Caparrós to replace Quique next season?

Radio station reports Athletic boss to take over at Atleti

Joaquín Caparrós (Getty Images)

Joaquín Caparrós (Getty Images)

Hours before Saturday’s match against Málaga kicked off, Spanish radio station COPE reported that Joaquín Caparrós will take over as Atlético head coach for next season.

The station also claimed that Caparrós was chosen by former Atleti left back Toni Muñoz, purportedly set to be named Jesús García Pitarch’s successor as the club’s sporting director.

COPE reporter Antonio Ruíz broke the news, claiming that current manager Quique Sanchez Flores butted heads with Atleti directors back in December over the signing of Elias; Quique apparently wanted Pablo Aimar instead.

Ruiz later said, “According to sources close to Caparrós, he would be very excited to become a part of Atlético’s project.”

Atlético had reportedly already approached the Athletic Bilbao boss back in March.

  • Ian

    Last night I read on twitter that they (the radio station) denied them saying the news..

    I really think it’s better for the whole board to be changed rather than changing coaches.. :p

  • Raed from Lebanon

    Ohh no, Benitez is beter than Caparros !!
    he’s very good, also he was with Valencia and know La Liga very well !!

  • No Caparros, rather QSF than him, and Antić above all! 🙂
    Bring back Radomir Antić for God’s sake!

  • Martin Rosenow

    @Ian The radio station ran the report on its website, and it’s still up:–caparros-es-el-elegido-para-entrenar-al-atmadrid-242101-1

  • SoLobo

    Quique is still a very good coach. And yes… The ones that got to go is the board! And… Benitez?? Really?? Do you want us to be relegated?

  • Joakim

    Caparrós is a very good coach but he’s also limited. Is he really the type of manager that Atlético needs? A manager which teams “own” their matches, have lots of ball possesion and control their games?

    I don’t think so. Caparrós’s doing a great job at Athletic, but that is a club that entrusts themself with their counterplay-style but would it be good at Atlético? I hope that Simeone gets a chance, or why not Emery?

  • Villas-Boas would be a perfect, perfect solution. Still having a lot to proof, great natural managing talent, great motivator who made Porto unstopabble this season.

    Except for him Emery would be good, as well as Aragones.

    Simeone doesnt convince me at all, I can understand that he was a good player and that all the fans love him but titles in Argentina are not that much of recommendation for me.

  • Joakim

    I agree with Urban when saying that Villas-Boas is an absolute perfect solution, but I think that it is to much to hope.

    About Simeone I think that he could do a very good job at Atlético. He knows the club, how it’s like playing and he does have som pretty good experiences.

    What I like about the Emery option is the way he likes his teams to play – good football with lots of posession.

  • SpeGo

    I think Caparros is good news. He is a great project manager and because we have lots of talented youngsters we need some kind of project to brinf them in the first team. I also think he is tactically very good and great motivator! Emery would be fantastic too!

  • Davide

    Some very close sources are saying that Guardiolas apprentice, the great Luis Enrique, coach of Barca-B has already signed on at Atlético as the new coach. Luis already told Barcelona board he won’t be staying. I understand him because he has done a excellent job with Barca-B, but how long is he supposed to wait to succeed Guardiola? Pep might not leave for another 20 years. So he is moving to the capital to take over the red and whites. I wouldn’t mind incorporating Barcelonas style of play at Atlético. Also he might be interested in bringing some youngsters along from Barca-B, good players that being left out of Barcelona first team squad due to tough competition.