La Liga: Real Madrid 2 – 0 Atlético

Real victorious in the Derbi Madrileño with goals by Carvalho and Özil

Sergio Kun Agüero and Ricardo Carvalho

Atlético stay without a win in el Derbi Madrileño after a 2-0 loss at the Santiago Bernabeú.

We did create opportunities in front of Real’s goal, but two early goals by Carvalho and Özil meant that this derby never was a real contest.

Atleti started off quite well, with Simão penetrating the box early on, but Tiago’s shot which followed was blocked by a defender.

But Real’s intentions at the other end were clear from the beginning. In the 4th minute Pepe had tested De Gea with a header and shortly after Sami Khedira scored an offside goal after De Gea had spilled a Di María strike.

In the 12th minute Real did get their lead, when Reyes lost the ball in midfield. Ricardo Carvalho took over and marched forward with the ball, which was delivered back to the centre-back through Higuaín and Di María. The Portuguese defender calmly slotted it past De Gea; 1-0.

Minutes later Real doubled their lead when Cristiano Ronaldo was given a freekick on the edge of the area. Özil’s strike towards the far corner surprised De Gea as no one touched it and the ball curled beautifully into the side of the net; 2-0.

Within a minute of the second goal Forlán almost put one back for Atleti, but he just missed out on Sergio Agüero’s low cross.

After half an hour Atlético should have been given the chance to get back into this match, but referee Mateu Lahoz denied us a penalty after a clear handball by Xabi Alonso. It’s at least a bit curious that we are yet to receive a penalty call in our favour after ten matches in la Liga.

Diego Forlán came incredibly close to scoring a minute earlier, but was stopped by Íker Casillas and two defenders sliding in to block the ball from the goalline. From the following corner Domínguez forced Casillas to a spectacular save, after which Agüero’s rebound was illegally stopped by Xabi Alonso.

Atlético continued to push Real back, but a header by Ujfalusi went just wide and Íker Casillas pulled off an amazing save after Reyes had cut inside to shoot.

Gonzalo Higuaín woke everyone up at the start of the second half when he smashed a volley onto one of De Gea’s posts. Ten minutes later Diego Forlán did the same on the other end, when he volleyed on the post from just outside the area.

In the 63rd minute Atlético escaped from a third conceded goal, when Filipe rushed back just in time to prevent Özil from scoring his second goal of the night.

Ten minutes later Reyes, one of our best players tonight, again tried to find the far top corner, but this time his shot went just over the crossbar. Five minutes later Agüero forced Casillas to a save after the Argentine had broken away on a counter attack all by himself.

Two minutes before the end Diego Forlán had another go at goal, but his attempt went wide of the post.

In the last ten minutes Real could have added to the scoreline, but De Gea stopped shots from Marcelo, Ronaldo and Benzema. Sergio Ramos meanwhile unbelievably missed a free header.

The match ended 2-0 which means our wait for a derby win has been extended once more. We have taken fourteen points from ten la Liga matches, with the only advantage is having already played all of our direct rivals.

Line-up: De Gea; Valera, Ujfalusi, Domínguez, Filipe; Reyes, Mario Suárez, Tiago (“69 Raúl García), Simão (“76 Diego Costa); Forlán and Agüero.

Goals: 1-0 Carvalho (“13), 2-0 Özil (“19)

Next up is the Copa del Rey game against Universidad de Las Palmas. We take a 5-0 lead from the first leg and can hopefully raise our spirits with another big win.

  • Martin Rosenow

    Could’ve been much worse. Atleti fought well in the second half and often was unlucky in the attack, though I have to say we did luck out on defense at times.

    We’ll have to wait till March for another shot. Hopefully we’ll arrive to that meeting in good form and with a healthy squad.

    Waiting on what’s really going on with Assuncao.

  • k14

    I know this will sound offensive to some of you, but La liga is really a dishonest league, its all about deceiving and tricking referees into the wrong decision, so is their national team aswell.

    And for some reason, the referees mis calls always go for the benefit of the high earner teams.

  • I hate to say it but I told you guys… Real is in uber form atm and we are completely out of it.

  • Garymadrid

    k14 the way the referee system works here is completly dishonest. Each club gets a list if referees and from that they get a certain amounts of vetos. So if a ref hasn’t been particularly nice to Real or Barca he is wrote off. Most refs want to do games involving the big 2 as they get paid more so what happens is you get refs who are very biased. The only solution for teams like Atleti is you pick the best if a bad bunch. Also refs who are involved in Real or Barca games get a chance in the champions league so is it any wonder that they are the way they are. The amount of times I have seen bad decisions in the Calderon or at home is amazing but that’s Spain. Only when the big 2 agree to a change can something happen and can you see that?

  • javi

    I agree that the missed penalti against Xavi could have been decisive. However, the game was not lost because of the ref. They played extremely better than we did for 20 decisive minutes, other than that the game was pretty even, but those 20 minutes in the first have decided the game.
    We have to live with the unwritten rules that favor the big two because they make money for the league and money controls. Every once in a while we will beat one of them.
    But what we cannot do is give away points to teams situated like us: Valencia, Villareal; and to others worse than us Almeria.

  • Arjit

    well except for about 10 minutes i thought we played very well. De Gea was nervous during the game tho you could tell, usually he’s so composed. I think we would have done much better with godin in the center. Maybe even perea could have helped us, atleast he’s fast valera is nothing. Also, tough luck for Forlan, came incredibly close to breaking his goal drought.