Gil Marín denies deal done for De Gea

Radio station reports €20m transfer has been completed to Manchester United

Will De Gea agree to a move to England?(GettyImages)

Will De Gea agree to a move to England?

It has been clear for some months now that David de Gea is on Sir Alex Ferguson’s shopping list. Rumours of offers for the goalkeeper would suggest he has been made the Scot’s number one target for the summer.

The reliable radio station Onda Cero reported this afternoon that agent Jorge Mendes had completed a €20m transfer of De Gea to Manchester United.

The news broke quickly and within hours Miguel Ángel Gil Marín contacted the radio station to deny the agreement.

“Mendes is in England, but not to negotiate a deal for De Gea,” said Atleti’s general manager – which only raises the question of why he knows exactly when and where the Portuguese super-agent resides.

Gil continued:”Mendes does not have the authority to act on behalf of the player.” This too is interesting considering recent rumours in Spain suggested De Gea was breaking with his agent Héctor Rincón.

“At the end of the season we will see if he wants to go or not. If he wants to leave, we’ll refer to his €25m buy-out clause. Until then we count on him to stay with us,” said Gil about the young Spaniard.

Later Miguel Ángel Gil appeared on the El Larguero programme from radio station Cadena SER, where he gave even more insight into the situation:

“We’ve received offers from United and Chelsea [for De Gea]. He also has an offer from us to renew his contract. We’d like him to stay, but David’s future is entirely in his own hands.”

The deciding vote looks as if it will be De Gea’s. Is he keen on moving to England, or will he prefer to stay in Madrid?

Meanwhile Spanish press have named Sporting Lisbon goalkeeper Rui Patricio and Valencia’s Vicente Guaita as possible replacements.

  • RojiBlanco

    Well, we’ll see what stuff David is really made of in the coming months. I like to believe he wants to stay.

  • Davide

    25 million € will do us good if we invest it wisely. I also think Joel is as good as David de Gea, or will even be better if given time to settle into the first team. David de Gea going to Man U also gives our cantera alot of credibility and reputation. Also knowing that our academy can produce players that the biggest clubs wants to sign makes our academy attractive to the best youth players in the region to come and play with us. Also we can start making some money by producing good players. You have to see the whole pictures. Yes, we may sell a few youth products the coming years, but the younger ones replacing them will only get better. We need a academy that works, not only playing them in lower divisions and then shipping them off for peanuts to lower La Liga clubs. If our academy are gonna sell than we might as well start producing and attracting some quality youngsters and sell them for an arm and a leg. Sooner or later we have enough brilliant talent coming through to the first team and for selling and making money. I can be a Atlético romantic and say David de Gea is out heart and soul and so on.. But if he leaves for Man U it’s gonna do our academy and club reputation very good.

  • Davide, football academies are not factories. In the last 15 years we’ve had two outstanding canteranos: Torres and De Gea. This is Atleti, not the 90’s Ajax or 2011’s Barça. There’s no secret formula to “produce” De Geas and Torreses naturally, but only scouting players worldwide when they are 10 or 11 years old. That’s what Barça, Madrid, Manchester Utd. and Arsenal do, and that’s because they can afford it. Due to the economic issues we all know perfectly well Atlético has stopped looking for players beyond Madrid so we play with a big handicap.

    It’s alright to have a good academy in order to produce good players, but it’s not desirable to sell the best ones. You can sell good players but not your stars and, of course, you must never assume that as a routine.

    Because, honestly, that’s so Sevilla F.C…

  • Javi reported today that Atletico scouts are in Africa looking for the next youth star
    If de gea wants to go we can’t stop him and we get 25€M, plus I agree that Joel is going to be fabulous
    I just hope he gets the spot and we dont buy another goalie

  • Few weeks ago reported that the priority in the academy are the players recruited in the region vs those who come from other places in Spain and, of course, from outside Spain.

    Anyway, it’s alright if it’s impossible to stop him, 20-25 million is a huge lot of money… but this must be an exception, NEVER a policy.

  • SpeGo

    Sad news if he goes! He is going to be the best goalie in the world and is already in top-5. If we let him go we have to get more than 20 million. What ever was payed from Buffon, I expect to get thw same from De Gea! And if he goes, we would be stupid to buy another goalie. Joel and Asenjo are probably the most promising goaltenders in the world after De Gea. They will be good! So lets use the money for something that we need: Defenders, Midfielders and Strikers…Goalies we dont need!

  • javi

    Spego, they only need to pay 25M, the rescission clause. to avoid having Atletico interfere in the player’s decision. If they pay the team that money, then its De Gea’s decision entirely, the team cannot ask for more than the rescision clause. So if they pay it, then we see if De Gea really wants to stay with us or not.

  • SpeGo

    Shit! We would lose him too cheaply…No can do…