Quique: “I failed at getting the most out of Forlán”

Our departing coach admits he could take job at Sevilla in the future

Quique Sánchez Flores talks toJosé Ramón de la Morena (CadenaSER)

Quique Sánchez Flores talks to
José Ramón de la Morena (CadenaSER)

Quique Sánchez Flores joined the Cadena SER radio programme ‘El Larguero’ Monday evening, and spoke openly about his regrets during his time at Atlético.

“Things have come to a point where it was impossible for me to continue”, said the coach before going into the matter with Diego Forlán.

“All parties have suffered from the situation. I didn’t want this, because we needed the best of a player who had already played a lot of games. Without Forlán’s goals, we failed to reach our goals.

“I’ve been very patient with him, I always thought that he’d recover [his best form] and he is still the player with the fourth most minutes played. But it’s my fault that we failed to get the best out of Forlán.”

Quique then commented on the 18 months he’s been in charge of Atlético.

“I think that during my time here the team has improved. We’ve enjoyed great moments and remembering them helps when you have to say goodbye. ”

A future as coach of Sevilla?

When Sánchez Flores was asked about his future, he admitted that he might take over as coach of Sevilla, one of Atleti’s biggest rivals.

“I’ll continue as a coach, but I don’t know where. There have been some rumours, but I haven’t talked to anyone yet. With all due respect to Manzano, Sevilla is a club that I’ll join sooner or later. There is a lot of mutual respect and a good feeling between me and the club.”

Meanwhile it is uncertain who Atlético will appoint as Quique’s successor. Earlier we reported that Joaquín Caparrós is a candidate, but lately the name of Luis Enrique has popped up often in the Spanish press.

The Barcelona B-coach, who will leave his current employer after this season, told MARCA, “Atlético is a more than interesting option, but there haven’t been any negotiations yet.”

  • For the discussion of Quique and peripheral vision: since his arrival, the team has played 7 competitions (2 Leagues, 2 Cups, 2 Uefas, Supercup), where he played 3 finals and won 2 titles.

    It’s true that the League is the measure and that the victories are not the exclusive property of Quique, but his legacy is the highest since Antic.

    Add to Quique the recovery of Reyes and the appearance of De Gea, Domínguez and Koke, and the note should be generous…

  • javi

    Good point elhumanisto, but you have to taint it with how he handled the MVP of the worldcup, and the various lineups which kept this team from getting far since there was only uncertainty as to who would play what and where.

  • Chalet

    I totally agree with you, Javi. I think you pretty much summed it up.

    MARCA claims in the Spanish version of this article that Quique said that he made all his decisions about Forlán strictly for professional reasons and not because of personal issues.
    And that is exactly the part of the story I am not going to buy.
    We are all aware of the fact that Forlán had a poor season – due to an exhausting EL campaign and World Cup tournament, due to not having had enough rest until the start of the new season, due to permanent ankle problems, due to a possible plot against him, due to disagreements with the manager and parts of the audience, due to whatever.

    But in my eyes Quique put it all on a personal level after the Santander match where he singled out Forlán to put more or less the whole blame for the loss on him.
    That was a disgrace – and I am still waiting for an explanation why all of a sudden Quique left Forlán out of the squad for the last home game at the Calderón.

    Same goes for Mérida, by the way.
    What has been going on there overnight?

    And I don´t think that Domínguez really got a fair chance by Quique.

  • Sebyk

    Yes elhumanisto – but I will offer a different point of view.
    Concerning Copa, who did we beat on our way to the final? We got almost eliminated by Recreativo and Celta, both segunda teams. In semifinals we beat Racing which is not a team which should cause us any major problems. In the final we deservedly lost to Sevilla…
    Europa league was a great and (not only) for me an unforgettable ride. But what would we do if it weren’t for Forlán’s great form? Weren’t we a bit lucky at some points? We eliminated both Sporting and Valencia on away goals, we beat at that time very weak Liverpool and finally Fulham only after the extension time. Not mentioning that against Valencia referees helped us in the key moment (Juanito holding back Zigić in the penalty area). I don’t want to neglect Quique’s merits – he was the one who led us out of the big crisis -, but I don’t think it was his tactical genius that helped us achieve it…
    If you point out statistical successes, don’t forget about the fact that Quique was the first Atlético manager in the history who lost more matches than he won in his first fifty matches on the Atléti bench…
    He gave chance to Domínguez, but only to destroy his self-confidence in this season. He also destroyed Forlán, our best player in last three seasons. He didn’t get on well with some players, he wasn’t able to supress his own ego. And I guess I won’t be the only one who tired of his pointless and stupid experiments (most recently Racing).
    I am very grateful to Quique for what he achieved, he returned the long lost pride to our club, but I won’t have any regrets when he (finally!) leaves…

  • Chalet

    Top-notch analysis!
    I couldn´t have said it better…;-)

  • Sebyk

    Thanks dude 🙂