Elias set to join Atlético

Reports suggest the signing of Brazilian midfielder is practically a done deal

Elias set to join Atletico in January

Corinthians (BRA) midfielder Elías

According to several reports in the Spanish media, Atlético is on the verge of finalising a deal with Corinthians for Elias Mendes Trinidade, known simply as Elias.

MARCA even reports that the deal for the 25-year old Brazilian midfielder, who can also play on the wing, was already signed on Thursday by Miguel Angel Gil Marín in Brazil.

Atleti is apparently set to pay €7m for the player, who would be joining the first team in January. Elias has been capped by the Brazilian national team three times, and currently plays alongside former Liga stars Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos at Corinthians.

The news comes out, suspiciously, a day after Atleti’s darkest hour of the season. Fans will be cautiously optimistic about this signing if it turns out to be true, with the cases of Eduardo Salvio and Cléber Santana all too fresh in their minds.

UPDATE: Reports in Brazil suggest that the player has confirmed the rumours and is set to join Atlético in January. Elias has said goodbye to Corinthians.

  • Will

    The player has confirmed the rumours saying good bye to Corinthians to go to Atlético next transfer window.


  • I really hope that the club, and especially Quique of course, choose to give him a real chance. I hope he will come to play as an attacking midfielder just behind Kun and Forlán, hopefully that’s the idea with the signing. Maybe a diamond with Assun behind Elías?

    Although I’m a bit cautious because of the Cléber and Salvio cases (Salvio is still a big prospect) but the managers didn’t play Cléber the right way either. As a left winger, right winger, defensive midfielder.

    I place a lot of trust in the signing. Let him play like an attacking midfielder! That’s just what the club need. Vamos!

  • Mohammed

    Is this a secret?!! We’ve been saying this for a long a time; we need a playmaker. Personally, I think we need someone who has the capability to become a star. I haven’t heard much of Elias but since he’s a done deal, I hope he’ll have success with us.

  • Ringo Schut

    We had a playmaker, Jurado.
    We have a playmaker, Fran Merida.

    They both didn’t get (many) chances at number 10, one reason was that Assuncao can’t control the midfield on his own, he can’t link the defence and attack well enough. Raul Garcia did well against Liverpool last year, but that was for only half an hour or something…

    So no, we do not need a playmaker, it’s only possible after a formation switch, 4-1-2-1-2 won’t work now, we need to drop players on the wing or take away a striker.
    Would you take out Forlan or Aguero?
    Both of them can play as playmakers, Forlan proved that with Uruguay and Aguero has in some games when he was asked to drop back a little.

    Stop wasting money on useless players, we really don’t need a new one.

  • Ringo Schut

    Oh, how well is this players on the wings? Anyone a video? We don’t need a playmaker, but a winger will be useful, since Simao is very inconsistent and just not good enough and Fran just isn’t a winger.
    Perea isn’t far enough to create something against stronger teams and Gallegos is a questionmark… So the youth isn’t the answer right now. Pacheco, Cedric, Salvio and Keko aren’t here right now and it’s not really certain if they’re good enough or good enough on the wings (not Salvio’s and Pacheco’s natural positions)

    So, Elias is a nr. 10, but is he really a winger as well? Afellay would’ve been, but he’s becoming a Barca-player…

    7 million is an okay price, but can we miss it for someone who perhaps isn’t needed at all?!

  • NiñoTorres

    He says he will come in on January 3rd for a medical. Looks like this deal is done 🙂

    Must say I’m pretty happy, I’ve only seen him play once, but he will carry a lot more attacking threat than our other central midfielders. I’m sure he will do better than Cléber as well, seeing as Elías is already a regular for Brazil and Ronaldo called him the best player in the Brazilian League at the moment. Looks like Raúl García will be off at some point, but that’s not really a big loss.

  • Martin Rosenow

    Here’s a good quality highlight video of Elías in action: http://youtu.be/pko2WzQdvlA

  • Arjit

    He looks like a mix of reyes and aguero from that video ^ haha. I think he cud play in the middle if reyes and simao started tracking back more for the sake of the team. OR he could just comepletely replace simao since it doesn’t look like he’ll get an extention on his current deal. This also means the end of salvio because of the non-eu spots on the teams unless godin gets his spanish passport soon…

  • Elias is a box-to-box sort of Midfielder, not the type to play behind the strikers. He’s a midfielder who has both good attacking qualities and good defensive qualities, aswell as a good engine, but he’s not the type of player who will roam behind the strikers and cut defences apart, that is not his game.

  • “The news comes out, suspiciously, a day after Atleti’s darkest hour of the season.”

    Normally I would agree with the suspicion but I think that Kun getting his spanish passport last week is the main reason (so Salvio will have to wait until summer, at least).

  • Ringo Schut

    And a deal usually isn’t done in just an hour, especially a deal with a player in Brazil.

  • Flo

    The video looks excellent. But of course there are just his best scenes… But nevertheless he might become a valuable player for us.

  • Martin Rosenow

    With regard to the suspicions, the report was written before anything had been confirmed.

    It just felt a bit of a “how can we keep the fans from jumping ship after this horrendous loss?” type of move at first. I was pleased to learn hours later that the player had confirmed the move.

    Side note: Pitarch apparently deserves little credit for the signing. The player’s agent, Jorge Mendes, who represents 40% of our squad, kind of pushed the player on Pitarch once Benfica, who was ready to sign him, couldn’t come up with a suitable payment method.

  • Well, then Benfica must pay with chocolate coins or something like that, because we’re not precisely popular for our payment methods…

  • Gert

    Could this be a new Juninho?!?!