Forlán desperate to join Real Madrid?

Spanish radio station claims that the striker wants to leave Atlético immediately

atletico madrid forward diego forlan with real madrid's iker casillas

Casillas eying future team-mate?

According to Onda Cero Radio based in Madrid, Atletico striker Diego Forlan has offered himself “in a desperate fashion” to our bitter rivals Real Madrid.

The radio station claims that Forlan’s agent and brother contacted Merengue officials some time last week in order to inform them that the Uruguayan forward was available for a price ranging from €8m to €10m.

The 31-year-old’s desperation to jump the Atleti ship has reached such a degree that in recent hours his representatives are said to be now dangling him out to los Blancos for a mere €3m to €4m.

Forlan is purportedly willing to sign for the rest of this season and one additional year, as long as his salary remains at the current rate of €4.5m per year.

This is not the first time this season that rumours of a deal with Real Madrid for the attacker have surfaced. Back in November, MARCA claimed that Atlético had offered Forlán to our neighbours for €18m.

Atlético’s asking price for the World Cup Golden Ball winner is now estimated to be at €15m, so it seems highly unlikely that he would go for anything under €10m.

It’s been obvious for a while now that the two-time Pichichi winner’s mind and heart are elsewhere. Yesterday’s effort in Gijón was outright embarrassing as he failed to create any sort of chance whatsoever.

What do you think of Forlan’s current situation? Is it time to part ways with the Uruguayan?

  • culbia

    Yeah, right!

  • Leivinha

    Sell him now but let’s get some good $$$ in return. He did his time well and won EL for Atleti and we thank him for it but his cycle has ended so time to move on. His on the downside of his career and with Atleti, he has limited chance of playing Champions so not surprising that he wants to go to another team where he can play. Forlan & Aguero used to pressure opposing teams back line quite a bit which helped make us succesful. With Aguero out and Forlan out of it, this has contributed a lot i think to our poor results.

  • Flo

    Haha see ya Judas!

  • Real Madrid reinventing morality: backstabbing Hamburg to get Van Nistelrooy for free and betraying Cerezo to get Forlán for 3 or 4 millions top.

    That’s the way (aha aha)
    Florentino likes it (aha aha)

    PS: I don’t buy it, anyway.

  • Martin Rosenow

    I find it unlikely that it will happen, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it’s true that Forlán desperately wants out.

    It’s hard to explain his terrible attitude otherwise. It’s almost like he is purposely driving down his price with his poor play.

  • Mert

    i thought juventus was preparing an offer for him? i’d much rather see him leave the country, even tho i dont like juve much either

  • k14

    swap for benzema lol.

  • Guest

    Not to sure about Juventus. Some of the things I have read about the situation make it seem like Forlán won’t be going to Turin.

    The situation is strange. If he does want to go, does anyone have an idea of what happened to make him want to leave so badly?

  • Javi

    Its all part of the same media hype we hear every year. Actually one Madrid radio station said RM is paying Kun’s 45m recesion clause to take him in June…all media hype…nothing more.
    If those guys dont write stories that get lots of comments they dont get paid on Friday. Thats all.

  • Jessica

    I thought it is only rumours

  • bullshit, he is overpriced atm noone will pay more than 10 mln and we would not be able to find a proper replacement for less. Its a rumour and we will end up with the most demotivated player in the team for another six months (at least).

  • Gert

    Let’s hope he gets more motivated again when he can play next to Kun and when they get more goal-scoring opportunities. I can imagine Forlán is dissapointed in himself as well since he’s not scoring too often…

  • Flo

    spanish and english media report that real is going to buy adebayor.

  • Real bullshit, they want Forlán, they want Agüero, is there anything they don’t want?! I am seriously hoping for both of them to stay, and for Forlán to get more motivated, score some good goals, and if both of them actually left, who would replace them?

  • Ringo Schut

    It’s not about what is wanted, it is about what is not wanted.
    Costs for Real and Kun or Forlan might not want to departure.
    Even though the latter actually might…