Kun Agüero confirms he wants to leave Atlético

Our Argentine wonderkid expresses his desire to move on

Sergio Aguero intends  to leave Atlético (sergioaguero.com)

Sergio Aguero intends
to leave Atlético (sergioaguero.com)

Sergio Agüero has announced on his official website that he wants to leave Atlético Madrid.

The Argentine wonderkid and Atlético fan favourite broke Rojiblanco hearts everywhere with the decision, which came after a day of meetings and speculation surrounding the 22-year-old’s future.

Sources in the Spanish media earlier today rumoured that Agüero was looking to leave the club he had joined as a teenager back in 2006.

Speaking on his official homepage, Agüero said that “After five intense years, a personal era has finished and I have to take a step towards the next.

“I said a while back that when I wanted to leave, I would announce it publicly. That moment has arrived.

“It’s difficult for me to leave Atleti. It hurts me and makes me sad. But it’s not difficult for me to explain why I am leaving.”

The announcement is expected to trigger an intense bidding war for his services with Real Madrid and Manchester City the latest clubs to be linked with El Kun.

Chelsea are also rumoured to be interested, along with Liverpool and Juventus.

Agüero scored his first hat-trick for Atlético at the weekend against Mallorca, notching up 101 goals for Atleti in the process.

An English translation of the statement posted on his official website reads:

I have thought about it a lot and I am convinced that I must be true to myself. I believe I should not put a ceiling on the possibility of continuing to learn and grow. After five intense years, a personal era has finished and I have to take a step towards the next. I’m about to turn 23 years old and I have everything ahead of me. It’s needless to say that this is not a financial decision, it is strictly a sporting one. That’s why I would like to clearly express my recognition to the club for its efforts in trying to keep me with a salary corresponding with the biggest institutions of the world.

I would also like to tell them that this decision has been maturing for a long while back. The topic was even discussed and deliberated with Atleti last year when my contract renewal was being negotiated. I wanted to sign, renew, as a way to give back to the club and to all Colchoneros, everything they have given me. Not having done it, I would have been free to go and the club would not have received any money for my transfer.

I was promised by the club that no conditions would be placed on my eventual decision to leave in June 2011. That’s why, attentive to that promise and in consideration that my decision is indeclinable, I have asked the club to listen, unconditionally, to offers that may arrive from other clubs.

And for the supporters, my eternal gratitude. I don’t pretend to be original or to say what is politically correct. I’d rather say that I’m sorry, more than any other consideration. Because I know that the only way that they will understand is if I do it from my heart. That’s the way I felt that they spoke to me all these years, with genuine affection and sincerity. You all are already a part of my identity and of a part of the way that I understand football.

We shared moments of happiness and disappointment. The 101 goals and the attainment of two titles after so many years of drought. I will never forget the celebration at Neptuno, and that night in Barcelona when we could not conquer the Copa del Rey. Well, it was worth it no? All of those experiences ended in reaffirming in me something that I have had since I was a little child: the desire to compete, to win and to be within the best with the only weapons I have: my play and my love for football.

I don’t want to succumb to the common expression that this is not a farewell but an ‘until later’. But to tell you something that I was once told by a very famous Argentine tango dancer, Aníbal Troilo, and that is very appropriate for this moment: “Who said that I left, if I am always coming back.”

A hug for all of you. I love you all.

What would you say to Agüero? Where do you think he will go? Let us know how upset or angry you are!

  • k14

    Didn’t know he was well spoken,
    He always looked like the quite type ;p

  • Dylanowy PL

    thank you Kun for everything that you’ve done for Atletico since you came to the club and I hope that one day you’ll come back 😉

  • Lubo

    I will miss you so much..:( hopefully, this will help to both sides..

  • SoLobo

    OK Kun… You know you won’t find better fans… You know you won’t be loved and applaused like you had been loved and applaused here… But you deserve to go. I hate to admit it, but you deserve to be a winner. You ‘ve tasted the Europa League, and I hope you get the Champions League too… For me you are better than Messi. So, go prove it! And I really, really hope you come back when you are done with the trophies. ¡También te queremos Kun! ¡Suerte!

  • Ringo

    It’s really sad, but I can’t blame him for wanting to go higher up.
    Thanks for giving the board chances over and over again?
    I dreamed of him becoming a new mr. Atleti, but he wants to grow, be a real star.
    I don’t care where he goes, let him pick his own path, I don’t think it’s really logical and it’ll cause lots of rumble, but if he wants to go to Real, go there.
    However, sportswise I think it’s best for him to go to Chelsea or Barcelona or perhaps even Arsenal, although I don’t see the latter paying the needed money. Man City could work out, but even though you could see that as a nice project, I don’t feel right about it… I don’t think he should go to Italy, but as I said before, he should pick his own path.

    Gracias, Sergio Leonel Agüero del Castillo, may you have a great adventure and may we meet again.

  • starvs

    Really heartbreaking, I thought he would stay. Obviously can’t begrudge him, Atleti won’t be able to match his aspirations/potential with this board/leadership.

    Good luck Kun, you will be more than sorely missed.

  • Ian

    This is quite shocking for me, especially after all he’s said about at least finishing his contract until 2014.
    Maybe it was a stunt not to rock an already unstable team, but I honestly think that the fans shouldn’t be lied to.

    So, this is was what his last tweet about his hattrick means (something about it being a present) huh?
    This sucks.

  • John

    I seriously hope he does not move to another club in Spain, so i can continue to support him!

  • Chalet

    I always had a feeling that it would come like this – but not at this time, not all of a sudden.
    For most die-hard Atléti fans it will be hard to take.

    It is understandable that Agüero wants to progress in a sporting way.
    So the big question will now be which destination he might choose.

    Agüero said in his declaration that this decision has been maturing for a long while back now.
    This leaves some kind of bad taste – because in this case he really shouldn´t have said all the time and only a few weeks ago that he is feeling fine at Atléti and that he wants to see out his contract.

    With De Gea and Forlán presumably gone as well the next season seems to look very interesting…

  • NiñoTorres

    It hurt so much more seeing it come from him 🙁
    I really, really hope he doesn’t go to Real Madrid, Kun deserves legendary status but he will not get it if he moves there. Whatever happens, he will become of the top 5 players in the world at one of Europe’s massive clubs, and I hope he goes on to have a great career. Thankyou Kun and good luck :'(

  • He did so much, he deserves all the gratitude and respect in the world. I will miss him, I hope the team will not that much.

    Grave times for atleti, no Kun, no coach, DDG leaving in a sec., Forlan without form, no sporting director and a couple of mofos to try to sort this mess out… horrible…

  • Flo

    All what is left for me to say is: Thank you some much for everything you have done for us and the best of luck for your future.
    We will sorely muss you!

  • RojiBlanco

    Goodbye Kun, I will truly miss you.

  • Mert

    next year we should have a pretty exciting battle with racing and maybe real betis for the #11 spot

  • Javi

    Our team is not big enough for Kun or Degea, thanks Cerezo and Gil
    We had the chance to become one of the greats again, they blew it, we should demand that they sell their shares and leave the team

  • Sergio Lopez

    Terrible news, but we must understand & respect his decision as Sergio Aguero needs to grow. He has done much for us, helping our club to return to it’s level before the relegation & now we must let him go & live…

  • Shit fuck fuck shit guys listen up no time for moaning Kun made a horrible mistake by telling it so late in the season, so now Gil & Co have MONUMENTAL CHALLANGE to sort it all out – departure of Kun, DDG, no coach and… no sporting director who could put some sense into all this.

    This is football players come and players go, Im only curious what happened at the “backstage” there are always so many things going on there and even the Spanish press is unable to unearth everything. I bet it was Kun’s agents’ plotting.

    On the bright side unless Gil decides to steal a cut we should have around 70-80 mln euros for transfers now and all depends on how we will spend them…
    I hope we will be as clever in that matter as Valencia was.

  • Chalet

    It´s quite clear now why he was so keen on scoring at least 100 goals and finally a hat-trick.
    In the end his goals against Mallorca couldn´t serve the club but they could serve him well as a “farewell present”.

    People will understand and respect his decision and they will always be thankful for what he has done for the club.
    But I can also understand how Ian is feeling.
    Agüero just shouldn´t have said it all the time that he is happy with Atléti and that he wants to see out his current contract.
    You kind of feel cheated…
    You can´t say that Agüero has come out directly and said it and was honest because obviously he has already had the idea of leaving the club for quite a while now.

    But he hasn´t gone yet.
    Obviously Cerezo refuses to let him go so it will be interesting to watch which club will be able to convince everybody in the end.

  • Gert

    Who do you want us to spend those € on??


  • Sash

    This is very sad, but I can only be happy for the time he was with us. If he wants to leave then we have to respect that. He has given all for the club and always acted proffessional.

    As for substitutes… We really have to give it all to bring in quality players or else everybody will leave.. We have a really good cantera but we can’t start over from scratch.
    I really think Borja can be a really really good striker for us if he get’s the right help from the club.
    Maybe for next year we should go for more players, instead of buying one or two really expensive ones. That way we can have a decent/good width were the reserves is also good, instead of having an awesome set of players and the reserves is not good.

    Buy one or two quality strikers (depending on forlan), quality midfielder. Bring in Miranda, Silvio. Bring home Salvio, Ruben Perez, Cedric and then we should have a decent width?

  • John

    Reyes Salvio
    ?????? Juanfran

    Filipe Dominguez Miranda Silvio

  • عزوز طارق الحداد

    كبير يا أغويرو و مشكوور على الهاتريك والله على راسي أغويرو أحـــبك

  • 7th

    @ azoooz, he says” you are the best, aquero,thanks for the hatrik,you are on my head(means, respecting aguero) i love youuu


  • Gert

    Is Chicharito not for sale?

  • Sebyk

    It’s one of these moments that you knew they would come, but when they finally happen, you are suprised, you feel like you didn’t expect it to happen. You also feel a bit helpless and desperate – Kun and De Gea leaving and you can do nothing about it. It’s kinda like when Fernando was leaving…
    For everything he has done for Atléti, Kun deserves to be given the free way to move higher, to compete for big trophies and I wish him the best luck, he’s on the way to become one of the best players in the game. However it all kinda sucks because of his declarations in the past weeks…
    Thank you and good luck, may you never be forgotten, Kun!

  • Javi

    Lamela should be one of the priorities, maybe we can repeat with him what we did with Kun.

  • NiñoTorres

    To be fair to Kun I think he has been honest. He would never have said during the season that he was going to leave, and when he said that he was staying until 2014, I think what he meant was that he is legally contracted until that year. What he has said is nothing on the countless lies that we have been fed from Gil and Cerezo about his future this year alone. “There is a clause in his contract that prevents him from joining Real Madrid…” I mean, seriously??

    Very disappointed that he is leaving, but as long as he doesn’t go to Real Madrid then I wish him well and respect his decision. If he DOES go there, then I take back everything I just wrote about him not being a liar -_-

  • Sweden

    Kun thank you for everything!

  • 7th

    this is borja chance to be promoted and be given a chance, and he might suprise us, he has a good goal ratio. and a way to think different. it seems gil and cerezo’ project failed, time to think for the future.

  • 7th

    I hope the money spends on canales and pedro leon. they maybe think twice now they maybe facing less time next seasson.

  • ali_

    jesus christ 7th, i hope not… they choosed to warm the bench at blancos back then.

  • RojiBlanco

    Meh, it worked well with Reyes.

  • urban

    Canales goes to villarreal

  • SoLobo

    Joel can be the new De Gea. Borja Baston can be the new Forlan. Salvio can’t be the new Aguero, but still he is a very very good player. We just need an experienced goalkeeper and an experienced forward to help these guys. We should spend the incoming money in a world-class midfielder and a world-class winger. And one or two exellent young prospects. And we can’t forget that Gallegos, Cedric, Camacho and Ruben Perez can add great depth.

  • javi

    I agree with SoLobo:
    Joel will replace degea just fine; Salvio will be good-no Kun, but still very good. We need a left wing-Piatti, and a couple of midfielders, one future star Lamela, and one established player to replace Tiago’s play making-not really sure which one here.

  • John

    Guardado might be a possible shout for the LW? With Depor getting relegated

  • NiñoTorres

    Anyone expect us to break our transfer record for a player brought this summer? With the personnel that are leaving I think we should be, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

  • dgsozkan

    its too sad, but I can understand him. thanks for everything he had done for us. It’s hard to replace him. There is nothing we can do about him, just now we need a good recostruction.I never say that losing Kun is a good thing its really bad , but we need to open a new chapter afterall. Our team should be stronger. There will be big changes in this summer. Hope, it would be good for us . Why shouldn’t we think bigger and move to higher challenges? Why shouldn’t we show our real potential. I can see no reason for all of that. Let the revolution begin

  • Kuwaiti

    Hi guys ..
    lets sell aguero to real and bring Pedro Leon and Canales belive that will solve our medfilde problems and we will have very strong team . we’ll buy a decent GK and a central medfilder and a forward thats it .. belive me we will Rock with them if we hed them 🙂