Atlético take a stand against Agüero

The club rejects the striker's request to have his buy-out clause lowered

Atlético Madrid striker Sergio Agüero (EFE)

Atlético Madrid striker Sergio Agüero (EFE)

More details about Sergio Aguero’s decision to leave Atletico have come to light, including Atlético’s strict stance regarding the forward’s buy-out clause and the club’s strategies to prevent a possible move to Real Madrid.

According to AS, when Kun met with club directors on Monday to tell them he wanted out of Atleti, they responded by offering the striker a salary increase from €6.5m per year to close to €9m per year and a contract extension until 2017.

The Argentine forward obviously declined the club’s last-ditch effort to retain him and asked that his €45m buy-out clause be reduced. Kun’s request was rejected, and this would seem to explain why he looked angry as he left the Vicente Calderón on Monday.

On Tuesday, Agüero flew back to Argentina for a quick vacation before joining up with his country’s national team in preparation for the Copa América. At the Barajas Airport in Madrid, the 22-year-old told reporters:

“I have already made my decision to leave Atlético clear in my personal statement. That’s how I informed the club, Cerezo and Gil Marín.

“They have to respect my decision and it’s their problem if they don’t want to understand it, because when I renewed I told them that I could leave the club whenever I wanted to and that I would make it public that way. And that’s what I’ve done with my statement. I have waited for la Liga to end in order to announce it,” he was quoted by AS as saying.

Kun continued: “The club knew, when they renewed my contract, that I could leave at any moment and it’s their problem if they don’t want to understand it.”

Agüero then assured he has not selected his next destination, admitting that “there’s nothing concrete with any team.”

“The only thing that is concrete is my decision to leave and I will decide which team I will play for later,” he said. “The supporters and Atlético have to understand this situation. It has been a marvelous five years, in which the people have given me a lot of love. I thank them, but now I want a change of scenery.”

Kun’s father, Leonel Agüero, told Spanish radio network COPE on Tuesday:

“There are a lot of clubs interested in Sergio. He wants to continue progressing on a team that plays in the Champions League.”

The striker’s dad revealed that we should know in about “10 to 15 days” where Kun will end up playing.

“[My son] has already given everything he could at Atlético Madrid,” the senior Agüero concluded.

Atletico president Enrique Cerezo meanwhile, speaking to Madrid-based paper ABC, criticised the way Kun made his announcement public.

“Atlético did not deserve that he communicate [his decision] through a letter posted at night on his web page,” Cerezo said. “He is the highest paid professional in the history of the institution, and earns at the level of other big clubs.”

After los Colchoneros’ friendly against Alcorcón, which Cerezo attended, he spoke to Cadena SER and responded to rumours suggesting Kun will join our eternal rivals Real Madrid.

“If [Real] Madrid pay Kun’s buy-out clause, we would consider it an act of aggression,” said the Rojiblanco president. “I think there are a lot of teams apart from Madrid. I trust in the non-aggression pacts between Madrid and Atlético.

“I doubt that Real Madrid are interested in Kun. I have spoken to Kun tonight and he has told me that he has offers from several clubs. Maybe Madrid are one of those teams interested in him, but I don’t think he will sign with them.”

In the event that the Argentina international signs with any other club, Cerezo has already devised a strategy to prevent him from later joining our neighbours.

“We would put a clause in his transfer so that no one can sell him to [Real] Madrid,” he said.

Real Madrid, on their part, have expressed interest in acquiring our soon-to-be former idol, but are banking on the possibility that Kun can still negotiate a reduction of his release clause, according to ABC. The paper claims Merengue directors are not willing to pay the full cost of his buy-out, and will back off if Atlético refuse to do business with them.

An unnamed Real Madrid official told ABC: “[Our] club will not do anything aggressive against Atlético. If Miguel Ángel Gil doesn’t allow negotiations to take place, there will be no signing.”

  • Gert

    If no-one is willing to pay that buy-out clause, we might end up with a demotivated player… do we want that? I wouldn’t want to lower the clause either, but a demotivated Kun …. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

  • John

    A demotivated Kun is better than no Kun!

  • This is getting on my tits in a massive way now! So if he stays, he is going to be demotivated, not so many goals scored? Then what? We need to look for the best of the club here, I’d rather not have Rojiblancos 7th or lower in La Liga next season, no matter who leaves, who we buy or sell!

  • Chalet

    Quote Agüero:
    “The only thing that is concrete is my decision to leave and I will decide which team I will play for later,” he said. “The supporters and Atlético have to understand this situation. It has been a marvelous five years, in which the people have given me a lot of love. I thank them, but now I want a change of scenery.”

    Personally for me this sentence is a little bit hard to take.
    Is this what you get as a fan for having adored him for such a long time now?

    Obviously Ujfa told cadena italiana Radio Sport that Agüero wants to move to Real Madrid and that the teammates have been aware of this for 3-4 months now…

    I mean – how can Agüero do this?
    After all he said about Real Madrid – and that he would never go there…
    Probably he could have gone to the EPL, Serie A, Barca, whatever…

    If the club forces him to stay then he will possibly be sulking for a while.
    But people should remind him that he has to fulfil his contract and to behave like a professional…

  • Javi

    If Kun wants the clause reduced he should pay for the difference out of his own pocket, if he so much dislikes our team why take our money?
    Every moment I get more disenchanted with him
    Very poor judgement and an awful way of handling matters
    We need to get rid of him, if he stays he will be a cancer for the team

  • Sebyk

    I must say I’m at Kun’s side. If he really had the verbal agreement with the board that when he wants to leave, they won’t make any problems, it’s Cerezo and Gil Marin to blame here again. I thought that with Kun it’s gonna be the same as with Fernando – he felt it was the time to move (so does Kun now), so the board didn’t block his departure when a good offer came from Liverpool. Kun achieved in our shirt everything he possibly could, I understand he wants to move on and I think he presented it in quite a regardful way towards the club and fans. Unfortunately even with him, we are not able to challenge the best teams…
    I really don’t know what the board is trying to prove. Wasn’t one demotivated player this season enough for them to realize that this is not gonna work? Please, don’t let Forlán’s history to be repeated with Kun…
    On the other hand, if what Ujfa said to the radio is really true, Kun is on the way to becoming probably the most hated player in the history of our club. I can’t get my head around it, I can’t believe this could be theoretically true. Anyway Ujfa is a massive dickhead – why did he go public with this information? Who did he help? Very poor piece of thinking from him…

  • Sebyk

    And if Kun hands in a transfer request, also in a regardful way, the board should accept it and don’t make problems, even as a matter of thanks for all he did for Atletico…

  • Lubo

    Sebyk, I don’t think Ujfa did something wrong with that statement. It’s clear, that Aguero doesn’t want to play for us anymore. Maybe Ujfa just wanted not to treat him as a god by fans, coz that was just our delusion. And I think, if he wants to leave for Real, our board made wise decision by saying not letting him to do that. Remember all Aguero’s statements about how he couldn’t join those putas because of our fans. And yes, he might become our most hated ex-player. If he joins them, I wish him to rot on a bench.

  • starvs

    If he joins Real he deserves to be the most hated player, he said all those things about not being able to do it to the fans because it is true; it would be heartbreaking and a stab in the back.

    There are plenty of other (better) clubs interested in his services.

    Very interested to see how this resovles itself.

  • Flo

    That he is leaveing is hardbreaking but I can accepted it because I too think he has achieved the maximum and to develop himself he must go on. That is ok for me. But the way how he is doing it pisses me off! Who does he think he is? The king of spain? Messi? He has a signed contract with us and now he is saying stuff like “It’s my decision when I leave and anybody can do anything.” Screw the contract I am more important than this piece of paper…

    This is just ridiculous, ignorant and arrogant. I can’t accept that. I always thought he was so loyal to us. And a player who really cared about our beloved club. But yeah with the way he treated this issue he showed me that he doesn’t care about us at all. The final prove would be a move to real.

  • عزوز طارق الحداد

    كل عام و انت بخير يا أغويرو فديتك Congratulations! Aguero Happy Birth Day and Good luck have a nice year 🙂
    I Love you Kun Aguero
    أحبك يا أغويرو فديتك