Atlético players obsessed with Twitter

Rojiblanco stars increasingly using social networking site

Mario and Reyes posing for a pictureon their travel to A Coruña

Mario and Reyes posing for a picture
on their travel to A Coruña

Sergio Agüero, Diego Forlán and Tomas Ujfalusi all set up accounts prior to the start of the season, mostly to communicate with their fans and post pictures as they’re en route to away games.

But since Juanfran’s arrival, Twitter has become the perfect place for supporters to listen in to conversations between Atlético players.

Juanfran, Agüero and Filipe are avid users of the popular medium and have convinced teammates De Gea, Domínguez, Koke, Pulido and Mario Suárez to join the microblogging site, which has led to some hilarious conversations in Spanish.

The most popular subject amongst the rojiblancos seems to be Mario’s haircut, which he insists will be untouched although Kun has already offered to cut it down a bit. The Argentine seems to take his new role of captain very seriously, as he recently told Koke to get to bed after the youngster was seen tweeting late at night.

Agüero’s account especially is interesting to follow, as he often organizes contests and gives away prizes to his fans.

Although the new rage seems to be great for bonding inside the locker room, we do hope the mini messages won’t distract the players too much from their match preparations!

You can follow Agüero, Forlán, Ujfalusi, Domínguez, Filipe, Juanfran, De Gea, Elias, Mario, Pulido, Koke and Salvio online. And they were joined today by José Antonio Reyes!

Unfortunately most of the players’ tweets are in Spanish, but follow @AtleticoFans on Twitter and we’ll happily keep you up to date on all the latest ramblings from our idols!

This leaves us with just one question: What do you think of Mario’s new haircut?

  • palc

    I don’t understand why Mario doesn’t do anything about that ridiculous afro hairdoo.

  • NiñoTorres

    Must admit I quite like seeing what the players are up to, most of them seem like good friends off the pitch which is something we have not always had in recent years. Also the growth in Atlético players on Twitter coincides with good run of form, so I’m not going to complain 🙂