Elias registered, awaits documentation

Atlético's newest signing can be selected by Quique on Monday

aTLETICO madrid signing elias mendes awaits his transfer registration process to be completed

Elias with Antonio López in training

Atlético expected Elias to be available for today’s match against Espanyol, but his transfer paperwork has still not been officially approved.

The registration window for winter transfers opened on Monday, but AS reports that La Liga has not received official permission from the Brazilian midfielder’s former team Corinthians yet.

On the player’s end, he submitted all the required documentation on Monday and the official word from the league was that “it was only a matter of time” before he would be allowed to play.

Manager Quique Sánchez Flores was apparently ready to offer Elias a starting job, as the 25-year-old was training with most of our starters right from the beginning. Sánchez Flores tested him out primarily on the right wing, and though the intention was never for Elias to directly replace Simão Sabrosa on the flank, the Atleti boss has been left with no other choice.

Quique has reportedly kept a close eye on the Brazilian international during the team’s training sessions, and has stopped practices on several occasions to offer him clarification and instruction.

The Rojiblanco coach has been in survivalist mode of late, and has had to make do with the few provisions made available to him. The number of Atlético B players called up this week has little to do with a change of heart by Quique toward using youth squad members this season, and everything to do with his very limited options.

We at AtléticoFans won’t hide our desire of this working out for the best for us, and that the reserve side’s star players – the Kokes, Pereas, Borjas, Pulidos – end up salvaging our season.

UPDATE: Elias eligible to play
La Liga has confirmed to AS that Elias’ transfer has been processed, rendering him eligible to play on Monday at Hércules.

The Brazilian midfielder is reportedly not at 100 per cent fitness, but given that Quique Sanchez Flores’ is pressed for options on the wing, he may decide to include the 25-year-old in the next match selection anyway.

  • I hope that this situation will bring up something good in the form of youngsters getting their chances.

    And if our promotion to another tie would mean that we buy Juanfran I would rather get eliminated right now than get eliminated by real and end up with him in the team for a couple of well paid years.

    If we play only La Liga up to the end of the season Merida and Reyes should be enough and in the summer we should gather some more resources and buy a proper winger for about 10-15 mln euros and bring Salvio back. We would end up then with Salvio and Merida as youngsters fighting for their chances (and maybe Keko in reserve) and with Reyes and the new fist team winger.

    In the middle of the park we should start the new season with Elias, Tiago, Assuncao and Mario.

    The defence looks pretty solid to me, with only a proper RB being in demand – i guess Azpilicueta, who doesnt seem to fit in france (OM just bought our other target Fanni who is now the starter), would be a perfect solution after he rejected our offer in the summer maybe he would like to reconsider it this year.

    Right now it would be also great (actually, IMHO it should be our priority) to snatch Thiago Alcantara, whos contract ends soon and who got degraded in the pecking order after Afellay came in (right now there are Iniesta, Xavi, Pedro, Afellay, Messi and Jeffren ahead of him) and who might be willing to look somewhere else for playing time.

  • Ringo Schut

    Thiago could be useful, but he would need to battle Fran in an eventual 4-3-3.
    When you compare it to Barca, Koke could be our Xavi or Busquets, Elias the other and Fran the Iniesta (more CAM-ish), Thiago is more of a CAM-CM mix, if I’m right, as well.

    Otherwise a central diamond on midfield:


    Thiago – Elias

    Looks nice on paper, but I’m not sure…

  • Sergio Lopez

    I think this ‘matter of time’ with Elias’ arrival is a real chance for Koke to show his huge potential.