Cerezo: “We will not negotiate with anyone”

The Rojiblanco president responds to Agüero's decision to leave the club

Enrique Cerezo at press conference (MexSport)

Enrique Cerezo at press conference (MexSport)

Atlético president Enrique Cerezo, who more often than not appears to be out of the loop when it comes to all topics related to the club he presides over, answered questions today in response to Sergio Aguero’s desire to leave the club.

“We are not selling and we will not negotiate with anyone,” Cerezo told several Spanish media outlets. “We have made that very clear.

“If he has a team lined up, he knows what he has to do, where he has to go, and how much must be paid. We have a signed contract and we are not selling or negotiating. It has been a surprise to us and no one at the club expected it.”

With Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester City, Juventus, Barcelona and other clubs rumoured to be in the mix to sign the gifted forward, the president claimed to be unaware if Kun has already zeroed in on his next team.

“He has said that he does not want to continue,” he said. “Another thing is if whether or not he has a set team. I don’t know if he does. We consider that he has all the right to choose his future, but we are not negotiating and we are not selling.”

When asked if he knew of a possible agreement for the Argentine star with bitter rivals Real Madrid, Cerezo responded:

“Players play wherever they want to play and I don’t know if Kun wants to play at Real Madrid. I personally don’t think so. The world doesn’t revolve around Real Madrid, there are other clubs in the world.

“It’s a subject you have to ask him about. I’m not going to choose his team nor am I going to tell him where he has to go. He is the one that voluntarily said that his cycle at Atlético has ended. From there, wherever he goes, it’s all the same to me. I imagine he will be happy elsewhere.”

Finally, Cerezo asked Rojiblanco supporters to “have faith” in the club.

“This is not the first time that a player leaves a club, and I don’t think it will be the last. We will try to build a good competitive team.”

  • starvs

    Cerezo is obviosly a f’ing fool, but I do not mind not negotiating; the price is set and Atleti deserves to recoup.

    Now if it were to come down to no one wanting to pay the fee and Kun being forced to stay, that would be incredibly akward, but hey, I’d take it.

  • Chalet

    I must confess that I agree with Cerezo´s attitude in this case.
    He is right to say that Agüero has a valid contract and that if he wants to leave the club every party has to observe the rules.

    I don´t know what it would be like next season with Agüero forced to stay with us.
    Would he be sulking along throughout the whole season?

  • Urban

    Im 100% with Cerezo here. He talks with a lot of sense this time.

    Kun (sorry to say that) made a fool out of himself, he acted like he doesnt understand at all how the professional football works like and that he is a professional sportsmen and not a hollywood star.

    You cannot come to your club and tell them out of the blue that you want to leave, when the season has just ended and the team has only two months to reorganize for the new one. He should have known that he is a part of the team, and the part of present and long-term strategy of the club. Its not a whorehouse where you can simply say at eny time “im leaving”. He is bound with us by a professional contract valued millions of euros/year. It was obvious that Gil & Co. will tell him no way, that was their right and the interests of the club required them to do so.

    Kun is now in a very hard situation, with only 5 or maybe 6 clubs in the world capable of buying out his contract which would value right now up to around 60-65 mln (with taxes). He has to go and beg them for help, and they might not want to pay so much now rather wait a year or two and pay 1/2 or 1/3 of this price.

    Kun got talked into a stupid move maybe by his agents, maybe by Maradona, his daugher, his friends, i dont care, and now he has to face the consequences. You cannot make public goodbyes before you contact your club in proper advance and tell them you intend to leave.

    Anyways, its gonna be interesting how will this end.

  • Martin Rosenow

    Don’t discount the possibility that this is all a stunt by Cerezo and Gil Marín, and that they knew all along that this would happen.

    Remember that Cerezo is a movie producer and probably has a lot of contacts in the screenwriting industry.

  • starvs

    I agree with Martin, this very well could all be smoke and mirrors. Cerezo could just be taking this ‘no negotiation’ line just to attempt to get the highest possible price for Kun.

    This is going to be an interesting off-season, I love watching player transfers. This time of year is only rivaled by NBA trade deadline.

  • javi

    Urban you are totally correct, if Aguero does not have his furutre lined up he is a complete fool; and that is very likely because when you are 22, acclaimed by all to being one of the best in the world, and counseled by a nut house father in law and agents that want to make more money, a person that age can make such mistakes. What is totally unacceptable of Kun is that he recently increased his salary significantly, he is one of the top payed players, and he has his rescision clause lowered as part of that deal. Now he wants his high salary and to have the clause lowered so it is more convenient or accessible for a potential team to purchase him. NO WAY JOSE! Foolish strategy, unless its a first step in his negotiations to get out, knowing that someone will pay the full clause. It could be that his next team told him we can pay you x with the full clause and xx with a lower clause. In time we will know the details.

  • k14

    actually Urban is wrong,
    as a player, you can even hand in a transfer request.