Fans protest against club directors

Atlético supporters marched to the stadium ahead of the clash with Sociedad

Fans take to the streets  (Juan Aguado/MARCA)

Fans take to the streets
(Juan Aguado/MARCA)

Ahead of yesterday’s match against Real Sociedad, hundreds of fans rallied against Atlético owners Enrique Cerezo and Miguel Ángel Gil.

The angry supporters, many donning the movement’s green and gold scarf, gathered at the Marqués de Vadillo Square and marched to the stadium holding up signs and singing songs, all with one common message targeted at Gil and Cerezo: leave the Calderón.

According to the police, 700 fans had amassed for the protests, but that number seemed significantly larger when the group reached their destination, as many supporters joined along the way.

The action was organised and lead by Atléticos por el Cambio frontmen Gabriel Camuñas and Vicente Calderón Jr. They were supported by Señales de Humo, who had hosted the 7th edition of the Gaudeamus Atleti earlier on Sunday. The Señales forum was dedicated to Luis Aragonés, with other Atlético icons such as Miguel Reina and Pepe Navarro also present at the yearly event.

With plenty of policemen on the scene, no major incidents occurred during the afternoon demonstrations.

Do you think yesterday’s protests will have any effect on Atlético and the people in charge?

  • Mert

    as much as we all wish it would, pretty sure gil and all others in charge knew the whole time how much we hate ’em.

    hasn’t mattered before, why would it be any different now