deperate movement.

    guys, you will see how we will get your 3 stars, just be patient:) even if we are not an European superpower, do not worry still we have power to buy those 3 players.

  • Sweden

    pay up, and you will have them.

  • Nick Poskitt

    And Manchester City have the power to buy any player in the world, doesn’t mean they CAN, just look at Kaka and Ronaldo, both rejecting moves despite money.

    I think Galatasaray fans are getting a bit ahead of themselves. You all need to calm down and wait for more developments. And trust me, buying Ujfalusi and Forlan at the moment is nothing to be proud of

  • Flo

    Trur story, Nick. Plus Forlan signed the contract of his life with us. Why should he go elsewhere?

  • Davide

    Just because we are so cocky we will see in tomorrows paper “Galatsaray complete signing of Sergio Agüero for 45 m €” followed by “Raul Garcia signs longtime contract with Atlético”.

    Chalet// Hilarious? I was serious 🙂

  • Chalet

    Well, obviously Galatasaray are willing to pay Forlán a 5-m-€-per-year salary.
    If he would really think like a mercenary he would go there.

    But instead he said that he is pleased with the new Atléti project (?????), that he wants to stay in Madrid and that he does not (yet) consider the Turkish liga attractive enough to play there…

  • Chalet


    Serious? Ahhhhh – I see!

    Already looking forward to your comments when you´re funny… 😉

  • Sweden

    We have juanfran, Salvio and Reyes for next season if nothing happens, that is one too many, dont you think? Wonder what will happen.

  • Sweden

    as right-wingers, i mean.

  • Sebyk

    reyes will move to the central position 😉
    (just kidding, Manzano wouldn’t be capable of such a genuine move 🙂

  • Sweden

    haha, Reyes does fine in a central position, but still.. I think it’s enough with two right wingers, they all are good enough not to sit on the bench to often.

  • dgsozkan

    These Galatasaray fans have never stopped being nonsense .I’m also Türk, and I can easily say that GS fans can drive you crazy sometimes.A clever one claims that Ünal Aysal is as rich as Abramovich.Don’t believe them my friends as I said before I’m also from Turkey and it is not like this he is an average president nothing more. I hope board won’t make a huge mistake to sell Forlan and Reyes.I makes no sense at all.

  • palc

    Those turks only got hold of Ujfalusi. Now how much do we owe you for this favour? Or are we actually receiving money for this?

  • emregünen

    üzgünüm beyler reyesi de aldık.. alın forlan sizin olsun… onu istemiyoruz zaten. . drogba yı alıyoruz forlana 5 çeker. reyes galatasaray da… NE MUTLU TÜRKÜM DİYENE….

  • Ringo Schut

    I don’t have anything against the Turkish language, but would you please comment in English, when you’re on an English website? If you’re here I guess you can already read the language, so typing shouldn’t be that big a deal, right?
    I’m not writing everything in Dutch, for instance…