Gil Marín rejects offer to sell to Americans

Investment company approached Gil to sell his 56 per cent of the shares

Peter Kenyon (

Peter Kenyon (

El Confidencial reports that Miguel Ángel Gil Marín recently rejected an approach by an American investment company to purchase his shares in Atlético.

A €75m offer was apparently made two months ago for Gil Marín’s 56 per cent stake in the club.

However, if the shares had been sold, the company would have gained a major say in our club, reports AS. Gil Marín is planning a capital increase for this summer, and it’s rumoured to be a possibility that shares will eventually be sold to the American investment group.

The spokesman of the United States based group is Peter Kenyon, who worked as a commercial manager for Manchester United and Chelsea in the past.

The Americans’ intentions at this point are not entirely clear, although El Confidencial suggests Atlético might be used to bring talented young players to Europe before selling them off at a high profit. Jorge Mendes and Peter Kenyon could play a vital role in this process as they have a wide network all over the world.

  • Joakim

    I dislike Jorge Mendes but we’d get rid of the Gílmafia and maybe could start over again and that’s just what needed in this club.

    I don’t like the Mendes and Kenyon names together, I think that Kenyon was involved in scandals in both United and Chelsea? Or am I wrong?

    Gíl, cabrón, fuera el Calderón!!!!!

  • Flo

    American investors… wait! That did work out well in England. Let’s do this!