García Pítarch to be sacrificed?

Atlético are said to be looking to replace the Sports Director

Atletico Madrid Sports Director Jesus Garcia Pitarch

Jesús García Pítarch (AS)

AS is reporting that Atlético are looking to replace Jesús “Suso” García Pítarch at the end of the season. The Sports Director is currently in his fifth season with the club.

The board has lost faith in Suso, who seems to spend more time in Brazil than in the Spanish capital these days. The man wasn’t even involved in the recent signing of Elias, as player agent Jorge Mendes seems to have more influence over our transfer dealings than the man who is supposed to be in charge.

Pítarch has always had a rocky relationship with Enrique Cerezo and Miguel Ángel Gil. The directing pair even denied him access to the club’s VIP room during a league match at one point. In 2009 they forced Suso to take a 50 per cent wage cut if he wanted to continue.

By letting go of their Sports Director the club is doing the fans a favour, as Atleti supporters have long lost faith in García Pítarch. Despite signing stars like Reyes, Simão and Diego Forlán, he is also responsible for a bringing in a long list of players unworthy of the Rojiblanco shirt. Seitaridis, Juanito, Fabiano Eller, Cléber Santana and Costinha are just the first names that come to mind, though there are plenty more.

Since 2006 Suso, who worked at Valencia before being hired by Atleti, has been allowed to spend €191m on 36 different players, with very few successes. He was also responsible for letting Heitinga and Jurado go on the last day of two consecutive summer transfer markets without signing proper replacements.

As much as Pítarch’s departure seems to make sense, we get the feeling there is more behind the club’s decision. The S.D. isn’t the only person at the club the fans want to see gone, with protests against Enrique Cerezo and Miguel Ángel Gil growing stronger every week.

This week, stories appeared of a possible takeover bid by Gabriel Camuñas and Vicente Calderón Jr. while fans have planned a big demonstration on the 24th of April against the majority shareholders.

On Tuesday the two appeared on radio program Cadena SER in an attempt to improve their images. Although Cerezo and Gil appear to have the support of the major Spanish media outlets, many Atlético fans have made up their minds about the notorious duo. It’s doubtful firing García Pítarch will change any of that.

  • starvs

    A takeover could be exciting…or a catastophy….

    anyone know anything about Gabriel Camuñas or Vincente Calderon Jr? Not exactly household names here in America.

  • Derek Maaijen

    They could present their offer soon. Camuñas has tried to buy out Gil and Cerezo twice before, but without success.

    I believe Camuñas and Calderón Jr be in a Spanish radio programme tonight so we’ll keep you updated if something interesting is announced.

  • A takeover would be exciting, what we have now is a catastrophe!

  • Sheiks! Sheiks! Sheiks! 😀

  • Lubo Sklenar

    Now, finally some movement on the positions we need to improve the most?