Forlán, religion and the derby

Atletico Madrid forward Diego Forlán

We’re only two days away from the game against Real Madrid, el Derbi Madrileño. Those guys in white seem harder to beat than ever, but that’s not what’s on our minds.

To get into the mood for the match we present to you a bit of banter between our writers Martin and Derek. We are aware we probably should have invited a Merengue to heat things up a little, but who would want to know one?

M: What did you think about Forlan’s reaction when Tiago scored?

D: I must have missed that. Did he not celebrate?

It’s been the talk of the town in Madrid and on Twitter. He was pissed, didn’t celebrate right away when the ball went in…and then he bit his tongue and smiled, finally deciding to go and congratulate Tiago. He responded to it I guess because he was made aware of his behavior.

“For example, in the play that led to Tiago’s goal yesterday, I asked for the pass, but I was happy when my team-mate scored.”

Hrm, there’s not much to it if you ask me. It’s just a striker eager for his goal.

I agree…I understand that frustration as a striker myself. But, I also understand that it comes off as selfish.

I guess. But he’s always been this way. This also happened during his goal scoring streaks, but then there wasn’t a camera on him following his every step trying to find something to criticise him, and that’s what this is.


Do you think he should start against Real?

Totally. Why, you have doubts?

I do have doubts, yeah. As good as he is, he has been bloody awful. Although hopefully, if we don’t concede early, he’ll have plenty of space to operate in with Real pushing forward.

I saw a very telling report in El Mundo, talking about how often he intervenes during the game, and that this year, the rate is much lower than previous years. Which is obviously what our eyes have been seeing. They keep a stat of every time someone touches the ball and he gets involved every 3.4 minutes. And he has 0 assists. Our eyes, the stats, nothing lies. He has, as you say, been bloody awful.

So, should he start against Real?

YES! I will remain in denial. Cacha is God. An untouchable.

Blondie will win our hearts back on Sunday, I just know it. He’s always bounced back, always silenced his critics. I’m putting him down as the first goalscorer in the AtléticoFans Prediction League right now. ¡Aupa Atleti!

Haha, viva el Cacha!

So what do you guys think? Should we drop Forlán for the Derbi Madrileño or is he going to knock in a couple goals on Sunday night?