Valencia last chance for Quique?

Rumours out of Madrid suggest that some Atlético directors want a new coach now

atletico madrid coach quique sanchez flores

Atlético manager Quique Sánchez Flores

Antonio Ruiz of Deportes COPE reports that manager Quique Sanchez Flores is expected to last at Atlético through the week, though some club directors are pushing to oust him before Saturday’s game.

According to Ruiz, these Atleti officials would like for the new coach to begin working with the players right away in preparation for the weekend match against Valencia.

Milinko Pantić, according to COPE, is best positioned to assume the managerial role at the moment.

The Serbian Pantić serves as an Atlético youth coach after having spent three seasons as a creative midfielder with los Colchoneros, including the 1995-96 Liga and Copa del Rey double-winning season.

Despite leading the club to two titles in just his first year in charge, Quique’s league record at Atlético of 21 wins, 7 draws and 24 losses is the worst ever in the club’s history at 52 games.

After setting the objective of Champions League qualification at the start of the campaign, the team has crashed out of cup play and has tumbled all the way down to eighth in the league table at just past the mid-way point of the season.

The team sits 14 points adrift of their next opponent Valencia, who currently hold the Champions League playoff spot in fourth place in la Liga.

In addition to being unable to turn around the squad’s poor performances of late, Quique has reportedly lost control of the dressing room situation. Rumours have surfaced throughout the year suggesting that the Atleti boss has gotten into some heated exchanges with some of his players, most notably, star striker Diego Forlan.

Los Colchoneros are currently suffering their worst slump since April of last year, with four straight losses in all competitions in which we have been unable to score a single goal.

When asked by Spanish paper AS yesterday if sacking Quique is the best solution to resolve the present crisis, Rojiblanco president Enrique Cerezo claimed that the option hasn’t been proposed by anyone at the club.

“No one has considered whether Quique should continue or not,” he said. “What we have considered is that we have to start winning games right now.

“Atlético needs to start racking up points and we will do so against Valencia. It’s fundamental to win that game and surely everything will be looked upon in a much calmer light and we will have more confidence. The squad needs to win a match in order to gain confidence.

“Quique will remain in charge of the team.”

Do you think it’s time for a new coach, or do you think Quique should stay?

  • starvs

    I’ve personally lost faith in Quique. Just stop messing around with the back four if nothign else, these guys need to develop a rapport with each other.

  • Joakim

    I agree with “starvs”. Quique simply can not expect top performances from his back line when neither of the players get to know eachother as a player. It’s a big, big mistake to replace players like Godín, Domínguez and Filipe with Perea, Valera and López. The club did make a great effort signing Godín and Filipe but the two of them, although they also have been making mistakes, are two of the best defenders there are out there – very strange that Quique doesn’t trust them fully. I’m almost 100 per cent sure that we’ve would have been much better all over the team if he had trust his players, the best eleven, fully. I’m totally convinced of that and I find it very strange that Quique doesn’t realise that.

    He has done a lot for us, indeed, but maybe it’s time for a change to save the remainder of the season? Or am I wrong?

  • Asim

    I was a big fan of QSF and of the appointment, but his muddled tactical thinking, and team selection makes it hard to state a case for him.

    It’s obvious he will go before too long, we all know the real long term problems at Atléti come from the board, so they have to go through coaches to keep the focus away from them as much as possible.

  • I don’t care who coaches us when we are managed by Gil Marín and Cerezo.

  • I do still believe Quique can pull something off, but Milinko Pantic wouldn’t be such a bad idea?

  • Or if anything bring back Radomir Antic:)

  • Ian

    I’m usually against mid season sacking, but seeing how bad the team is, I think QSF has to go, and most of our bad form has been a result of some weird squad selection.

  • Sergio Lopez

    Mr. Flores has lost the sense of reality. He must go, while I agree with Ian in the point of how bad is to change coach in the middle of the season… Joakim is also right – Quique must NOT replace players like Godín, Domínguez and Filipe with Perea, Valera and López…

  • Jessica

    I want Quique to stay.Changing the coach frequently is never good to a team.We need to give him more chance and maybe he can find some ways to improve the situation.

  • Lubo Sklenar

    I would divide the responsibility for this situatiaton on Quique and board to 30:70. Yes, Quique is way too frequently altering our starting eleven, mostly with our best players left on bench, but this board, the irresponsibility in bringing new players, Cerezo’s media handling or simply leaving this squad with just one good winger and still hoping for CL spot, that’s the real problem. We should give QSF time until the end of season. He definitely has a lot to offer. Boardmembers just have to realize, that success needs good investments and saving money on best players is a gamble and we can see consequences right now. They must act more aggressive on transfer market next summer, and sell those useless craps (Costa, Raul, Valera), and also craps without future (Perea, Ujfalusi).

  • DArkness

    Another chance!!!?? what are you talking about!!! we are far from valencia 14points and still thinking about a chance!!! we are also leaving europe places!!! and maybe we will find ourselves playing for relegation in tow weeks!!! its clear that he lost the commandment of the team!!! more even when you see your best player being sold(jurado, simao)

  • Jessica

    What “DArkness” has said is right,but Quique should not take the whole responsibility of our poor condition.We drop in an emergency also because the club made some unwise dicisions this winter.It is said that there are some contradiction in upstairs of the club.We need to solve the problem fundamentally.

  • starvs

    QSF certainly got raw dogged a bit by the board, but aside from that, I don’t think he’s done the best with what they’ve given him either.

    The whole back four thing, plus..

    Raul Garcia played this season. a lot. end of story?

  • Ruben

    Bye, QSF. I won’t see you anymore in Ateltico Madird