Quique ready to call it quits at Atlético?

The coach has reportedly decided not to continue at Atlético after this season

Quique Sánchez Flores (Colchonero.com)

Quique Sánchez Flores (Colchonero.com)

Spanish paper MARCA reports that Atlético manager Quique Sánchez Flores has informed club officials he will not continue with Atleti after this season. He reportedly did so in a meeting with sporting director Jesús García Pítarch a couple of weeks ago.

It is expected that if el míster goes, his assistants, Fran Escribá, Jordi García (physio) and Emilio Álvarez (goalkeeping coach), will leave with him.

Quique’s contract runs out this summer and it seems both parties, coach and club, are willing to part company. According to MARCA, Colchonero directing duo Enrique Cerezo and Miguel Ángel Gil Marín had already decided to go their seperate ways with the coach “a while back.”

Sánchez Flores was appointed in October 2009 after the firing of Abel Resino, and quickly led Atlético to glory by winning the Europa League and Super Cup titles in 2010. Expectations were sky high for los Rojiblancos ahead of the current campaign, but the team has failed to progress in la Liga, falling well-short of the Champions League goal, and was knocked out early in this season’s cup competitions.

A long list of coaches have already been linked with a move to the Vicente Calderón, but our directors insist they have not approached any candidates yet despite reports that Joaquín Caparrós had been tapped for the job two weeks ago.

  • GaryMadrid

    Very sad to think that a man that helped us dream again can be treated like this. Quique,Chicos gracias por hacernos soñar

  • Flo

    Sad, but it had to be…

  • Treated like what? Its nothing wrong about he is treated, there was some tension between him and the board but its normal when the boards is a bunch of morons and the results are bad. And QSF takes a lot of blame for the latter.

  • palc

    Wise decision by Quique, not sure if its a wise decision by the board though.

  • Joakim

    I agree with Urban.

    I am well aware that this club isn’t going to challenge the real top until Gíl Marín and Cerezo leaves the club, and so the seasons results is not only Quique to blame. Remember the sales of Jurado and Simão for example.

    But. What about the inconsistency? The benching of Godín, Domínator and Filipe? Raúl García as a winger? His obvious problems with Forlán?

    My dream for the next season is a new board with Diego Simeone as a new coach. VAMOS!

  • Ringo Schut

    I don’t have a clear idea WHO should be coach, but I’m pretty sure Koke should stay a starter.

    So not an oldschool Italian trainer who thinks only 35+ players are any good.

    One more year not CL is acceptable, as long there is clear growth and not rotation of players with no future.

    So, Koke and a stayer next to him. Probably Reyes on the right, the transfers will decide if it will be 4-2-2-2 or 4-3-3 or a variation of one of the two.
    I think Aguero will stay, perhaps the left winger position is the position is most unclear, perhaps Piatti could still be bought or Cedric could return. For the strength of the midfield it might be better to play 4-3-3, or 4-3-1-2, with Aguero in the middle, a bit of a free role between ’10’ and ‘9’.

    Koke, a more attacking midfielder and perhaps a more defensive midfielder along him, to control midfield and Reyes and Piatti/Cedric/Salvio on top, although I have a feeling Salvio won’t stay…

  • Btw Salvio shines again for Benfice, while ROberto heaps even more misery on himself. Im afraid its getting less and less likely that Toto will come back to us…

  • Personally I have nothing against QSF and I’d rather see them two bums Gil and Cerezo leave, and maybe QSF could do more good for the club. I don’t know, but please, no Italians, either as coach or players…I don’t think we’d be getting in CL with a bunch of divers -.- and remember, there’s only one Italian that well so far actually gives his best…in my opinion is Di Natale, but he’s old…

  • Mohammed

    We need an experienced and patient coach, but no good coach will accept to train a team with the stupid mentality this board has, nor with the level of facilities we have. If you want to regain past glories, you have to get the best trainers and coaches with a manager that has clear ideas on how to go by. Arsenal is one example.

    Anyway, should be interesting to see who’s our next coach. I hope it’s someone smart and disciplined

  • javi

    I disagreed with the mutiple lineups, this gives the players no consistency, we have a bunch of potentially great players that are lost because there is no set rotation here-Merida, Mario, Luis, Elias, Juanfran, Koke, Dominguez, etc. , and this is all QSFs doing. I understand that our directors are not stellar, but they did provide QSF with outstanding players and he has not known what to do with them. He must go.
    I would like to see Luis Aragones, master tactician and very strict in discipline. We need both.
    I also see Forlan and De Gea gone, along with many more, like Lopez, Garcia, and others.
    I see Salvio replacing Forlan sucesfully, and with the money we get for De Gea and Forlan we get two great playmakers, one defensive and one ofensive, and we rock and roll.

  • Joakim

    I like Unai Emery or even Pochettino, but it would’ve been exciting with el Cholo at the helm.

    About the summer I think and hope that De Gea and Kun is staying. I hope that we bring can bring Rubén Pérez and Toto home, it would’ve been two very good reinforcements. What about Keko? Pulido? Cedric?

    Out: Asenjo(although it might be hard), Valera, Perea, Raúl García, Tiago, Diego Costa(he has an non EU-spot, besides that I like him) and Forlán.

  • Ringo Schut

    Javi, I agree with you on most parts, but we need one new playmaker, max. Koke, Sergio Marcos, Elias, Fran Merida are enough players for at least one of the spots.

    Most necessary are RB and probably LW.
    I hope Joel is good enough if De Gea would really leave…

    Filipe seems to me like he needs some stability and not a group of chaotic players.
    What I’m trying to say here, no new defender is needed.

    Midfielders I explained above and a striker depends on the transfers and a possible new formation.

  • Javi

    I see your point Ringo.
    I think Joel will do the job just fine,
    He’s looked good at every opportunity
    If we get only one playmaker then
    We can spend more money on him and
    I would look for an experienced and
    Proven player in his mid 20’s