Where does Salvio’s future lie?

The Argentine youngster greatly impresses in Portugal; will he stay there?

Salvio celebrates his goal against PSV (GettyImages)

Salvio celebrates his goal against PSV (GettyImages)

With two spectacular goals against PSV Eindhoven Thursday evening, Atlético forward Eduardo Salvio, currently on loan at Benfica, guaranteed his team a spot in the semi-finals of this year’s Europa League.

Considering the quality of his present club, the 20-year-old can realistically win the competition on back-to-back occasions. Although his contribution to our cup success last season was strictly limited to brief substitute appearances, he is now an integral part of the Benfica side that demolished PSV 4-1 on a fantastic European night.

To the Colchonero faithful, Salvio seems to have transformed overnight. But in reality, he has been on a steady climb since joining the Portuguese giants in August. Perhaps it’s even the crack we saw at Lanús who went missing after joining Atlético in the first transfer window of 2010; the kid García Pítarch was convinced it was worth splashing out the dough for.

The Salvio from last night bullied his opponents, took defenders on and dribbled through the Dutch side’s four-man defence like they were never there. He turned Erik Pieters, a full-on Dutch international, inside out only to slice through the next hurdle of PSV players unfazed by what was coming next, and always keeping an eye out for his teammates. The Argentine was, without a doubt, the big man for the Águias.

The contrast with his performances of last season is striking; the winger is almost unrecognizable. Coming in with an injury, Salvio failed to make his mark at Atlético and after poor performances in preseason he was shipped off to Portugal as there was simply no place for him. We willingly added a purchase option to his loan contract, knowing that we’d be lucky if we could recover a portion of the €11m spent on the promising talent only six months earlier.

At this point, Atleti might be regretting the €15m clause. Salvio, who recently received another call-up for Argentina’s national team, exploded midway through the current campaign, delivering assists and scoring ten goals, each one seemingly more beautiful than the last. Enrique Cerezo was quick to point to the arranged fee after Benfica indicated that they’re primary goal for next season was to make Toto’s stay a permanent one.

Meanwhile, Atlético fans are left to wonder what the club should do with the Argentine. Last summer’s non-European player spot conflict still exists, and the issue is certain to cause some headaches at the Calderón this off-season. Our directors will have to decide which three between Diego Costa, Elias, Godín, Miranda and Salvio will be allowed to stay.

Another obstacle Atleti officials will face for the following campaign is the excess of right-wingers on the team. At Lanús, the Argentine often played in a central position, but his development at Benfica would suggest his future lies on the right flank. In Reyes we have a versatile winger who could occupy any forward position, but the Andalusian is most effective at his current spot. Juanfran can strictly be used on the right, which not only limits the team’s but also his own options.

If we were to receive €15m for Salvio we would both, make a small profit and, gain much needed resources to strengthen other areas of the squad. It seems like a wise business decision, but knowing Atleti it could be one that comes back to haunt us.

Considering the pros and cons, what do you hope will happen with Eduardo Salvio?

  • javi

    I would take back Salvio and get rid of Forlan and Costa or Juanfran.

  • Ian

    keep salvio, loan juanfran out, sell forlan, make godin take his spanish passport, make reyes play at left wing, maybe loan diego costa out for last straw non-EU spot clearing.

    If we do those things, I think we’ll have a good squad to fight for top 4..

  • Martin Rosenow

    Salvio looks more fit, skinnier than last year. When at Atleti, he resembled Costa in his bulkiness, but now, with the apparent weight loss he looks thinner and much more agile.

    Here’s a clip of his second goal. Look how fast his moves are: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3PiyluQZo8&feature=player_embedded

  • Derek Maaijen

    Interesting to add is Benfica’s stance to all this. They are very, very keen to sign Salvio, but they’re reluctant to pay €15m. Although they are a big club, they are still a selling club and not used to paying huge fees (although Roberto’s €8.5m transfer would suggest otherwise). The highest fee they’ve ever paid for a player is €12m for Simão, so it would mean a lot if they’re willing to break that record.

  • Sergio Lopez

    Piatti – Agüero – Reyes with the support of Salvio would form the best attacking option we could have…

  • palc

    Bring Salvio back. Get rid of Costa or at least loan him out, loan out Elias, get rid of Forlan, Raul G, Valera and Tiago. Maybe bring in a creative attacking midfielder.


    Toto Merida( Honda/Turan) La Perla

    Mario Koke

    Filipe Godin Dominator Ufo


    Subs: Joel, Miranda, Juanfran, Merida/Honda/Turan, A.Lo, Perea, Assuncao.

    This team + new coach + new board= CL qualification for sure.

  • Ringo Schut

    Still UFO?
    And I don’t know about salvio on the left?

  • palc

    Hmm you’re right. Ufo needs to go. If Salvio should be on the right, what about Reyes?

  • 7th

    why would anyone want to sell diego forlan? he is a class, in fact, he is soly the reason i follow atletico, i will still follow n support atletico when he is gone.

    If I were the coach,or cerezo himself.

    I would sell R.garcia,ufo,l.pera. valera, assuncao.and maybe deigo costa( he has shown his skills sometimes, and he is slow, he must undergone a diet to lose some wieght if he wants to stay?

    I would keep forlan, if he wants to leave, let him, but we need him, we dont have any goood poacher exept him.

    my team would be like this after the selling and adding players.

    goalkeeprs:DE gea, joel.
    defenders: A.lopez, miranda, D.godin, Felibi luis. Domiquiez , pulido( promotion)

    midfileders: Arda turan, Reyes, koke, keko,juanfran. mario suarez. ruben perez.alberto pera.

    offence: forlan, aguero,borja.

    i think we have a good team

  • I’d keep Forlán for sure, the man has contributed so much and still has ALOT to prove for Colchoneros. But I’d loan Costa and sell R.G unless he like scores 15 goals by the end of the season which would be damn impressive. Valera I would also sell and Koke needs to always be on starting XI.

  • Davide

    …………………….David de Gea…………………..
    …Keko……………………………………A Perea..
    ……………………Borja Baston…………………..

    There u go, cantera all stars next season…

  • Stefania

    Me gustaria ver a Salvio con el Kun o hasta con Costa.