Confirmed: Manzano to coach Atlético

Atleti turn to 4th choice after Luis Enrique picks AS Roma

Gregorio Manzano, our new coach (AS)

Gregorio Manzano, our new coach (AS)

Following reports this morning of Gregorio Manzano’s visit to the Vicente Calderón, the club has now officially announced on its website that the coach has signed a one-year contract to manage Atleti.

Manzano is expected to be presented by Atlético in the coming days.

He and his agent Manuel García Quilón were seen entering a meeting this morning with our directors Caminero and Clemente Villaverde.

The 55-year old coach arrived in Madrid last night after having already met with his agent and Caminero, indicating that a deal was imminent.

The coach, who left Sevilla last month, has a long career in Spain and managed Atlético in the 2003/2004 campaign. But as usual with Manzano, he left the club after just one season.

It seems Atleti approached Manzano after Luis Enrique turned our offer down, the Barcelona man will join AS Roma instead. Our search for a new coach has been a difficult one, with Rafa Benítez and Joaquín Caparrós also declining our offers.

What are your thoughts on Gregorio Manzano?

  • palc

    Why did he leave after the 03/04 season?

  • Davide

    Because that’s his “thing”. Every club he managed for 25 years now has kicked his sorry ass out of the club after only one season. In his whole carrer he has only been in Mallorca for more than one year i think. Manzano is not even fit to take charge of a Segunda club, let alone a Primera club. Look out relegation zone, here come Atlético! The directors at Atlético are just bloody brilliant, we are just one step away from employing a madagascan monkey with a empty coke bottle as our manager. And that will probably happen when Manzano gets fired around January.

  • Edletico

    What formation does he usually play?

  • starvs

    I don’t know much about this guy but his resume does not seem incredibly impressive, and possibly not impressive at all. He did take Mallorca to 5th two seasons ago which is impressive, but not exactly good enough for the coach of a team that should have top 3 aspirations.

    I’d rather go young and unproven over old and mediocre.

    Hopefully this guy exceeds expectation.

    Anyone have a low down on what we should expect?

    I’ve heard he doesn’t like to play players out of their favored position, so that sounds good to me; an obvious departure from the QSF school.

  • NiñoTorres

    We should give him a chance. Obviously not the most exciting appointment and and I doubt he is someone who can really take us forward, but unfortunately our options are very limited. He did a good job at Mallorca, especially in 2009/10, and did reasonably well for Sevilla last season. Sure I would have preferred that we had just kept Quique, but still I prefer Manzano to Caparrós. Good luck to him.

  • Flo

    I heard he likes to play with one striker and a playmaker behind. Like Torres/Ibagaza in 2004.

  • SpeGo

    Well maybe we could have done worse but still this is disappointing news. The guy is not a visionary, looks like he isnt capable of building a project and has no identity in his game. That is what we have been missing. He is medicore, we know what to expect from him and I am sure he is not going to do any better. I consider Caparros to be way better than Manzano. Manzano is an okay manager for small team. We need Unai Emery kind of manager or Caparros kind of manager who can who can bring in an identity and run a project. Still I hope to be wrong and that Manzano does well here. So good luck, that is one thing you will need in this club!

  • javi

    I’m not very happy with this coach either, but I absolutely reject QSF coaching again here. What he did with the team is disastrous. He showed he is not fit to coach because he allowed his personal relationship with one player taint the spirit of the team. We should have fired him in January. Manzano may not have an illustruos history but I think he did very well with Sevilla last year. That team was always problematic and dangerous. Always attacking and fast, with Capel, Fabiano, Navas and co., which is one of our strengths with the players we have and which QSF could not recover from the prior year. Remember our cunterattackes with Simao, Kun and Forlan in 2009-2010-they were deadly and everybody, even the big two feared our counter attacks. Those were gone this year with QSF. So I hope Manzano can bring that back to us, specially with a good Toto Salvio, Koke, and maybe Piatti, lightining fast and with Forlan to shoot from a bit behind.

  • javi

    BTW, Barca just indicated today that their budget has exactly 45M euros to spend on new signings…what a coincidence…its Kun’s rescission clause!

  • Sweden

    Sanchez is probobly a done deal for them so they won’t have money for Aguero then!

  • Davide

    [email protected]

    Or Fabregas…

  • javi

    yes, but…kun wants to stay in Spain and him and Messi would be unstopable

  • javi

    …and he would not betray us by going to RM

  • Ok, so far it is as bad as it could be.

    Top two players want to leave. All the deadwood wants to stay. Toni and Kiko rejected our offers, so did Benny, LE and Caparros.

    We are left with a drug dealer, a coach who has never achieved anything and with Raul Garcia.

    Aupa atleti…

  • Chalet

    Great comments and analysis. I totally agree with you!

    Let´s just wait and see.
    In the end Atléti fans are used to suffer a lot… 😉

    And in the meantime – what can we do to cheer you up a little?

  • I think this coach might be good, just sayin’…

  • Gaaj

    Borja Valero would be a really good “new Tiago” for us!

  • Chalet

    Sorry guys for asking the probably silliest question of the day – but why did Manzano have to leave Sevilla?

    Maybe I have overlooked something?

  • Martin Rosenow

    Manzano was simply not renewed by Sevilla. They didn’t want him back for next season.

  • Lubo

    We needed this whole situation so much. Aguero out, De Gea out, other talented players (seem to be) leaving, drug lord, mafia management, pretty mediocre coach. Finally no more optimism before new season, no big things to await. This means no disappointment in the end. Now we can just surprise. Either by winning the CL spot or by losing battle for relegation.
    Anyway, Aupa Atleti!

  • SoLobo

    Marca suggests that Joel is to leave if we sign a good goalkeeper… Very nice…… That is exactly what we need!

  • Chalet

    Thanks, mate!

  • SpeGo

    Vizcaíno and Baraja are coming with Manzano. Thats good news! Very good news. Especially Baraja will surely bring some tactical knowledge and experience to the team. This might work after all !!!

  • dgsozkan

    I should admit that I’m a little bit disappointed. I’m not sure if he is a good choice for us

  • akr

    atletico was forced to bring back manzano!!! cause benitez, luis enrique, and capaross said “NO”
    what a fail

  • Gaaj

    what is happening with piatti? now people say that he is signed by Udinese…

  • Abdullah

    Hi guys .. Sorry for what i want to say but this what i hope ! The best thing to do now is selling aguero to real and get Pedro Leon for exchange and Canales for loan !! That will make our medfield be very stronge and youth with reyes and juanfran . Also we have already have good defence now filipe,domingous,miranda,silvio 🙂
    Thats we must adgust our central medfield area with good players and our new couch like to play with 4.5.1 so we need canales and Leon spacialy Leon cuz he is a very good player to be honest so lets hope that real sing aguero and get these two players 🙂 that will make us a very very very good team belive me guys for our benefits 😉
    Go atleti ..
    And dont mind to bring eather falcao or osvaldo in front 😉