Atlético inch closer to Luis Filipe deal

Only method of payment is seperating the two clubs from reaching an agreement

Luis Filipe of Deportivo

After negotiations broke down it seemed unlikely Filipe Luis would be an Atlético player next season. Apparently Atleti even threatened to take Deportivo to court over a €2m debt from the Zé Castro transfer, a power-play that might have forced Depor back to the negotiating table.

Today newspaper AS reports the two clubs only have to work out a method of payment to close the deal. Deportivo-president Lendoiro was holding out for a €12m transfer fee, and seems to get his wish. Apparently Atlético will pay €10m and acquit the money owed from the Zé Castro-transfer two years ago.

The transfer seemed to have died down after Lendoiro refused to involve Atlético-players in the deal. Atlético wasn’t willing to pay the entire sum demanded by Depor, and offered Diego Costa and Ignacio Camacho in return, players that Deportivo-coach Lotina is said to be interested in. His president was playing hardball however, which forced Filipe to beg for a transfer. The Brazilian leftback missed out on a move to Barcelona last summer and now has his sights set on a move to Madrid.

To temper all your expectations, it does seem like Atleti will have to sell players first. Which could also be why the signing of rightback Rod Fanni still has not been finalized. Earlier this week AS reported that a deal had been agreed, however, Fanni played in a friendly for Rennes just two days ago.

  • Nick Poskitt

    Signing Luis Filipe would be a great move, the player is young enough to go on to become a very important player at Atlético on the left side.

    My only concern is that if the deal does go through and Luis takes the short trip from La Coruña to Madrid, what does this mean for our Captain and current left-back Antonio López?

    We’ve been relentlessly pursuing full-backs this summer and seem to be very close to confirming deals for both Filipe and Rod Fanni from Rennes. If both are completed, what does this mean for A Lo? And even Ujfalusi, who spent so much of last season on the right side of defence.

  • Ringo Schut

    Filipe would be an awesome addition to our squad. Okay, López has been great at times, but he has been terrible as well, so I guess Filipe would make us stronger!

    I hope there will be a new CB…
    However, a competition between Perea and Ujfalusi might make at least one of them better. A consistent Perea might be better than Ujfalusi…

    Fanni – Perea – Álvaro – Filipe

    Looks strong to me, Álvaro has to keep growing and Perea is very fast. Ujfalusi could replace Perea, but that depends on who is the better one and Quique sees them almost everyday, so he judges the best, I guess.

    A season with less goals against than games? 😀

  • Derek Maaijen

    I like the idea of that Ringo, reminds me of when Perea and Pablo used to be so solid that we won the Zamora-award. It must be said that our games were dreadful to watch back then, though.

    Quique had moved Ujfalusi to the center of defence in the first training sessions of this preseason, but moved him back to rightback because Fanni still hasn’t arrived. I think Quique has a backline of Fanni – Ujfalusi – Domínguez – Filipe in mind though.

  • Nick Poskitt

    But then who does the captaincy fall to? Antonio López without a starting berth, and we all know Simao’s future isn’t exactly assured.

  • Derek Maaijen

    Camacho 😀

    I’m not sure, Forlán is next in line, then Perea. Neither of them are real leaders if you ask me

  • Ringo Schut


    But that would mean no Assunção/Tiago…
    What the hell, Camacho is king!