Reyes, Forlán and Ujfaluši to Galatasaray?

Reports in the Turkish media claim Atlético have agreed to sell all three players

Atleti trio off to Turkey? (MARCA)

Atleti trio off to Turkey? (MARCA)

Rumours suggesting Jose Antonio Reyes, Diego Forlan and Tomas Ujfalusi have all been sold to Galatasaray are picking up steam amidst reports in the Turkish media claiming Atlético have agreed to a bulk sale of the trio.

According to AS, reputable Turkish paper NTVSpor report that Galatasaray president Unal Aysal met with Enrique Cerezo at the Vicente Calderón Thursday morning, and secured a combo deal for Reyes, Forlan and Ujfalusi.

There has been no talk of transfer fees for any of the players.

The sale of Forlan and Ujfalusi will likely, depending on their sales prices, not leave many tears on Rojiblanco cheeks. However, it seems inconceivable that Atleti would consider selling Reyes given that he is our only proven, star quality player left on the squad with the more than likely departures of De Gea and Agüero.

Turkish media reports are notoriously unreliable, so no need to jump off that cliff just yet Colchonero.

Or maybe it is time to jump the cliff…

UPDATE: Galatasaray have confirmed negotiations are in place on their official website.

The statement by the club reads:

“Club Atletico de Madrid footballers, Diego Forlan, Jose Antonio Reyes and Tomas Ujfalusi have initiated negotiations with Galatasaray. The public will be informed of developments.”

  • Sweden

    screw this

  • Nick Poskitt

    This is ridiculous, what the HELL Cerezo

  • Flo

    Let’s play with Cantera next year…

  • Sweden

    If Reyes leaves, i would wan’t our wingers for next season to be, Arda turan, Cedric, Salvio, Juanfran.

    But at the same time, Reyes should stay, it is stupid to let him go.

  • javi

    If this rumor turns out to be true, then we really have to think about taking over…

  • Sweden

    It is not a rumour any more, galatasarays own websites confirms interest.

  • Adi

    This is crazy! Could understand Forlan and Ujfaluši but not Reyes.

    Are there serious money problems at the club?

  • palc

    Not Reyes!

  • Adi, are you serious with that question?

  • Javi

    Sweden I understand the interest but I was referring to whether the team sells these three, if they do and don’t replace them with same or better players then…

  • Yon

    I seriously am gonna jump off a cliff…………….

  • starvs

    If they sell Reyes for less than 20 mil I will kill you all.

    Out of mercy.

  • palc

    I read somewhere they were offering Reyes for €7-10mill. R I D C U L O U S

  • brk

    that’s the news from Gala website. this is not fake. our president left Turkey with his own plane this morning and he is there now ı think.. 🙂

  • Lubo

    What the hell is happening there??? Seriously, what the fuck?!? Is this really happening? I just can’t believe this. Could this be a part of Arda’s deal? Or they are just telling us, that next year wingers will be Juanfran, Perea, Cedric and maybe Salvio? Who will be the back-up for Sílvio when Valera is negotiating with Mallorca and Ujfa with Galatasaray. And our strikers? No Forlan next season, are you kidding us? Now sell Koke, Alvaro, Filipe and Mario and play Raul Garcia and all the morons we have left! GO TO HELL GIL FAMILY!

  • 7th

    I think someone clearly must stand up to cerezo n gill. They dont know anything at managment and football.

  • Flo
  • Davide

    I think we need to hire Ezio and send him to Madrid with a mission…

  • Nick Poskitt


    Haha, comment of the year!

  • OMG guys its so fake and propaganda what serious deal would be announced on the official site as “negotiations”. They know it will not work out so they posted the news relax.

  • Sweden

    Javi I didn’t mean to sound bitter, but Gil and his men are breaking my balls. Hate this crap..

  • Adi

    Alvaro – no I wasn’t. For some reason the last part of my sarcastic post comment aimed at Gil & Cerezo wasn’t published.

  • Adi


    No – for some reason the next part, aimed at Gil/Cerezo, dind’t post.

  • Deniz

    …just to let you know, Galatasaray shareholders were notified last night that a deal had been reached with Atletico and that the 3 players have agreed on wage contracts in principle.

    Rumour is Athletico needs to cut wage bill in order to find money for a new stadium….you guys probably know better.

  • Emre

    You tried to get Arda so we got Atletico Madrid.



  • Emre

    @Urban the transfert negotiations started as you still talk and the 3 of your key players will be in İstanbul like Monday.They are already gone and your speeches won’t make it better.

  • erman

    hi atletico fans i am a fan of galatasaray. i am glad your thoughts about reyes. additionally 5 million euros is high for forlan per year.

  • Flo

    @Emre we’ll see

  • *Cantona7*

    See the glass half full; those 3 players r gonna work with Fatih – The Emperor- TERIM so you should be proud of them dear Atletico fans… Btw as a Gala fan we would like to state that we still support Madrid against Barca with all our heart and soul 🙂

  • Ian

    I guess I don’t need to show my amazement and frustation here as we all are.

    I’m just amazed at how you can find the picture of the three exact person in one frame like that. Just awesome 😀

  • NiñoTorres

    Don’t wish to sound rude, but these Galatasaray fans are starting to annoy me. These deals are far from done, and you are not the European superpower that you seem to think you are.

  • erdal

    bu üç harika oyuncuyu takımımızda görmek bizleri çok mutlu etti. sizler üzülmekte haklısınız bir takımın 3 önemli oyuncusunu kaybetmesi çok garip…

  • Martin Rosenow

    @erdal Absolutely.

  • I’ve got a rope, gun, some poison, gasoline…which do I use?

  • Mus

    “You tried to get Arda so we got Atlético Madrid”

    lol, im a atleti fan but that comment is just too good

  • emre

    erdal aferin=). hey atletico taraftarları üzgünüm ama 3 ünüde aldık. arda da bizde kaldı avcunuzu yalayın. biz sizden alırız ama siz bizden bok alırsınız=).şimdi öyle birbirinize bön bön bakın

  • Galatasaray Fan

    I hope we can buy Reyes for 7,5 million because we need a good winger in our squad

  • Flo

    @Galatasaray Fan: Haha best joke ever 😀

  • Ringo Schut

    just 7.5m for Reyes would be terrible, but not a surprise, knowing our geniuses on top.

  • @Galatasaray Fan
    Heheh efendim, never going to happen’ 😉

  • new galatasaray gs siker

    last season it was nightmare for us. because in league title we finished 8th. and our president changed and he started to transfer players and first emperor fatih terim returned he bought elmander,selçuk inan ,ceyhun gülselam who are one of the best midfielders of turkey. Arda turan is our and turkeys best player do you think atletico madrid can buy him easily? no but we bought your 3 key players ahaha we have money and you dont it is so simple and as a turkish man i always like this sentences of americans ”MONEY TALKS”

  • Chalet

    Sorry, Galatasaray – but yesterday Uruguayan newspaper Ovación also had an article about Forlán rejecting a move to you.

    And Reyes is never ever going to leave Spain again.
    Istanbul is just way too far away from Sevilla…

  • Flo

    So far you haven’t bought anyone.

  • erdal

    bize gelmekle en doğru kararı vereceklerdir…. boşuna yormayın kendinizi… birazda uzaktan bakın yıldızlara…. arena stadında taraftar onları büyüleyecektir…….. (ultraslan)

  • erdal

    dará la decisión correcta al venir a nosotros …. No se moleste usted mismo con el mando a distancia en vano … veo las estrellas …. Arena fans les cautivará … … .. (Ultraslan)

  • pepe

    I love it when turkish people talk so highly of their clubs..

    The turkish league is still very mediocre and the turkish clubs only manage to sign an over the top star now and then because of the money they pay them. The rest of the squad is filled up with mediocre players who failed to succeed in mid table teams of top leagues such as la liga and the premier league. The results of this short sighted strategy is clearly visible in the turkish clubs’ lack of succes in europe.

    but hey, please continue to entertain us with your rumours… I’m loving it!

    mercenarios anyone?

  • Mujdat


    We love our teams, and we are proud of our teams. How many supporters do Atletico Madrid and Galatasaray have? Did you compare them? Or do you know about our supporters (If not ask to Paolo Maldini, he will explain to you)?

    Yes your leagues and teams are more powerfull and famous. But do not forget that Turkey is not in EU zone, and Turkish teams can not transfer any numbers of EU zone players. We are fighting with our own players in international area. And you can see our players in EURO 2008, or World Cup 2002.

    And you can see in the history of Galatasaray that how many teams we beat from Spain ( Barcelona, Real Madrid, Mallorca, Deportivo etc.)

    Atletico Madrid is just a city team, but Galatasaray is a country team. We have a tradition, we have history, we have passion. And that enough to be big.

  • Mujdat


    and read the previous messages;
    “You tried to get Arda so we got Atlético Madrid.”

    this is how big we are dude. Dont worry, we will get them and help to your team to survive from economical cricis:)

  • pepe

    If tradition, history and passion is what defines a club, then yes we are not a big club… we are HUGE!

  • 20corona

    I quote this to all Galatasaray fans

    “I may be a dreamer, but im not the only one” ~ John Lennon ~

  • Istiklall

    As a loyal Gala fan I just want to mention that this news is 100% true and official confirmed on the clubs website and by the president Ünal Aysal. Back in Istanbul after leaving the airport he mentioned to the press that he has an agreement with the president of Atletico and also the players managers. Gala will probably announce next week the signings of those 3 players.

    By the way: with Forlan, Reyes, De Gea and probably Aguero leaving, tell me if Atletico is still big enough to compete with top clubs in Europe such as Gala…

  • NiñoTorres

    The delusion and arrogance of these Galatasaray fans is staggering… You finished EIGHTH in one of the weakest leagues in Europe last year. This news is far from confirmed, and any player that wants to succeed would much rather play in Spain for Atleti than for you. Just Arda Turan for example, who wanted to join us. You all need to wake up and stop dreaming.

    PS: I’m sure you remember this

  • dgsozkan

    I’m from Turkey .All media in here,claims that it’s a done deal but I hope not. I’ve seen very funny comments above , someone’ve tried to compare Atleti with Galatasaray , it’s nonsense you all know. Let’s be reasonable Atleti is huge.

  • Chalet

    @ Niño Torres:

    How could WE ever forget this game?
    Simão and Forlán – heartbreaking…

    Thanks for posting! 🙂

  • GALATASARAY> atletico madrid

    hey atletico fans how can you compare galatasaray with atletico madrid yes last season was not good for us but last season was last season. and who is your best player played on your team? forlan ahaha gheorghe hagi played in our team and his nickname was ”maradona of carpathians” forlan’s is ”blonde of uruguay” you cannot compare galatasaray with atletico you are too little for us if you dont know about hagi see his goals and how big player he is…

  • dgsozkan

    be rational and stop embarrassing yourself. People would think all Türks are easy mind as you. How can you compare Atleti with Gs. Stop silly Hagi speechs it is over if you wanna talk, lets talk about 6-0 haa? or your great performances at Kadiköy ? Have you ever look to the Atletico’s history. In your little mind only big footballer is Hagi but open your mind and look to the realities. At least make a small search about Atletico’s history and old players.Then you will see , what a great madness is the comparing gs with Atleti.

  • 20corona

    Some of this comments above are so retarded it’s not even funny anymore….

  • johnterry

    Reyes gets homesick when playing abroad and that’s why he left arsenal. So gala better not to sign him. By the way, NiñoTorres ,Turkish league isn’t one of the weakest leagues in Europe. It’s among the top 10 in Europe.

  • 7th

    seems ufo is in turkey undergoing medical check up. seems plausible.

  • gsfans

    Ujfalusi in Istanbul ..
    Transfer made ​​as a result of negotiations with Galatasaray, Atletico Madrid Tomas Ujfalusi’s agreement, arrived in Istanbul. Ujfalusi also announced that negotiations with the club has officially begun.

  • Atletico fan

    It’s been confirmed.. Ujfalusi has arrived in istanbul today and is undergoing medical checks. He is expected to sign tomorrow. There are rumors that reyes’ deal is nearly done and that he will arrive on Tuesday. Still no word on forlan.

  • Maryke

    I don’t think Forlan will go.. But we’ll see. There’s nothing we can do about it.

  • AyaZ

    All the best 4 gala & atletico ilove both team

    Reyes will be in hell soon !!!

  • LionKing

    All the respect to Atletico fans and I don’t want to get into the comparison of the two clubs. Galatasaray and Atletico are both great clubs and have great fans. My word goes out to that fenerbahce fan dgsozkan, do you think fener is bigger than Atletico? if your answer is yes then I believe you know what i will be saying next.

    Forlan said he is happy at Atletico and that he wishes to stay at Atletico in a press conference. I hope we sign Reyes and if Forlan wants to stay at Atletico then I wish him good luck there. But I hope he will also join us.

  • GS>>FB

    i agree with lionking DGS salağı biz de türküz annesi kaşar fenerli piç siktir git kendi haberlerini oku siktirtme belanı am kafalı amına koduklarım önce guizada götünüze giren 50 milyon euroyu çıkarın içinizden

  • dgsozkan

    If you really wonder , I can easily say that Atletico is the biggest club to me. It’s my opinion and It won’t change. Now, let’s look at the truths.I’m not comparing these two teams ,I’ve just show that the comparison between Atleti and Gs is nonsense because of course Atleti is bigger it’s a reality, not an opinion. And you dear “GS>>FB”, yes it’s a perfect idea to cursed me in Turkish in an international Atletico blog.What a clever move you boy. Keep on!

  • Sergen

    Cant wait to see Atletico Madrid’s fans face when all three of them signs. 1 done (Ujfalusi) 2 more to go 😀

  • UaLondon

    Loool at Atletico… All star players nearly left… Aguero to Real and De Gea to Man Utd next. Best wishes for Atletico in 2nd division.

  • LionKing

    @dgsozkan, mate I didn’t ask you to compare GS with Atletico, please try to answer my question when you reply. When you say you believe Atletico is the biggest club do you mean they are bigger than fener too? At least answer this one properly 🙂 and dont forget when you think about Galatasaray keep in mind that its a sports club with teams in Basketball, voleyball, waterball etc.. Also don’t forget our history goes back to more than 400 years with its academy.


    Atleticolu taraftarlar. forlan ı artık istemiyoruz zaten oda bizi istememiş.biz drogba yı alıyoruz. 1-2 güne imza atarız. sizden reyesi de istiyoruz. onu da verin reyes-arda-drogba-elmander-baros süper bir takım kuruyoruz. bekle bizi avrupa 2000 yılındaki gs geri geliyor…ha bu arada atletico taraftarları siz ardayı bizden alamadınız .biz gittik 2. ardayı da aldık. SELÇUK İNAN unutmayın bu ismi arda kadar kaliteli . =)=)=)=)

  • Galatasaray for everrrr bitcheszzzz Hat-trick REYES, FORLAN, UJFALUSI

    Galatasaray players to Atletico = 0 heheheh


  • dgsozkan

    LionKing , actually I answered your question but maybe it wasn’t clear , my fault. Yes I think Atletico is bigger football club than Fenerbahce. Other branches aren’t related, as you can understand. We are talking about football here and Atletico is bigger than both clubs mentioned. You can say that Gs is the biggest club for me , I can understand because for me Atleti is the biggest club in the world.But it is a fact that in football(what we are talking in this blog) Atleti is way better club.