Forlán: “I owe nothing to Atlético”

Diego Forlán speaks candidly in Don Balón

Atletico Madrid forward Diego Forlan spoke to Don Balon

Diego Forlán (Don Balón)

For all the goals he’s scored, Diego Forlán isn’t exactly making himself popular among Atlético fans with some recent quotes in the media.

In October the eccentric striker told Reuters that he had no attachment to any team, and that he would leave if any offers came in.

The Uruguayan hasn’t been in great form this season and his words clearly upset the fans.

Now it seems Forlán is getting himself into an awkward position once again, as he told Don Balón magazine that he sees his current club as nothing more than an employer.

“I don’t think I owe Atlético anything. I get paid to give my best on and off the pitch. I have a contract here and I try to fulfill as good as I possibly can.

“Sometimes things go wrong, but I sleep well at night because I know I always try everything in my power.”

When asked about the fans, Cacha admitted he’s bothered by the little patience they show with him, even if he’s idolized in the Vicente Calderón.

“I don’t like it when they jeer me, but they have their reasons. I won’t say it doesn’t bother me. But at least they care enough to scream, they don’t ignore me,” he added.

“My personal goals for 2011? I prefer to think about the collective. All I care about now is that Atlético finishes in the third or fourth place in la Liga.”

What do you think? Should Forlán learn to pick his words more carefully, or does he really feel no connection to the Atleti faithful?

  • palc

    I wouldn’t mind if we offload him. Even though I have an Atleti jersey with his name on the back, I have always thought he doesn’t give 110% on the pitch as Aguero do. Man why didn’t I go for an Aguero- jersey?

  • Ringo Schut

    I don’t know how they used his words, but it looks like he could’ve said it in a different way…

    He has given us a lot, but if he wants to leave, I won’t mind.
    We’ll miss a great player, but he also has a will and it gives us money to buy a possible replacement: Piatti or Zarate…
    Or both, but that might be too expensive right now.

  • Ringo Schut

    You’re always safe using your own name 😀

    Still, I’m planning to get the away shirt (the recent, blue, one) with his name in a few months, hopefully for a cheaper price 🙂

  • PRA

    Hmm, The translated his word like this : I try to go through my life not owing anything to anyone. I am hired, and my performance is there. I try to do my best both on and off the pitch, giving a good image in my behaviour.

    I think there’s a few differences in those nuances, however generally I with you Derek. Though I’m big fan of Forlan, It doesn’t please me for him to say this way. and if he wants to leave so that he doesn’t do his 100%, we should offload him.

  • Martin Rosenow

    Well PRA, Derek’s translation is straight from, where Forlán made the original statement. Goal chose to translate more of the quote.

    Regardless, I think we can all agree that Forlán needs to think more before opening his mouth.

  • Heißenberg

    Forlan is a professional, who plays for money, (just like everyone else) so it shouldn’t be such a shock that he doesn’t feel about the Atleti same way that fans do. Maybe that’s little hard to accept because he’s Uruguayo, he scored a bunch of goals and is in some way an icon here so you would expect a bit more commitment. But f..k it, you can’t tell a person how to feel, if he doesn’t feel anything to Atletico so be it, as long as he do what he is payed for.
    Besides, I think that 90% of the first team feels the same, but Forlan tells what he thinks, he is not throwing retarded phrases that doesn’t mean anything like many others do and I respect that. Though, i think it would really be better for him to think a little before he says something, because he is not playing that well and he would hate to see fans turning against him.

  • starvs

    I was going to say something earlier but decided to delete it. Good thing because Heißenberg said the same thing, but better.

    As long as he tries his hardest, which he claims he does, that’s all that can reasonbly be asked. Whether he actually does is another issue all together; but I think on the whole he does though.

  • Flo

    He is right with what he is saying, but you can’t say this in the media… Come on Diego…

  • Mert

    i am a huge Forlán fan, but he really is berbatov like (his replacement coincidentally enough) in the way that he really does appear to phone is it way too often.

    He is very much replaceable. Aguero on the other hand is utterly unique