Quique involved in spat with Dominguez’s agents

Atlético's coach had some harsh words for those of the youngster's 'inner circle'

Atletico Madrid coach Quique Sanchez Florez involved in spat with Bahia Internacional

Atlético boss Quique Sánchez Flores (cadenaser.com)

In the pre-game news conference ahead of the match against Levante, Atlético manager Quique Sánchez Flores lashed out at Alvaro Dominguez’s representatives at the Bahía Internacional agency, who he holds responsible for the defender’s decline in form.

“With regard to Dominguez I have little to say,” said Quique. “Does it bother me that (his representatives) don’t take care of him, that they block him mentally…because we find ourselves with a player that is very blocked (mentally).

“Sometimes, those on the outside think that we on the inside have to do their work for them. I ask of them, those within his inner circle, to unblock his mind, because they are doing a lot of damage to him.

“They need to take care of him, so that I can deal with a player whose mind is free, so that I won’t have to do my job and theirs,” he said.

José Antonio Martín, known as Petón, an agent and associate of the Bahía Internacional firm whose other Rojiblanco clients include Raúl García and Ignacio Camacho, struck back at Quique on the Spanish football programme Punto Pelota.

“Well, it’s been a week with little luck for Quique, so there you have it,” Petón said.

“Although I am not directly involved so much in the daily operations, I know my colleagues well, the 30 people that are there at Bahía, and the only thing I can say on the matter is that Quique has a lot of credit in having given confidence to Alvaro Dominguez for such a long time. But now, all of a sudden he has disappeared from the line up without anyone knowing the reason why, not even Alvaro Dominguez himself, without a single mistake committed that anyone can point out.

“Alvaro Dominguez, a kid that is very important to Bahía who has been with us for a long time, is a person who is loved more by those of his inner circle than by Quique.

“Quique can love him as much as he wants, but those people that are by his side, those that I know, that have taken care of him on a daily basis for such a long time and who vouch for him and really care about what is theirs, love him more than Quique Sanchez Flores does.

“I consider this as just another mishap for Quique in a week that hasn’t gone very well.”

  • Derek Maaijen

    I get the feeling Quique couldn’t give a legitimate reason for Domínguez’ absence from the starting line-up, and came up with this. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with Domínguez’ performances before he was dropped (after the Derbi Madrileño). Of course we don’t see Domínguez in action day to day, but judging from our performances it’s best if he’s reinstalled.

  • Martin Rosenow

    I agree.

    What’s crazy is that there are rumors that Dominguez will be starting in place of Godín this weekend. If that turns out to be the case, I will probably go insane.

  • Ringo Schut

    Quique is starting to lose credit with a faster rate every week…

  • starvs

    I want to see Ujfa, Dominguez, Godin, Felipe playing together on a consistent basis, they are clearly the best back four we have in terms of a combination of talent and potential. Let them get some chemistry together.

  • RojiBlanco

    My god, what is happening? This is just crazy.

  • Rickyam

    Really losing it Quique…!! Told you, guys!!

    The “conspiracy theory” guy 😉

    P.S. Martin, how the hell can you be so well informed from so far away!? Great article (as always), more concise AND precise than anything As or Marca produced about the matter. Great work guys!

  • Nick Poskitt

    Martin has magical powers.