Does Forlán want to stay?

The Uruguayan happy to continue in Madrid with Quique gone

Forlán wants to continue as a Rojiblanco (Exigio)

Forlán wants to continue as a Rojiblanco (Exigio)

In Turkey, reports continue to insist that Diego Forlán will be a Besiktas player next season. Some sources even claim a deal will be announced on Wednesday, with the transfer fee lying somewhere between €8m and €12m.

According to AS however, the forward prefers to stay, and is looking forward to next season now that Quique Sánchez Flores has announced his departure.

Forlán, who is getting married this summer, has two years remaining on his contract and will look to stay in Madrid for at least one more year. His agent Daniel Bolotnikoff was contacted by AS and denied the rumours of a departure to Istanbul.

“There haven’t been negotiations with Besiktas,” he said. “The information from the Turkish press is wrong. A month ago the club did inquire about Diego, but we told them that he’s focussing on finishing the season with Atleti, and since then there hasn’t been any contact.”

Meanwhile, Sánchez Flores has also been linked with a Besiktas move, which would certainly rule out a Forlán transfer there.

Atlético reportedly hope to offload the player who earns nearly €8m a year and have already lined up Pablo Osvaldo as his replacement.

The club is concerned about Forlán’s fitness level and there are worries that, with the Copa América this summer, the forward, once again, won’t have proper rest ahead of the new season. On Thursday, he will celebrate his 32nd birthday and Atleti seem to be eagerly awaiting offers.

Tiago also hopes to stay at the Vicente Calderón
Another player whose future remains uncertain is Tiago, who is on loan from Juventus this season. The Portuguese midfielder has one year left on his contract with the Old Lady.

He’s not needed in Turin while he has made Madrid his new home, having spent the last 18 months in the Spanish capital.

Although Rojiblanco officials are satisfied with Tiago’s performances, it seems doubtful that his stay will be made permanent. So far, no one has approached the midfielder about signing him on for another year.

We expect the club to look for a younger and cheaper option than Tiago, who turned 30 this month and earns €2.8m a year.

Do you want Forlán and Tiago to stay at Atlético or would you prefer to see them leave the club?

  • Although Forlan wants to stay, the question is if the Atlético wants him to stay…

  • I want Forlán to stay! As for Tiago…that’s a different matter…

  • korlan

    I want Forlán to LEAVE. cause I’m supporter of BESIKTAS. but only if he wants.

  • Sash

    If a Forlan in shape would be guaranteed, then of course. Although his wage is too high.. If he would lower his wages then I would like to see Aguero, Forlan, Osvaldo, Borja. Same goes for Tiago. Lower your wage and then I would say yes thank you 🙂

  • javi

    Forlan wants to stay because it is the only place that he will get paid that much and it will be difficult to get rid of him because he has a contract that the team is obligated to honor even if he is on the bench.
    I would prefer to start anew with Osvaldo instead of Forlan, weve seen the best of Forlan’s days.
    Tiago also will not lower his wages, thats what he did last year and what he will do this year.
    You have to understand that team loyalty is for the fans and young naive players. Experienced players understand that their playing days are limited by age and potential injuries, so as a player you always have to go where you get paid the most, thus Simao. It’s their livelyhood, and after they retire they do not know if they will have a job, so they need to make as much as they can while they can. Logical.

  • palc

    Sentimentally I want to keep Forlan, but it would be wiser to sell him now and replace him with someone like Osvaldo. Tiago is ok good, but is he good enough?

  • Sebyk

    Forlán should probably leave – he’s getting older, his wage is way too high, relationship with fans and team mates is a big question and I don’t believe that after Copa América he will be in the right shape. I guess that summer will be the last chance to get some decent amount of money for him. Even though it will be very painful seeing Diego leaving after years of priceless service, I’m afraid there is no other option left…
    As for Tiago, he’s a very good player, but too expensive and old. Why Tiago if we have Elías, Koke, Fran and Mario, potentially Rubén and Sergio Marcos?
    It’s time for a change, I would let most of the senior players (Forlán, Tiago, RG, Assuncao, Perea, Ujfa) leave…

  • NiñoTorres

    I personally hope he moves on. I will always love Forlán for his first three years, but even without Quique I can’t see him significantly improving at 32.

    Also, he will go to the Copa América and play throughout July, which will probably take even more out of him than the World Cup did. Hopefully he will have a good tournament and this time we take the chance to cash in on him.

  • Sergio Lopez

    After all Diego Forlan has shown, even my dear Wife doesn’t want to see him wearing Atletico Madrid shirt – I don’t even speaking about myself…

  • Gina

    Could it be that your wife doesn’t want to see him wearing any shirt period? 😛

  • Flo

    I want Forlan to be at our club next season. To give him another chance. He still has it in him and we are talking of a 20 goals-a-season striker. I can’t see no Osvaldo doing this.
    This year was terrible for him but under the new coach maybe he will come out as the old one we all love.

  • Chalet

    I can´t see any reason why Forlán should lower his wages.
    He has a contract which is still valid until 2013, with conditions that the board accepted and which all parties have to respect to – even with a Forlán sitting on the bench or in the stands doing nothing.
    As Javi pointed out so well a man of Forlán´s age slowly but surely will have to secure his “retirement annuity” now and therefore I can´t imagine him lowering his wages for no special reasons.

    I agree that Forlán is getting older and that he was out of shape this season.
    But I think that in another way in general he is fit because of playing golf and tennis during his free time and it seems that he is taking a lot of care of his body. 🙂

    Class is permanent and after his goals against Raja Casablanca I´m convinced that he has still a lot to offer for the club.
    And please don´t tell me that we will have to play all our future competitions on African territory if we want to see goals galore by Forlán…

    There are a lot of players out there in the EPL, Serie A or Bundesliga who are of Forlán´s age or older and doing great jobs for their clubs.
    Maldini was a regular starter for AC Milan and he was still scoring amazing goals at the age of 39.

    As for a new striker (Osvaldo) coming in we will have to wait what kind of tactical sytem the new manager will be going to play – and only time will tell whether the “newbie” will be such a fantastic partner for Agüero as Forlán used to be.

    On the other side I wouldn´t get rid of too many senior players. You always need a good share of experienced players in the team and on the pitch.
    You won´t win it with kids – just ask Wenger from Arsenal.

    What is really worrying me is the Copa América and Forlán´s relationship with his teammates.
    There is a chance that Forlán won´t get back from the Copa América as exhausted as he was after last year´s World Cup because he had much more time to rest now during the season.
    But if there is still some kind of plot against him and he doesn´t get along very well with most of his teammates then he should rather move on for his own sake.

    As for the fans I think Forlán could silence them with some great goals or outstanding performances.

  • Osman ADAM

    Besiktas JK announced that Forlan will play for Besiktas Next Season.

  • Osman ADAM

    Also Arda is going to play for Atletico next season..
    Arda is amazing, he can change the score anytime.
    It’s a great transfer for atletico….

  • Sweden

    No Osman ADAM, Looks like the board settled for Piatti instead.

  • osman

    Arda is in Atletico, be sure, Turkish media is never wrong on this issue 🙂