Turan rumour hints at Salvio exit

The Turk's price and Atlético's non-EU situation suggests Salvio may be sold


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If today’s reports of a deal for Turkish midfielder Arda Turan have any basis in fact, they may be an indicator of what Atleti plans to do with Eduardo Salvio, another promising young talent, currently on loan at Benfica.

The Argentine forward failed to impress during his short stint with Atleti last season and was shipped to the Portguese league on a one year deal that came with a hefty €15m buy-out option.

At the time, no one in their right mind could have imagined that the Portuguese side would be willing to shell out that amount of cash just a year later, but the 20-year old has been a hit in Lisbon, netting four times in 17 league appearances, twice in the Europa League and two times in domestic cup action for a total of eight goals this season.

Word has it that Benfica officials are trying to get a reduction on the former Lanús man’s price tag, and are apparently willing to take him to Portugal permanently if they can lower the price.

Atleti directors are said to be unwilling to accept anything less than €15m, but given los Rojiblancos’ non-EU passport situation and Turan’s reported fee of €12m, they may be willing to negotiate a discount.

Currently, Diego Godín, Elias and Diego Costa occupy los Rojiblancos’ three permitted non-EU slots. Godín is set to get his Spanish passport before next season, and Diego Costa looks to be on his way out, with Mallorca a leading suitor for his services.

Elias and countryman Miranda, who has confirmed an agreement to join Atlético from Sao Paulo this summer, are expected to take up two of next year’s three non-EU openings, allowing for one more ‘foreigner’ to join the squad.

The only way Turan’s signing would make sense is if Salvio is sold to Benfica, as neither holds a European passport.

Who do you want to see fill our three non-EU spots for next season? Let us know in the comments!

  • Derek Maaijen

    At least Arda’s ability to play on the left side would solve one issue, but I’m reluctant to let Salvio leave without giving him a real chance here in Madrid.

    Let’s hope Godín at least receives his Spanish passport, because I find it very hard to pick three players, especially if some of them aren’t even playing for Atleti yet!

  • Robel

    Maybe it’s me, but I can’t see what the hype about Turan is and I would hate for him to come in at the expense of Salvio, who I really like. I know Salvio wasn’t great in his first stint here, but he’s been great at Benfica and I’m sure he can continue that at Atletico.
    As far as I’m concerned, Elias, Miranda and Salvio should fill our non-EU slots for next season.

  • Sergio Lopez

    The main problem could be lack of EU-pass, as I’m not sure Turkish players wouldn’t have it. I agree with Derek about a possibility of departing Eduardo Salvio to Benfica in case of Arda’s arrival, but for what purpose buy new player who doesn’t know Spanish, hasn’t La Liga experience & has higher salary? I guess, Turan isn’t much better than Toto right now.

  • Chill, IMHO Turangate is just a rumour, Salvio is more likely to come back. Good news is that Benfica can execute their option to purchase Salvio until the end of May, so they will not be able to cash on any of their stars beforehand.

  • Nick Poskitt

    Urban did you seriously just use ‘Turangate’? Haha.

  • Mert

    hahaha urban. also wonderful news that Diego Costa is heading to Mallorca i didn’t know that 🙂

  • Nick Poskitt

    It’s not a sure thing yet, Mert, but we’re all hopeful. Only if we can get Borja to full fitness and perhaps another striker too!

  • palc

    I would rather have Salvio coming back and Turan/Honda brought in. While Miranda either sold or loaned out to make space. We don’t need him. Loaning out Elias if he doesn’t improve/adapt during this season, could also be an option.

    Bottomline is we need a playmaker, either Honda or Turan would be nice..

  • starvs

    I agree that a true midfield play maker is of the utmost importance for this team. Tiago can do some stuff like that, but I view him as a more solid all around midfielder than a true offensive/creative force.

  • javi

    Salvio is going to be a great player, it would be a mistake to let him go now. He didnt play well last year with us because he was not given enought time to feel confortable. He got the time with benfica and you see the results. We need him because Forlan is shaky and diego Costa sucks.

  • Gert

    I have a feeling Forlán will be top again next year!

    Salvio would be great though… We’ll just have to wait and see.


  • Ian

    Salvio will be great, I’m sure of it, maybe we should sell raul garcia for turan..

  • starvs

    Maybe we shoudl sell Raul Garcia for a pop-tart, just get him off the squad..

  • Mert

    it’d have to be a bad flavor tho because i doubt any club will be willing to squander the likes of a strawberry or smores for him

  • k14

    Turkey play in all European competitions, why wouldn’t it count as a EU passport ?

  • Nick Poskitt


    Because Turkey isn’t an official member of the European Union, and as such wouldn’t have an EU passport.

  • Martin Rosenow

    @k14 Here’s an article of Turan talking about how his Turkish passport makes it hard for him to move to a European team:


  • k14

    Strange, but too bad :/
    Hes a great player, and would easily fit in Spanish football. he’s the type of a player that never lose the ball, and atleti really need someone like him currently.