Russian media reports Forlán negotiations

Terek Grozny to lure Forlán to Russia by doubling his wages

Atletico Madrid forward Diego Forlan on his way to Terek Grozny

Diego Forlán on his way to Terek Grozny?

According to Terek Grozny’s vice-president Haidar Alkhanov his club are currently in negotiations over a transfer for Diego Forlán. Alkhanov could not confirm if an offer had been made to Atlético yet, but admitted negotiations with the Uruguayan’s representatives are ongoing.

The club from Chechnya are backed up by the local government and have recently gone on a spending spree, after attracting manager Ruud Gullit to sign for the club.

Apparently Terek are willing to double Forlán’s wages, who currently earns an annual salary between five and six million euros in Madrid. In Russia the league starts later this month and with the transfer window still open the transfer could be completed soon. This was confirmed by Alkhanov, who said he hopes to “resolve the issue today or tomorrow.”

An unidentified source from within the Russian club told the transfer is close to completion:

“The transfer of Forlán to Terek is almost 100% done. He should arrive in Grozny tomorrow to sign the contract”, he said.

Although we believe the interest from Terek is genuine, we must stress that Atlético and Forlán himself have not yet commented on these rumours. In the coming days we’ll find out if the reports from Russia are legit.

  • Gert

    Who would even want to play there? Belgian international Boussoufa could also be on his way there…
    Money is power!

  • Jesus Christ, leave the man alone! Stay-go-stay-go for the love of God! And seriously a Chechnyan club?! Is he seriously moving there?!

  • Derek Maaijen

    We would have to receive a stupid amount of money if we were to sell Forlán during the season.

    Forlán’s agent Daniel Bolotnicoff has already denied talking to “any Russian clubs”, report Marca. We’ll keep you updated!

  • Robel

    I’m still a bit flabbergasted by the story. How good must the money be for Forlan to trade Madrid in for Chechnya? Life cannot be anywhere near as good there as it is here. He’s got a family right? Surely he wouldn’t take them there, would he? I know he’s going to leave sooner or later, but it would be strange to have him leave so sudden before the end of the season. But I guess if we get some great money, we can’t complain.

  • HAAAHAHAHAHHAA!! Rumour of the year, no doubt!!

  • palc

    The transfer window. It is CLOSED! nuff said

  • Mert

    whether forlan wants to go or not, its irrelevant as atleti cannot possibly settle for Diego Costa as a first team starter right now.

  • Oh please, this rumour was a laugh of the day in Russia, and Ramzan Kadyrov (Chechen leader and the owner of the club) already spoke and said that no, Forlan is not coming to them because players would have to look up too high to him and it would be difficult for them to live in his shadow etc., and sorry, not gonna happen.

    Kadyrov is quite a character, google him. He also paid for entire Brasil team circa WC-2002 to come to Chechnya and play against Chechen NT with him as a captain, it was yesterday and it was a circus by all accounts.
    Now they are saying he’d want an Oscar next, and then fly to the moon.
    Just to put this whole thing into perspective. 🙂

  • Nick Poskitt

    @Nata – Haha, we knew this was crazy, how often do we trust anything that comes from state media? But we figured we would go ahead and report it anyway for you readers. I certainly wouldn’t mind a fat payout for Forlan 🙂