Salvio likely to stay at Atlético

Benfica are reportedly still not willing to pay €15m purchase option for 'Toto'

Eduardo 'Toto' Salvio (

Eduardo 'Toto' Salvio (

According to AS, reports in Portugal suggest that Atlético striker Eduardo Salvio will most likely return to los Colchoneros from Benfica for the 2011-12 campaign.

The Portuguese club, where Salvio spent the current season on a one-year loan until breaking his foot three weeks ago, is still not willing to exercise the €15m purchase option from the forward’s loan deal.

Benfica coach Jorge Jesús is rumoured to be strongly in favour of keeping ‘Toto’ in Lisbon but, it is said that two obstacles stand in the way of a possible sale.

One of those obstacles is the 20-year-old’s annual salary, said to be at €2.5m per year. Águias directors are apparently not willing to make Salvio one of the highest paid players on the squad.

The other hurdle is the attacker’s price itself. Benfica have negotiated with Atleti directors hoping to get a discount, but Rojiblanco officials purportedly “will not accept a euro less” than the amount stipulated in Salvio’s purchase option.

The Lisbon-based outfit is willing to fork out up to €11m and even proposed another loan deal, an idea Gil and Cerezo strongly opposed. The present standstill could last until the end of the month, which is when Salvio’s purchase option expires.

Meanwhile Eduardo, who has publicly admitted he would prefer to stay with Benfica, returns to Spain from Lisbon on Monday for follow-up on his surgery. He had flown to Portugal three weeks ago after being operated on in Madrid.

What do you think would be the best thing to do with Salvio?

  • Javi

    Salvio starts with Kun
    Costa and Forlan are sold off and for the bench we get a couple canteranos

  • Andres

    i don’t think salvio and aguero can play together…they are both second strikers. They need the classic strong and high striker to coop with them, co they could play on wings or behind him. However i don’t know where in 4-3-3 would be a place for Reyes…

  • Raed from Lebanon

    mmm no no, Costa and Forlan should leave us !
    we want a good finisher like Falcao ( Porto ) or Lesandro Lopez ( Lyon ) behind Aguero !!
    the subs will be: Salvio, Borja, and Pacheco !!

  • 20corona

    Forlan has been horrible this season but still I want him to stay. He stills has much to offer and seing him leaving for a club like besiktas or Sao paulo is just wrong.

  • starvs

    With a full offseason of rest behind him and a new coach I would surprised if Forlan did not rebound strongly next season if we kept him. For whatever bargain basement price we would be forced to sell him at I think it is worth it to take the gamble on his form returning.

  • javi

    I agree that Forlan will be better next year, but his salary is too high and the team is not going to pay it. Say good bye to Forlan.
    I also think that because of finances, Salvio and Kun are the starters and we dont buy anyone else, we will use canteranos for the bench, like Borja and pacheco for example.

  • Scott Lind

    Agüero deserves to be the star of the team! Forlan is getting old, and we should get as much for him as we can, so he should leave this summer. Salvio should stay and play right wing. Costa have done well this season I think. Scored goals for us when Forlan and Agüero didn’t, and has been a good striking partner with Agüero. But still, I don’t think he has the class for top european football where we need to be. Sell Forlan and Costa, get Falcao and/or Hulk! That would be nice!

  • Sure, Falcao sounds excellent! Still I’d keep Forlán for next season and wait with Falcao. Uruguayo can still do it…
    But definitely, get rid of Costa!

  • Sweden

    Im sorry people.. Falcao isnt’t going to happen! There are too many bigger clubs after him.. And Porto are not going to sell him for the amount of money we are willing to pay.

  • javi

    I dont think we are buying anyone, we have no money unless we sell Forlan and a couple of others.

  • Sweden

    The question is, why isn’t Forlan playing well, if there is trouble between him and QSF, then with a new manager he might be playing well again.. If there is a lack of motivation then sell him. Because the form he was in in the world cup, that guy can’t be gone over one year.