Taking care of business in Turkey

Our directing duo flew out to Istanbul to seal a couple of deals

Atlético president Enrique Cerezo (Goal.com)

Atlético president Enrique Cerezo (Goal.com)

Atlético directors Enrique Cerezo and Miguel Ángel Gil Marín found themselves very busy in Turkey on Friday, as they looked to take care of a number of business transactions in Istanbul.

While some may feel the notorious directing duo are seeking refuge ahead of Sunday’s planned protests against them led by Atléticos por el Cambio, reports in the Turkish media confirm they are, in fact, negotiating the sale of Diego Forlan to Besiktas, the purchase of Arda Turan from Galatasaray and a sponsorship deal for next season with Turkish Airlines.

According to Yahoo! Eurosport Spain, Cerezo told the “reputable” Turkish television channel NTV Spor that Atlético have made an official €12.5m offer for midfielder Arda Turan.

Galatasaray director Taner Askin has purportedly confirmed the bid for the 22-year-old and, apparently in favour of the potential move, said Turan “will no longer be productive at [Galatasaray]”.

The Istanbul-based side, just like Atleti, was eliminated from all cup competitions early this season. To make matters worse, it will not be qualifying for any European competitions next year as it currently sits 13th in the Süper Lig table, a rarity for the Turkish powerhouse.

Turan recently told Galatasaray’s president Adnan Polat, “President, let me go,” but he may have been asking the wrong person. Apparently, there’s a power struggle going on within the Lions’ front office and many directors are strongly against the meeting between Polat and Cerezo.

It is rumoured that Polat may be ousted sometime next month, when a meeting of the board will be held to decide his future.

Faruk Süren, a Galatasaray director opposed to the president, told the Turkish daily Milliyet: “Under normal conditions, I think the right thing to do would be to sell Arda. Arda should leave and develop his abilities. But Galatasaray should reserve a buy-back option so that he can return. This cannot be decided by the current leadership; we should wait until the results of the meeting on May 14th,” he said.

NTV Spor also claimed that Cerezo was in talks with Besiktas for Forlan, and that a deal for the Uruguayan could be agreed upon within the coming days, however, Besiktas have issued an official statement on their website denying those claims.

In the statement, Besiktas confirm that a meeting took place between their president Yildirim Demirören and Gil Marín this morning, but that there were no talks about Forlan. Rather, the club claims it was solely a meeting of “personal friendship” between the two directors.

Apart from his social activities, Gil Marín is very close to closing out a sponsorship agreement with Turkish Airlines, reports Mundo Deportivo. The airline currently sponsors Barcelona and Manchester United, among others clubs. If a contract is confirmed, the company will replace our current sponsor, KIA Motors, who will not be renewing their deal with Atlético for our next campaign.

  • Ian

    If turan does come, will he use another non-EU spot?
    If so, more prblem ahead..

  • Martin Rosenow

    Yeah, he would take up a non-EU spot and you’re right, it will be a messy summer if he arrives.

  • Sebyk

    It is not entirely sure – http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-94566.html
    The question of Turkish as EU-nationals is still discussed and kinda messy. According to the RFEF rules, Turkish (and also Russian, Ukrainian etc.) players are not considered as EU-nationals, yet whenever they appealed against this decision at the court, they succeeded. Whole problem originates in the constitution of the EU which is quite ambiguous in this point…

  • javi

    Arda looks good. It seems like he has glue on his boots, and he shoots from outside the large area like Forlan used to.

    Him and Kun will drive defenses crazy.

  • starvs

    Turan seems like a legit talent and 12.5 seems reasonable given Jurado was around 13 no? As long as he can pass, has some decent vision, and can play in the middle?

  • Edletico

    I can see the problem with the non-EU spots causing problems especially if the Honda rumours are true aswell. We would have to sell or loan Miranda and Elias to bring in those 2 and Salvio back

  • Arda Turan seems alright, let’s first see when and if he comes and what he has to offer, but still one thing: if he really can nail those long distance beauties, and Forlán can as well, then we have one mighty artillery ahead of the nomads (Barça), the scum (Real), the Sevillistas etc. etc. =)

  • GaryMadrid

    I would like to see us sign someone from La Liga. We keep signing players from abroad who need time ‘to adapt’. At Atleti you dont get time. The fans will be on their backs straight away. So someone like Arda Turan who has talent but will be moving to a new country, language and culture will need to hit the ground running. History is against us.

  • Davide

    I don’t care how good Costa suddenly turns out to be or if Forlán needs to recharge. Both of them need to move on and make way for Borja to partner Kun if the team stick to current formation. Borja gives a whole new dimension to out attacking play with his height and physical presence. With Borja on the field, Pereas nonsense long balls from the back line will actually start to make sense. Borja can head those on down the field for Kun to run on to. I like Borja, his style of play reminds me of Zlatan. It’s high time to seriously start including Borja, Koke and Keko to the rotation sheets. Now i will say something that will probably upset alot of people. I have a feeling that given regular playing time, Joel is actually a better keeper then David DG. So if we can milk the Man U money cow for all it’s worth, i would say charge Ferguson an arm and a leg for David DG, put Joel between the stick and use the money from United to enforce the teams vital areas.

  • Sash

    I agree with you Davide (on the Borja part) I have high hopes for that kid! I don’t know if I’ve got this wrong, but didn’t he break all of Torres goalscoring records in the youth teams? I seriously think he should get a decent chance in the last few matches of this year, and a serious shot at the preseason.

    Regarding De Gea, I will be very upset if he leaves..

  • Gala Fan

    Hi guys

    I’m a Gala fan from Istanbul. I think this transfer would be good both for Atletico, Arda and Galatasaray. As far as I know Arda will not be using non-EU spot in Atletico, in case his transfer to Atletico is signed and sealed. That is because Nihat Kahveci, former Real Sociedad and Villareal attacker, has won a case and depending on that case Turkish players are being treated as one of the EU with respect to transfer spots (although I’m not 100% sure)..apart from this I think Atletico will be buying a great player and I hope Arda gets transferred to La Liga. That’s not because he is a bad player or a trouble-maker but becasue the press in Turkey is ridiculuos here in Turkey (even worse than English or Italian tabloid press) and they have made Arda a scapegoat this season blaming him for everything he does. I believe being transferred to Atletico will lift his mood up and he can show his real talent without any hesitation or worry.

  • jack

    amınıza gorun

  • Derek Maaijen

    What you mentioned regarding Nihat is very interesting, Gala Fan! I did a little digging on the web but I can’t seem to find anything conclusive. One article (from 2004, mind) mentions that Nihat was an exception to the rule and that other Turkish players (Rüstü for example) were not granted EU status.

  • Gala Fan


    I think a judgment was rendered on Nihat’s case around 2007 or 2008 and only after that date Turkish players could depend on it as a legal base. Rustu played in Barca in 2003-2004 season and yes you are right he was not granted the EU status.

    For the case summaries you can look at http://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=OJ:C:2008:285:0014:0014:EN:PDF

    also search for “C-152/08 Real Sociedad de Fútbol SAD and Nihat Kahveci” if you want to get more info. The deciison is rendered by ECJ.