New Atlético kit to be unveiled next week

The club has vehemently denied the model reported by several media sources

Fake jersey on sale online (

Fake jersey on sale online (

According to Mundo Deportivo, Atlético’s kits for the 2011/12 campaign are set to be formally unveiled on Tuesday, the 21st of June.

For months now, several sources in the Spanish media have claimed that a design based on Barcelona’s official jersey for next season is going to be Atleti’s shirt next year.

Atlético officials however, have denied those reports, stating our new jerseys will reflect the history of the club and have nothing to do with Barça’s model for 2011/12.

We had already reported back in January that the design that surfaced online was a false one, created by a “fantasy kit designer” at

Curiously, shirts are available for sale online from China that are based on the fake model. Unsurprisingly, MARCA swallowed the phony design hook, line and sinker recently, as the Spanish paper boasted of having revealed our next kit.

Did you jump the gun and purchase one of those fake jerseys?

  • The old one looked much better to be honest…

  • Martin Rosenow

    Stefan, supposedly the one in the picture is not the real design.

  • Yon

    Not a fan anyway tbh so hope its different! Im excited to see the away kit! Rumour has it same as this years but diagonak red and white lines!

  • Garymadrid

    I was at the club shop on Friday and asked the manager when the shirt would be out and they hadn’t a clue when!!!!!

  • starvs

    The one pictured is pretty ugly. I like it.

  • Well Martin I hope its not this one, but on the other hand, its Atlético that matters, and the jerseys are still roji-blanco 😀

  • 7th

    Cant waaaaait.

  • Sweden

    hope this picture is fake, so ugly!

  • RojiBlanco

    Atleti really had great shirts (home&away) the last couple of years. Let’s hope they continue the trend…

  • palc

    Did not like this years, where the focus was on the blanco not the rojo. It looked like pink from afar, especially in Fifa 11. I hope they will keep it simple, like the one from 05-06 or maybe the one from 06-07. Those pictured aren’t simple and as you can see they are fugly and looks like a regular t-shirt one might wear at the gym.

    Let Barca have that design. They have an ugly sponsor and therefore an ugly shirt.

  • Rojiblanco93

    As far as i know, KIA isn´t our sponsor anymore, the sponsorship ended this term, and the directors searching for a new one… like Turkish Airlines and Emirates and such a scheit.

  • 20corona

    here are some shirts that atleti has used, the one from 73 is a nice one 😉

  • 20corona

    my personal favorite are the 99 – 00 shirts, big stripes!

  • Gert

    “stand up, speak up”