De Gea denies United deal

The goalkeeper issued a statement through his attorney Wednesday evening

De Gea continues  to contemplate move (

De Gea continues
to contemplate move (

Atlético goalkeeper David de Gea has denied he has signed with Manchester United, contrary to reports claiming the 20-year-old’s transfer is a done deal.

Even United manager Sir Alex Ferguson had confirmed the transfer on Tuesday, but the ‘keeper issued a statement through his attorney, José Bouzas Aragón, on Wednesday that read:

“David de Gea Quintana, player of Club Atlético de Madrid, in response to the news that has appeared in several media sources today in which it is claimed that he has signed as a player of Manchester United, by way of the present note would like to deny said reports, as it is not true that he has been transferred.”

The statement, sent by De Gea’s lawyer to the Spanish EFE news agency and published by several media outlets, was reportedly signed by the Atleti youth product and ended with the following message:

“[De Gea] will not consider Atlético Madrid’s nor any other offer until June 30, when his Spain U21 duties are fulfilled.”

Meanwhile, Radio MARCA reports Atleti general director Miguel Ángel Gil Marín plans on meeting with De Gea to discuss a contract extension.

It is said the club is prepared to offer the youngster a salary package that would double his current earnings, bringing his wages up to €3m per year, and he will be offered captaincy of the squad.

  • The1exile

    Is there a source for the statement? Doubtless it will hit the news tomorrow if true.

  • Ian

    A little bit of hope it seems??
    And it would be great if it’s true and he’s our captain.

  • starvs


  • Chalet

    I´m really confused now.
    The next statement will be that Agüero isn´t going to leave the club at all…

    So let´s just sit back, wait until the end of the summer transfer window and then see, what we´ve got…

  • Flo

    Hehe pre season I love it 😉

  • 7th

    i am afraid if he doesnt go now, he will leave next year,

    i think its been a tradition role that anyone who captains atletico madrid is sold.

    max>simao>aguero(if he left)>forlan(maybe)> now de gea

  • RojiBlanco

    This is Atleti 😀

  • Chalet

    Yep. This is Atléti.
    And that´s why we are all here and loving it.
    Never getting boring… 😉

  • Yon

    Couldn’t agree more! Constant ups and down being an Atleti fan 🙂

    Hope this is true though! I LOVE DE GEA!

  • Derek Maaijen

    On 30 June De Gea’s contract with his current agent ends, and he is expected to sign with Jorge Mendes on the 1st of July. Mendes brokered this deal with Man Utd, so it seems like the transfer will be completed early in July.

    It’s sad to say but I believe De Gea is gone.

  • Chalet

    Isn´t Jorge Mendes also the agent of Agüero?
    Looks like big business these days.
    Everybody wants to have a piece of the pie…

  • Davide

    Actually… as great a golie David is, i wouldn’t mind De Gea leaving. I believe Joel Robles is a bigger talent than De Gea. Honestly, Joel was much better in Atlético-B than De Gea when they where playing there together. David only got promoted because of his U21 international status. Bot are excellent goalies and they are a cred to our fantastic academy. If we can 20 M € for De Gea than let him leave. Joel har better presence in the box, he comes out and grabs crosses and high balls with ease. De Gea sometimes annoy when he glued to goal line instead of comong out and dominating his area.

  • Sebyk

    Jorge Mendes? Brilliant, he’s the biggest swine in the whole business :/ He’s a close friend of Pitarch by the way, they colaborated on the tranfers of Maniche, Elías or Simao and suspiciously high fees were involved in all of them…
    Interesting articles about him:

  • javi

    Good articles Sebyk. They remind me of the situation in Boston with Manny Ramirez and Scott Boras, where the player listened to the agent to breach his agreement in search for more money and in the end he earned less and became hated by the people and the league.
    Reading these articles it makes sense of the Aguero-Mourihno-RM connection.

  • urban

    Dont want to spoil the mood but he didnt say he is not going he only said he is not gone already…

  • Silver

    Well, its like this, either the deal is done in principle between agents, player and club, or United move on.

    If United wait for him to “decide” then rest assured he has already decided and this is all smoke screen until he signs with the new agent.

    The reason I say this is because, as the whole world knows, United NEED a new number 1 keeper and the club wont waste the transfer window sitting waiting on De Gea, no matter his potential unless we know its a struck deal.

    If its really uncertain we would move on to another target in the meantime because we cannot afford to be scouring the market at the end of the window for a keeper, we need this sorted out ASAP.

    Personally I think the kid has great talent but is maybe too young. Also if he doesn’t see the chance of being no1 for one of the world top sides as a great chance for him at 20, im not sure his mentality is right.

    Replacing a man like Edwin is never easy and we have to have the right person with the right mentality, I have my doubts of De Gea and the more he evades the question the greater the doubts.

    If he doesnt want to join United, fine, just say so and we will look elsewhere.

  • palc

    @ Silver. Just got off the phone with David. He said that he doesn’t want to join United. So look elsewhere. Pass the message to SAF.

  • Silver

    @ palc. Better idea, why not just tell your players to come out and say what he wants rather than lead everyone on a merry old dance including his own club…..

    Wouldn’t that be so much easier? Im sure SAF would accept a simple NO and move on pretty quick. If United are still hunting its because Athletico and the boy are not saying no…..

  • palc

    @ Silver. Why not tell SAF to develop own stars and stop stealing youngsters from the best league in the world. Pass the message to Wenger also.

    Relax. He will join United. He’s just waiting for his new agent Jorge Mendes, so that the current and departing agent won’t get a piece of the transfer fee.

  • Mert

    well done palc 🙂

  • Chalet

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • yotuh

    so sad to see our big talent gone :'(