Simão off to Besiktas in January

Atlético winger has reportedly agreed to terms with the Turkish outfit

ATLETICO madrid winger simao sabrosa has signed with Besiktas and will leave in winter transfer market

Are Simão's days numbered in Madrid?

Spanish paper AS reports that Atlético winger Simao Sabrosa will sign with Turkish club Besiktas in the winter transfer market after three and a half seasons in Madrid, though neither club has made any official confirmation.

Turkish agent Ahmet Bulut, hired by Besiktas president Yıldırım Demirören, secured the signing on Friday after reaching an agreement with both the former Portugal international and Atlético officials.

Simao apparently grew restless following a drawn out negotiation process for a renewal on his current deal, which is set to expire in June 2011. Atlético directors had offered him an extension, but it required the 31-year old to take a pay-cut.

The Turkish Süper Lig outfit is willing to give Sabrosa a raise on his current earnings, a factor that no doubt helped sway him into joining countryman Ricardo Quaresma in Istanbul.

As the paper reminds us, this situation closely mirrors that of former Rojiblanco Maxi Rodríguez from just a year ago, when the Argentine winger left to Liverpool on a freebie.

Like in Simao’s case, Atleti looked to offload the player in the summer to no avail, only to watch him hit the road in the winter virtually free of charge.

To date, our No. 20 has appeared in 163 matches in all competitions with Atlético, scoring 31 goals while donning the red and white shirt. In his fourth season at the club, Simao currently has four goals and three assists to his name.

A replacement on the way?
Though few will be left heartbroken with the news of Simao’s departure, most Rojiblanco fans will be weary of Jesús Garcia Pitarch’s past slip-ups. The Sports Director consistently fails to fill the void left by departing players. The running joke on Pitarch is that if you order a sofa, he’ll bring you a lamp.

Ironically, it is José Manuel Jurado’s backup, Ivan Rakitic from Schalke, who Atleti are reportedly most keen on signing in order to replace Simao on the flank. Rakitic will also be a free agent soon, as his contract with the German side runs through the summer of 2011.

Atlético’s fresh new purchase Elias doubles as a winger, so he may take the place of the former Benfica man should no other reinforcements arrive.

Another option Colchonero officials could be considering is youth product Cedric, who is currently shining while on loan at Numancia.

UPDATE: Besiktas confirm talks

The Turkish club has confirmed on its website that they have started negotiations with Atlético Madrid and Werder Bremen for the transfers of Simão and Hugo Almeida.

UPDATE: Cerezo confirms Simão’s departure

Atletico Madrid president Enrique Cerezo has also confirmed Simao’s departure to Besiktas. He told radio station COPE that we most likely won’t receive a fee for the transfer. Although speculation has already begun regarding a possible replacement, Cerezo said he expects no new players will be signed.

The only advantage for Atletico seems to be the fact that we can scratch Simao’s salary off our wage bill, however, it will come at the expense of being left with only one natural winger in the selection.

  • Derek Maaijen

    If we can raise a buck now it’s probably best to let Simão go, but I’m not very keen on the possible replacements that are mentioned here.
    Does this confirm Quique is considering switching to a 4-3-3?

  • RojiBlanco

    I think so. But what is this all with switching everything midway through the season? I doubt that it will benefit the team, really.

  • Lubo Sklenar

    Great! Now we have ONE first team winger, another CM and not proven youth products. So this is the way we want to cover for Champions League spot?!? Come on Pitarch! Take a shit on Rakitic, he is useless, bring at least Angel Lafita or Antoine Griezmann, who have proven themselves in La Liga already. It’s so sad to see my beloved club act like total idiots. Perea deserved a contract extension, but Simao as a vice-captain did not?? Please give me some logical explanation, because the more this season goes ahead, the more I feel dissappointed, confused and angered.

  • Derek Maaijen

    See the update in the article guys. Besiktas have confirmed they are negotiating with Atlético. We’ll keep you updated!

  • Simão was good in the beginning of the season but now it’s like the last season: good defensively but not much offensively. Of course we should value his work in front of López/Filipe, but we must have a winger like Reyes on the left side as well.

    It will be interesting to see how the club is thinking. With Simão’s departure it’s more likely Quique will line up a 4-3-3-system, Eliás also’s coming. Is there going to be a replacement or should Quique operate with the current squad? Maybe the Cantera once and for all will be a hot topic (Even though the club says it’s trust the Cantera there hasn’t really been so much time on the field even though Amorrurtu and the other guys are doing a great job working with them.)

  • Andres

    Lubo, I’m guessing you’re from Slovakia, right? Znáš stránku spanelskyfotbal? Over there is already a plenty of czech and slovak fans of Atleti, so you can join us in our discussions and we’re also planning to set up own blog, so you can contribute 😉

  • Andrius

    Maybe Fran Merida possible replacement 😉

  • Nick Poskitt

    This better guarantee Salvio comes back, even though it’s not his favourite position…

  • Derek Maaijen

    Assuming we’ll sign Elias, there will be no place for Salvio I’m afraid, as all our non-EU spots will be filled!

  • Flo

    How are they supposed to play then?

    Kun Forlan


    Merida Reyes


    Filipe Godin Perea Ujfa

    de Gea

    or what?

  • RojiBlanco

    Think 4-3-3 Flo. Kun, Forlan and Reyes up front and Elias as offensive midfielder.

    Altough it is pure guessing.

  • javi

    I personally will not miss Simao because his performance has been greatly reduced this last year and a half, if not more.
    I agree with Nick that Salvio would be great to have back, but until Godin completes his nationalization hes not coming back because Elias will use the second foreigner spot. So yeah, maybe its time for Merida to really get it together and show why we got him.

  • Lubo Sklenar

    Don’t forget, that Merida is not a winger. I really don’t see the point of signing him and not giving him a proper chance on a position he fits – CM PLAYMAKER. WE NEED AT LEAST ONE MORE WINGER ASAP, even if Simao will stay. That’s for sure.

  • javi

    Well, that is correct, and Griezman would be fantastic like you said.

  • Well its doubtful whether Simao was actually worth his wage bill, so maybe his departure is not that bad after all. But the fact is that if he leaves we will badly need someone in his place, even if Fran will fill his shoes well in the first XI we will need a sub.

    Does Cerezos statement mean that Elias is not coming? Not to mention Miranda or Rakitic?

    THere is still little hope that we are after Afellay and Simaos departure is a move that will convince him to join us as and to be a starter. Would be a great surprise, even though I know its extremely unlikely.

  • KillickThere

    I think 4-3-3 is the way to go. QSF told Kun on Saturday to stay close to the right wing as that was Depor’s weak spot and he got 2 goals cutting in from the right. Messi and Ronaldinho before him are on the right of a 4-3-3 and it gives them freedom to drop off,go wide or cut in.Kun and Reyes could swap wings to give the defenders a headache and it would leave Forlan as the centre forward were he is better. At the moment Forlan’s link up play is crap, so keep him forward and let Elias play as the attacking central midfielder.Simple

  • We played 4-3-3 against Aris and we failed big time. Im not that enthusiastic about this formation, we have played 4-4-2 with wide wingers for way too long to adjust to 4-3-3 fast.

  • Mohammed

    Simao can play as an attacking midfielder. In fact, that was his original position. So why send a proven international player away for some unknown Brazilian guy?! If we are going to play 4-3-3 that is.

  • Lubo Sklenar

    I am giving up on this board. And giving up on this discussion too. No matter how I try to find anything logical in this, simply it makes no sense at all! And I really started to think they have to take money for letting this club and fans down. Winning EL was just accident and also the worst that could happen to this club, because now the fans have expectations bigger than ever. Expectations which this board just can’t handle, which cannot be fulfilled with this bunch of: … I don’t even have a word to describe this management! Sell Aguero, De Gea, Forlan, Reyes, Filipe, Godin, Assuncao and Dominguez too. Playing in Segunda Division was better, because at least we won it…

  • Gert

    I’d love to see Griezmann too … but I have no clue what the chances are of us signing him… probably none…

    Lubo! come on !! Have some faith in the team!

  • SpeGo

    In a way im glad that we got rid of Simao because he has been very bad recently and i think he has lost it. You could see signs of him getting worse already at the end of last season. I cant understand why Quique is still playing him ahead of Merida. But then again why did we buy Elias when we are short of wingers? Juanfran, Vicente and Piatti have been roumured to replacement and they are all better than Simao at the moment. We need to have one or two of them at least and forget Rakitic. We need someone who can beat defenders in one on one situations and get ball forward. Simao cant do that nowadays!

  • javi

    Piatti would also be nice

  • AmorColchonero

    Simao has been a good player for us but it seems like he’s on the decline as of late and not the same player he once was. We will miss him when it comes to free kicks though, there’s no denying that he was our best set piece specialist by far. Since his contract expires 6/2011, will we get at least a fee for his transfer? If not, then hold onto him till the end of the season then he leave on a free to wherever he pleases.

    Just a thought, since we are lacking wingers on the team. Is it possible that Filipe Luis plays as a LW/LM since he does tend to be more offensive minded and have A.Lopez play as LB. I do remember Filipe playing LM with Deportivo a couple of times if I’m not mistaken so it’s worth a gamble…..

  • Martin Rosenow

    Last news I read suggests that we will not be getting a fee for Simao.

    About Filipe as a winger, it’s a possibility, but I’d rather they bring in a natural replacement, like Juanfran.

  • Mert

    i’ve always liked Besiktas too, this deal improves both clubs.

    I don’t wanna see Filipe as a winger for the sole reason that we need him at LB

  • Ringo Schut

    I think Simao’s free kicks are overrated, the one or maybe even two he scores in a whole season are probably very pretty, but that doesn’t mean he’s great, I have more trust in a shot by Forlan or even Aguero.
    His crosses fail too many times, as well. They’re usually (far) too low…

    So, I won’t miss him because of the free kicks.
    He was a pretty good leader though, it seems, but I think there are others to take that role pretty well.

  • Kostavorejman

    omg who is besiktas why simao go?

  • Martin Rosenow

    Besiktas is a man that pays a lot of money. Money.