Betis coach announces deals with Atlético

New Real Betis-coach Pepe Mel had some interesting news today

Real Betis coach Pepe Mel

Real Betis coach Pepe Mel

Real Betis are under the guidance of a new president this week, who is looking to make some drastic changes to the club. One of those could be to form a close relationship with Atlético, revealed Betis’ new coach Pepe Mel today.

Betis missed out on promotion back to la Liga on goal difference and are now looking to bolster their squad. Pepe Mel came with the news after he announced a friendly with Atlético has been arranged. Earlier today we reported on Atleti’s preseason plans, it seems this match against Betis will be played on 24 July, which makes me doubt even more that we’ll be travelling around the globe this preseason.

After announcing the friendly, the Madrid-born coach had this to say:

“The football business is all about giving each other favours. We’re doing them a favour by playing a friendly, surely they’ll do us one back in the form of players.”

“It’s something that’s being discussed and we’re doing our best. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.”

“Obviously Forlán won’t be joining us, but they have some players that could be important to us in the Segunda División”

I’m all for giving them back Juanito, although I’m not sure if he’ll be of any help even in the second division. We’ll surely keep you updated on this surprising news.