Camuñas: “The owners are preparing to sell Atlético”

Atleticos por el Cambio announce new demonstrations against the board

"For an Atleti without Gil" (

"For an Atleti without Gil" (

It’s been quiet around Atléticos por el Cambio for some weeks now. In February they publicly criticised the current owners of Atlético, and announced their intention of helping the fans take the club back from the hands of Miguel Ángel Gil Marín and Enrique Cerezo.

Yesterday Gabriel Camuñas held a press conference to give more insight into the group’s motives. Atleticos por el Cambio have requested an audit of the club’s financial records, but our directors are, unsurprisingly, reluctant to do so. Last month’s court sentence could possibly give the minority shareholders the right to audit, as they now hold more than 5% of the shares. Since Atlético’s directors have appealed the decision, it’s expected this matter might drag on for another couple of months or even years.

The main goal of Atleticos por el Cambio is to give Atleti back to its fans and allow supporters to choose and vote for a president. To make their voice heard once more, a demonstration has been planned this Sunday ahead of the match against Real Sociedad. A large group of fans will march from Marqués de Vadillo to Pirámides some two hours before kick-off.

Gil and Cerezo to sell their shares?

Perhaps the most interesting thing from Camuñas’ press conference was his notion of a possible departure from our club directors:

“I know that Gil Marín and Cerezo are preparing to sell the club to the highest bidder,” he said.

What do you think of the protests against our major shareholders? Do you think they really could be looking to leave the club?

  • Edletico

    Anyone know who is rumoured to purchase Atletico?

  • Carlos Juan Pablo


  • Lol, sorry for little off-topic: has anyone of you seen those three hilarious blunders of our players who tried to score right after the reyes’ missed penalty, standing almost on the goal line? Way more lame compared to what la perla did 😀

  • GaryMadrid

    Señales de Humo only want the club sold to whoever will give a voice to the fans. One thing they would accept is if the club were to follow the German model. Even if the top 2 want to sell would they get any buyers. The huge debt and need for investment would set someone back a pretty penny.

  • Andres

    CPJ: co tu děláš? 😀

  • Zayed Ahmad

    I am from Dubai. There is a rumour that Dubai based billionaire Hussain Ali Sajwani from Damac Holdings are having talks over the possibilities taking over Atlético de Madrid. They are talking about Atlético having a great future with a new stadium being made and a big enough fanbase to make club a heavy hitter. He wants to make Atlético into a powerhouse of European football. This is what people have been talking about. If it’s just a rumour, i don’t know. But i just wanted to share what i heard when i found this forum.

  • starvs

    I guess I wouldn’t mind someone coming in and spending a shit ton of money Man City style. God knows the La Liga could use another power house team to make things interesting.

  • Edletico

    That would be amazing if true. New stadium, great young players and with mega money we would be attractive to a lot of top quality players

  • Sure, but I personally am a bit against Sheiks buying the club, I mean sure, city does well financially and with money (although Mancini is somewhat of a moron I think) and from time to time it does not seem as if the team actually works so well? But one thing is: Look at Malaga C.F. They’re also owned by a Qatar billionaire and they’re not doing so well are they? I’d rather see Atléti in someone else’s hands than Gil & Company or some other sort of malignant billionaire or sheik.

  • Edletico

    As you said Mancini isn’t the greatest manager so has bought players with massive egos like balotelli. However under the right management it can be very effective like mourinho at chelsea. Plus Malaga were already fighting relegation whereas we are fighting for European places and need some top class quality which we have lost in recent years

  • GaryMadrid

    I think most fans wouldnt want a multi billionaire to buy the club. Although the money would be great, Senales de Humo want the right to vote for the president and that will most likely not happen should an overseas investor come on board.

  • Lubo Sklenar

    I don’t like the idea of sheiks in this club. I mean, this was always a club supported by working class or am I wrong? What have sheiks to do with “normal” people? I still believe we’ll have success even without middle-east money.. We just need smarter management and sporting director.

  • Ringo Schut

    I don’t know…
    The money’d come in handy, but I don’t want Koke and co. to be taken away their chances again…


  • palc

    I don’t want no Russian or some sheikh taking over and turning the club into Chelsea or Man City. I was a die hard Chelsea fan from 1997 to 2005, but when that fucking Russian turned the club into Chelski, I switched team to Atletico.

    I hope it won’t happen again. Atletico must take good care of their canteranos, and build the team around them.

  • Mert

    Me too Palc!!! I didn’t leave Chelsea, chelsea left me 🙁

  • palc

    You are my soulmate Mert.

    I remember players like Di Matteo, Zola, Vialli, Babayaro, Desailly, Petrescu, Hasselbaink, etc. Man those where the days….

  • Lubo Sklenar

    I remember Hasselbaink in Atletico too, man he scored lots of goals, but that one penalty made him a less favourite player for me…