La Liga: Sporting Gijón 1 – 0 Atlético

Atlético deservedly lose in El Molinón

Sporting Gijon striker David Barral scored the only goal against Atletico Madrid

David Barral scored the decisive goal

Tonight we started off the second round of la Liga on the wrong foot with a 1-0 defeat to Sporting Gijón.

We hosted the Asturians in our first league game of the season and beat them 4-0, with a team that included Godín, Reyes, Jurado, Simão and Agüero.

Tonight, we had to make do without all of those players and we suffered heavily. In 90 minutes we didn’t register a single shot on target. It was not until the dying seconds of the match that we finally put Sporting’s keeper to work.

Deep into injury time, former Atlético goalkeeper Pichu Cuéllar made a tremendous save to keep the three points in Gijón, where we hadn’t lost in 18 years.

It was our only chance of the game, in a match which barely lifted the spectators out of their seats. In the first half neither side made a single attempt on goal as the home team wasn’t capable of breaking through Atleti’s defence.

However, a spectacular screw up by Luis Perea and Raúl García decided the match. The two rojiblancos crashed into each other without clearing the ball, which then ended up right before the feet of David Barral.

The forward had no trouble beating De Gea from close range to break the deadlock. It was only the first time of the evening that De Gea saw an opponent appear before him.

Four minutes later the goalkeeper prevented worse, when he stopped a driven shot by another former Atlético player, Miguel de las Cuevas.

Atleti knew that they had to score but were never able to threaten Pichu in the remaining 30 minutes of the game. At least not until injury time.

A freekick was delivered perfectly to Valera’s head, who seemed as if he had scored the equaliser Atlético hardly deserved. But Cuéllar made an amazing save, tipping the ball over the crossbar.

Line-up: De Gea; Valera (“85 Filipe), Ujfalusi, Perea, López; Raúl García (“78 Koke), Assunção, Elias (“68 Fran Mérida), Juanfran; Diego Costa and Forlán.

Goals: 1-0 Barral (“53)

  • 7th

    when will QSF realize that 4-4-2 is not working.?

    4-3-3 or 3-5-2

    ufu pera godin

    assun koke

    reyes ……… feilpe


    aguero …forlan

    this might work

  • palc

    When will QSF realize that Raul Garcia sucks?!

  • Mohammed

    This team needs to work harder. There has to be something wrong at the base of the club. The coaches should be more strict with the players. The football we’re playing is absolute rubbish. The passing is awful!! Nobody is moving off the ball, and Forlan is having a walk in the park, literally.

    So so sad.

  • Very bad playing and defensive mistakes. Really poor passing and this strategy is not working…we need Agüero and Reyes back, and with Kun and Forlán in the attack maybe things would get better…and please no more Diego Costa!

  • AmorColchonero

    We lived up to the name of “Patetico” tonight. That was a horrid display of football. This team is in absolute crisis and meltdown. I think selling Jurado and letting Simao leave has basically blown up in Cerezo’s face (rightfully so but we the fans are paying for it).

    I’m worried that our signings of Juanfran & Elias have brought absolutely nothing to the team. I spoke highly of Elias but the past 3 games I’ve seen nothing from him. He looks completely out of sorts. I cannot recall one thing he did tonight against Sporting. Juanfran shows effort and some pace but besides that he offers little else.

    We are a middle of the table team and if we’re nowhere close to qualifying for CL or Europa leagues then let the canteranos play. We have some hidden gems in la cantera with the likes of Koke, Sergio Marcos, Borja, A.Perea, Pulido, Cedric (bring him back!) would bring passion to the jersey. I saw Atletico B play against Leganes and the boys won 1-0 but they showed fight and spirit.

  • 7th

    @amor, indeed, juanfran in my book is an average player,however, we should wait on elias, he is playing out of postion. his fav postion is in the central midfiled. not as a winger.

    yeah, i hope the next coach gives the la cantera a chance.

    we are just like real madrid in this aspect. we buy and sell.

  • javi

    Its too ealry to put down Juanfran and Elias, especially if they just joined a team with no spirit. I dont think QSF is getting the job done, I dont see the players motivated by him.

  • starvs

    I expect qsf to be on his way out after this recent run of failure, and I can’t say I’m sad about it at this point. He deserves it for sticking with raul for this long if nothing else.

  • Wonder who would be a good repacement, Pochettino would be great but I guess Rafa is unemployed right now, it would be a very controversial candidate.

  • Ringo Schut

    Please no Rafa, we’d be even less powerful in attack.
    Between him and Quique, I’d rather keep Quique.

    Isn’t Rijkaard available? I don’t think he is very strict, but hè can make the players love him and fight for him.
    Also, could be seen as a Dutch trait, he gives canteranos enough chances!

  • 7th

    Ringoooooooooooooo, yesssss I would looooooove Rijkaard to coach atletico. hope they bring him.

  • NiñoTorres

    I hate games like these, they are so frustrating to watch, but I’m sure we’ll improve… or at least I hope we do :S
    Once Kun and Reyes are back in the team I think we will also see an improvement in Forlán, which is vital.

    Hopefully after today, Quique will realise that Godín, Domínguez and Filipe need to be in ahead of the likes of Valera and Raúl García, and he plays the best team against Athletic next week, although I’m still not convinced on that. At least we should have Kun back, and Raúl García is suspended 🙂

  • Arjit

    Raul Garcia is lucky to be in the 21st century, back in the day he would have been shot for playing like that.

  • Mert

    [email protected] so true.

    what i don’t understand is why Quique, who is still a very smart man, keeps sticking with him and Costa. I understand we dont have many options up front so costa is there outa necesity but we have many options better than Garcia.

    i think QSF finishes the year as our boss tho

  • Ian

    I really think costa should be loaned elsewhere for another season if we want to keep him, and keep salvio, he has so much potensial..