Confirmed: De Gea to join United

Our wonderkeeper's transfer to Manchester United looks to be on the verge

De Gea move confirmed by United  (

De Gea move confirmed by United

Manchester United has confirmed that David de Gea will join the club on July 1st.

Sources in Spain confirmed the ‘keeper told his team-mates he wanted to leave Atlético.

The news comes barely 24 hours after fellow fan-favourite Sergio Agüero announced via his official website that he was also looking to leave the club.

Guillem Balague, a journalist working for Sky Sports in England, told Revista de la Liga that the 20-year-old goalkeeper has made up his mind over the transfer, and will move to England with his family and girlfriend.

“The fee was agreed around two months ago, with agent Jorge Mendes at the centre of negotiations, but the player needed time to make up his mind regarding his future,” Ballague wrote on his official website.

The €20 million fee (£17m) quoted is consistent with previous reports coming out of Spain.

Balague told Revista that Manchester United, who play Barcelona in the Champions League final at Wembley on Saturday, hope to unveil De Gea on Monday. However he pointed out that the Spaniard is currently in the process of terminating his agreement with his current agent, Héctor Rincón, and this may delay the announcement.

UPDATE: According to Sky Sports, Manchester United have officially confirmed the transfer and he will sign on July 1st.

UPDATE 2: Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed the transfer at a press conference held after United’s friendly with Juventus on Tuesday evening.

Speaking of De Gea, Ferguson said: “We’ve been working on it for quite a while. We identified him quite a while back as one we should go for. We were looking for the same type of qualities as Edwin [Van der Sar], Composure and organisational ability. De Gea is very similar that way. He’s a young goalkeeper, very quick, good composure, presence and an outstanding replacement for van der Sar. ”

How do you feel about the timing of this, just a day after Agüero’s announcement?

  • Martin Rosenow

    Better all the bad news all at once.

  • Flo

    For me it was clear he will leave as well. Even more with Kun leaving aswell. It is nevertheless so sad to see our diamonds leaving the club…

  • stef

    Horrible. But I rather them all just tell us now than to get our hopes up

  • Robel

    De Gea out, Agüero out…and Pitarch isn’t gone yet. A part of me is afraid.

  • Chalet

    And where is the confirmation about Forlán to be the next one to leave the club?

    Or wouldn´t this be considered as “bad news”?

  • SpeGo

    Interesting to see how we recover from losing our best players, the players that this team was build around. Is it even possible? We dont have coach, bets players gone…wow! Couple of wrong decisions and after next season we will play in a lower level.

  • Edletico

    I dont think it is as bad a situation as we all think. Firstly with de gea, forlan and aguero leaving plus a couple of others (valera, salvio and diego costa) we will have around 150 million euros to spend. If spent as smartly as valencia did with villa and silvas money we could become a better team. I think that we need 10 players for a competetive, champions league worthy squad which allows them to spend on average 15 million per players to achieve this

    If they buy 1x CB, 1x RB, Camacho return, 1x CM, 1x CAM, 2x LW and 3 strikers- 1 complete eg falcao, 1 quick and 1 aerial threat then I think that we will be in a better position then we have this season.

    It would be nice for Cerezo to leave but I cant see this happening so he needs to select carefully a good manager and sporting director and allow them to use all the money from transfers and maybe invest 10 or 15 million

  • 7th

    everytime we try to build our team, they leave. i dont have obligation to them wanting to leave. however, i think i am happy cuz we produce such talents. if we try to focus on our la cantara. we will compete. so the future looks bright,even though we will struggle at first.

  • Guys dont want to spoil your optimism and heap on more bad news, but from what I know Hacienda takes 50% of all the transfer fees and Independiente takes additional 20% from Kun’s transfer. So we would end up with:

    20 mln from Kun
    8 mln from De Gea

    To sum up 28 mln…

  • Flo

    The Independiente thing makes sense. But are you sure about the Hacienda thing?

  • Scott Lind

    Plus club debt……….

  • Davide

    Urban// As far as i know, that deal was only valid in his fiirst initial contract when we signed Kun from Independiente, and also if we sold him within the first 3 years. He has signed new contracts after that one. I thin that arrangement is pretty much out the window long time ago.

  • dgsozkan

    There is no good news for us nowadays. What we need now is a good management skills. It’s true that we lost very very talented men of us , but with talented management we can be better. All I hope is , taking right steps in this summer. We can be stronger but, if we will pass this summer with some stupid decisions future would be so dark. But I’ll never lose my faith. For the brighter days…

  • SpeGo

    Edletico I dont think building a team is that easy. Even if we had that kind of money it would be very hard. Finding good players that want to come to a club that has just sold their stras and struggled to get to euro games is not easy at all. What Valencia did was amazing job and have to give credit for Unai Emery for the job hi has done there plus his staff. When you look at our staff and this situation makes me wanna cry. Again, lets hope for the best!

  • Ringo Schut

    Hopefully Joel is as big a talent De Gea is, but I think De Gea really is something special. Still, Joel is a big talent. Hopefully he will be chosen over Asenjo, I know most of you don’t agree, but I don’t trust Asenjo in goal. Not the all-round, who concede the least, look at old Edwin.

    Agüero’s loss could be harder, but it could also improve team effort. Now they have to use the midfield instead of hoping Kun will do some magic. Now I really hope Salvio will play here in Madrid, as RW or CF, the other position for Reyes, add Piatti and perhaps a more real striker, but the midfield has to be in control, which might mean three central midfielders are needed… Hopefully Koke stays a starter and the other one(s) could be Elias (and Mario or Fran). This could mean lots of troubles in the beginning, though..

    Maybe it’s for the best to keep Forlán in this situation, to help improve the other players and I’m not certain what to do with Borja. I think he needs to gain experience on a higher level than Segunda B, hopefully a good position in Primera but Segunda might be mire safe…

    Well let’s hope all goes well from now on… I would be killed if Koke joins Arsenal, though, so please Jorge, be our new hero!

  • starvs

    Koke could possibly leave? I haven’t heard talk of that one yet. That would be truly be a crushing blow for me, we have to keep some players who have star potential on the team, and I think he does.

  • Sergio Lopez

    Thank U for all, David De Gea… I wish U good luck!

  • Ringo Schut

    Starvs, I don’t get that from any rumours, I just know that Arsenal is interested in him for years now.
    He’ll probably stay, but I was just saying it would be the last thing I could take right now

  • Sebyk

    Thank you for all David and I wish you the best luck, but I can’t help myself – you could have stayed at least one or two more seasons… :/

  • Thank you De Gea for everything and if I may say so, he handled things way better than Kun did, for sure.

  • dgsozkan

    I’ve heard that Wenger is really interested in Koke but as Ringo Schut say it would be disaster for us. I hope he stays.If he doesn’t it would make me suicidal. We have enough bad news ,don’t need to worse ones.

  • Yon

    Plus at least now i have a team to support in England!

  • rockefeller

    @Yon are you sure you going to support THAT annoying club in England?

  • Nick Poskitt

    There are worse clubs to follow in England!

  • Gert

    if you need to support a team in England -> Millwall !!

  • John

    @rockefeller aren’t all clubs in England annoying?

  • palc

    Liverpool is annoying as hell.