Caminero: “We’ll have a coach within 10 days”

Atlético's new sporting director was joined by Aguilera & Pantic for an interview at AS

Pantic, Caminero and Aguilera (AS)

Pantic, Caminero and Aguilera (AS)

Atlético’s newly appointed management team of sporting director José Luis Caminero, youth system director Carlos Aguilera and Atlético B coach Milinko Pantic visited the offices of Spanish paper AS for an interview.

The trio talked about their short term goals for the club, including their plans to have a new coach signed within 10 days.

All three men have spent time at Atleti in some form or another, and it is precisely their Rojiblanco history that helped them land their current jobs.

“Atletico is something that also belongs to us; and that same sentiment, perhaps, makes you feel even more involved,” explained Caminero. “This is a long term project. Right now, we have arrived, but that doesn’t mean more ex-players won’t be coming in the future.”

With a flurry of names being tossed around by the press for the managerial position at Atleti, Caminero warned:

“We have to be sure with our choice for coach. It’s important that whoever comes has experience and understands the dressing room, because that’s synonymous with success. Also, he has to be familiar with the youth system, because that would strengthen us and please the fans, and will help us avoid having to look to the market.

“The selection will be a consensus one,” assured the former Spain international.

When asked about the possibility of hiring former Colchonero and Doblete winner Diego Simeone, who recently announced he would not be returning to Serie A side Catania for another season, Caminero responded:

“He knows the club to perfection and he has performed impressively in Italy and Argentina, but he doesn’t fit the profile we are looking for.”

The management crew was then asked if club legend Luis Aragonés is in the running. Although Caminero refused to answer the question directly, he didn’t rule out the possibility of Aragonés returning for his fifth stint as Atleti manager.

“We’re looking for someone who knows the club, but that he also have other qualities,” said Caminero, without specifying what those required extra traits are.

With regard to Sergio Agüero, who broke Rojiblanco hearts everywhere by making his desire to leave Atleti known last week, our sporting director said:

“We’ve all had a moment of frustration, but he has the right to reconsider. We’re counting him in for now.”

Despite sounding optimistic about the possibility of Kun staying, Caminero admitted:

“We have to be prepared in the event that someone leaves, and have a list of replacement options and prices to decide upon.”

Another player Caminero is relying on for next year is striker Diego Forlan, with whom he would like to have a chat with soon.

“I want to see what he thinks, and if he’s committed, fantastic; goal scorers have their ups and downs,” he said about the Uruguayan forward.

Though he didn’t confirm goalkeeper David de Gea was leaving, Caminero spoke about the young star’s possible replacement Sergio Asenjo, who is recovering from the second operation to his right knee.

“We have spoken to Asenjo to calm him down and we’ll take a look at his expected recovery period,” he said. “I know him well because I had him at Valladolid and he was a spectacular goalkeeper.”

Caminero confessed other options on the market were being considered to succeed Manchester United-bound De Gea between the sticks. Deportivo’s Daniel Aranzubia, a “proven keeper” according to the sporting director, is apparently attracting Atleti’s interest.

According to AS, the trio have set a limit of 10 days to find Quique Sanchez Flores’ replacement. The Spanish paper also claims the Atleti officials confirmed three additions to the squad so far: Miranda, Salvio and Sílvio.

This latest revelation creates some uncertainty regarding previous claims made by several sources in the media and Miguel Ángel Gil Marín that striker Adrián and midfielder Gabi were on their way to the club.

  • urban

    They better buy gervinho, Piatti or guardado.

  • Sweden

    Piatti is a must!

  • palc

    We need someone and that someone better be Simeone.

  • Joe

    When asked about hiring Diego Simeone, Caminero responded:

    “He knows the club to perfection and he has performed impressively in Italy and Argentina, but he doesn’t fit the profile we are looking for.”…….

    What Caminero really should have said was “there was some wife-swapping when we were both at the club and the extra attention I paid to Diegos wife caused such a riff that we can never be in the same room together again”

  • Yon

    Simeone has left Catania, i really hope it is him and they can put thier personal problems aside!