Just over 14,000 Atlético shares for sale

Fourth biggest shareholder forced to sell his stock

Futbol ground ´Vicente Calderon´ (Club Atletico de Madrid). Madrid. Spain

Vicente Calderón (ClubAtléticodeMadrid.com)

Enrique Ventero, the fourth biggest shareholder in Atlético Madrid, is looking to sell his part of the club. He owns 14,042 shares with a total nominal value of over €700,000. It’s curious that he has chosen to offer his stock on the website SegundaMano, which literally translates to “Second Hand”, a market place for used goods, which can be considered the Spanish version of Ebay.

The business man has been hit hard by the economic crisis in Spain and is looking for funds to improve the liquidity of his companies. In 2003 the Vemusa Group, led by Ventero, did construction work on the Vicente Calderón and the club paid off their debt by signing over shares for a total worth of €700,471.20 (€49.88 per share). After the club increased its capital a couple months later the value of the shares fell to €8.50 a piece.

The total amount of shares at Atlético is 2,906,000, of which 72% is owned by the Gil family. Club president Enrique Cerezo holds 19% of the shares, García Abasolo 5%, Ventero 0.5% and the rest is owned by other minor shareholders.

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