Borja returns in Atlético B win

Skipper Paco Regalón scores the only goal against Cacereño (1-0)

Atletico Madrid B defender Jorge Pulido dueling against Cacereño

Jorge Pulido fighting for the ball
against Cacereño (ElPeriodicoExtremadura)

Atlético Madrid B have ended 2010 on a high note with a 1-0 victory over Cacereño.

Despite last week’s loss the team has strung together a nice run of results since the end of October.

Because of the horrible start to this campaign our reserves are still in the relegation zone, but the future surely is looking brighter ahead of the second part of the season.

Captain Paco Regalón scored after half an hour to give Atlético B their third consecutive home win, when he scored with his left from a Mínguez freekick.

But the biggest news of the day was the return of Borja. The youngster replaced José Collado and played the final fifteen minutes of the match.

The prodigious striker was severely injured in our final match of last season, when he made his debut with the first team. A ligament tear in his knee required surgery, and he only returned to training a couple of weeks ago.

Borja is considered a huge talent, but three injuries in the last year have hindered his development. Like Koke and Pulido, he’s part of the first team. But while he waits for his chance and gets back into form, the Spanish youth international will continue playing his games for Atlético B.

Coach Antonio Rivas will welcome the forward with open arms, because his team is lacking firepower up front. It’s no surprise that the winning goal against Cacereño was scored by a defender.

Like we’ve seen before this season, Atleti’s second side controlled the match, but failed to make the most of their opportunities.

Atlético B started brightly, with Mínguez providing a cross for Collado, but his header was sensationally saved by goalkeeper René.

Our midfielders looked strong in possession, but failed to connect with the lone striker. However, after twenty minutes Mínguez again found Collado with a cross. But René again got in the way of the man on loan from Braga.

In the 27th minute the goalie was finally beaten, when Regalón knocked in a cross from a freekick by Mínguez.

After the goal neither side was able to take control of the match, but the forwards were hardly given any chances to score. The visitors took the initiative, but Atlético B looked more dangerous on the counterattack.

The final opportunity of the match was for Borja, who could have sweetened his comeback with a goal. The ball fell for his right foot after Cacereño failed to clear a corner, but with a bit of fortune René was able to keep it out.

Two months ago Antonio Rivas said he wanted to go into the winter break with twenty points, and even though we’ve missed out on that target by one point the coach will be happy to know his team is on the way up, with nine points from the last three home matches.

Atlético B start the new year with a visit to Conquense on the 2nd of January and will aim to finally leave the relegation spots behind for good.

Line-up: Iago; César, Regalón, Pulido, Cantero; Koke, Sergio Marcos (“72 Atienza); Vítor (“86 Perea), Noguera, Mínguez; and Collado (“77 Borja).

Goals: 1-0 Regalón (“27)

  • Ringo Schut

    Hopefully the return of Borja will mean the return of a lot of goals. He might be easier to connect with than Collado (and others) is.

    However, what will happen to Saul Niguez and Seba Gallegos?
    I don’t know how well Vitor, Minguez, Noguera and Perea are doing, but Saul seems to have lost his place and I have a feeling Rivas doesn’t like Gallegos…

  • NiñoTorres

    Well Atleti B have also lost Ibra, Cedric, Molino, Keko and probably some others that I can’t think of for this season, but hopefully Borja’s return will inspire some more goals. I’ve managed to watch a couple of games on delayed coverage this season and the build-up play is usually pretty good, but there is no cutting edge. The results are starting to improve and there are plenty of players to pick from, so hopefully Atleti B can start moving up the table now 🙂

    Also, I like the look of Sergio Marcos, how come he has never got anywhere near the first team? I guess he’s pretty lightweight, but he has a lot of talent. Reminds me a bit of Jurado but in a deeper position.

  • Sergio Lopez

    I’d love to see all of Koke, Borja, Sergio Marcos, Pulido as well as Keko, Camacho, Cedric playing for the first team. But they need time, freedom and the possibilities which are given to others now…

  • Ringo Schut

    Koke, Borja and Pulido are already part of the first team, I guess they train with them more than other reserves, but it’s true they didn’t get many chances.
    The fact that we only play pretty difficult opponents in the Copa from now on will probably mean Quique won’t use them by then. The only possibility, for now, seems to be the end of the season, when there might be nothing to fight for anymore… That, or a wave of injuries on their positions. Another possibility is another trainer, but should we let go of Quique? Is it possible for us to find a trainer who’s willing to take risks like these (Rijkaard is available, I believe, but it’s hard to say if he’ll be hard enough for our players, like Xavi said in an interview. He does give chances to younger players, though, like Messi and Giovani, who debuted under him) and are they willing to take a risk in their careers and sign a contract here?

    Camacho I don’t see getting in the first team for a few years, he might be like Mario Suarez, but a bigger talent (not recognised by the coach or the board or both).

    Cedric and Keko are closer to a chance when/if they return, looking at the competition, but still Quique is more of a person who plays someone out of position than someone who uses a youth player.
    Furthermore, are they really good enough? Keko was a star for U19 and their captain, but is he up for the higher level? He lost the trust of his trainer in the Segunda, it seems…
    Cedric does play, if I’m right, he’s really explosive, so that might be enough already to make an impact right away.

    Last: Marcos, Sergio Marcos is a really talented player, but he really might be too light-weighted. He might be a player who breaks through when he’s in the beginning of his twenties, when he’s more powerful.
    I could be wrong though, not every worldclass player is strong, look at Iniesta.

    Still, I don’t see Quique giving lots of chances right now.
    We have De Gea and Dominguez, but they HAD to be used, look at their stories!
    There is a possibility that the board stops him, but not even selecting the players once in a while might prove that he’s not willing to take a risk.
    Borja debuted last season, but that wasn’t a risk, we had nothing to fight for.

  • I think it’s a pity that the club says that the Cantera is so important when Quique doesn’t include them in the squads. Isn’t that what is all about? It’s a shame that we don’t use what we’ve got, especially Quique who seems afraid to give younger players chances when the older players have plenty of space to make mistakes.