La Liga: Atlético 1 – 1 Almería

Diego Alves and Pablo Piatti keep Atlético from three points


Atlético Madrid were held to a 1-1 draw at home on Sunday night by underdogs Almería, thanks to a couple of fantastic individual performances from the away side.

Before the match Quique Sánchez Flores warned not to focus on the upcoming league match against Real Madrid, because first Almería were coming to the Vicente Calderón.

Our players seemed to have understood the message and started off strongly in the first half, but superb performances by Diego Alves and Pablo Piatti kept Atlético from three points tonight.

Within the first minute Diego Forlán had the first opportunity to open the scoring, and many more would follow. AtléticoFans counted eleven opportunities in front of Almería’s goal in the first half.

And that’s not even counting the penalty appeal from the fourth minute, when Reyes was taken down inside the box. The referee judged that he was fouled just outside the lines and awarded a freekick, from which Diego Alves pulled off a fantastic save after Reyes’ shot.

Ten minutes later the goalkeeper again stopped the Atlético attack, when he saved Kun’s attempt from nearby with his feet, while he was already diving the other way.

Alves also had an answer to long range efforts from Forlán, but finally had to concede in the 33rd minute.

Ujfalusi had made it all the way to the backline and crossed it to Reyes, whose header was too much for Alves to handle. The goalkeeper spilled it and Agüero was there first to score the rebound.

At that point Almería had threatened David de Gea’s goal just once, when striker Kalu Uche hit the post after being allowed too much space to shoot by Filipe and Domínguez.

But at the end of the first half Almería crawled out of their shell and were handed some decent opportunities by Atlético. First Uche headed a Piatti cross straight into De Gea’s hands, before forcing the young goalkeeper to make a spectacular save when he rifled at goal just a minute later.

In the last minute of the first half Almería did get their equaliser, when De Gea was unable to reach to a Piatti shot. The Argentine was allowed the time and space to control and shoot from a corner and accurately struck it just inside the near post.

With Fran Mérida on for Reyes, who had to be subbed off with an injury, Atlético went to look for a new lead at the start of the second half.

Birthday boy Simão, who celebrates his 31st birthday today, found Alves on his way after a one-two through the middle with Forlán.

And the goalie again prevented Simão from scoring when he magnificently kept out his freekick minutes later, a scenario that was later repeated.

Agüero, Tiago and Mérida all failed to find the back of the net, while Piatti and Macedo shot wide at the other end of the pitch.

Perea, who picked up a yellow card and is suspended for our match against Real, saw how Alves saved his header.

Sergio Agüero had two more shots on goal and took a freekick on the edge of the box, but all to no avail.

And so this frustrating match ended in a draw. We seemed harmless without Reyes on the pitch and we’re hoping that his injury isn’t serious.

With Godín already injured and Perea now suspended, we’ll need everybody else to be at their best in the upcoming matches.

Line-up: De Gea; Ujfalusi, Perea, Domínguez, Filipe; Reyes (“45 Fran Mérida), Tiago (“83 Raúl García), Assunção, Simão; Forlán (“73 Diego Costa) and Agüero.

Goals: 1-0 Agüero (“33), 1-1 Piatti (“45)

  • Ringo Schut

    It’s hard to be optimistic about next week, we might miss Reyes and we are certainly without Perea and Godin. I hope nothing happens to one of our other defenders, otherwise we’re forced to take a big risk with Pulido or we’d have to start Juanito… I don’t know how Valera is doing, but he’s a better player to replace Perea than Juanito is. We could also start Lopez next week on rightback, perhaps his left foot comes in handy stopping Ronaldo.

    Merida will probably start if Reyes isn’t ready, for the bench we would need another player, Alberto Perea? Seba Gallegos? It’s hard to predict. Maybe Quique does an Aguirre and suddenly starts with a debuting youngster (Camacho versus Barcelona). It would have the element of surprise, but are the talents good enough for the battle?

  • Garymadrid

    Last night in the magazine they give out at the games for free there was an article about the Peñas of Atleti here in Spain and around the world. Peña Atlética Centuría Germana and Peña Atlética de Luxemburgo are mentioned but there is a map where they show where all the Peñas are based. We have a copy of the magazine. I can scan it and email it to anybody just pop on to the madridatleticos site or email us. I dont know if there is a website but the magazine is called Forza Atleti.

  • Our recent descent of form puts us into a difficoult position, at this time it seems that we will have to struggle for thr 4th place. We got only 1 point from games with Valencia, Villarreal, Barca and Sevilla, and we have lost our only strong point – the ability to get all the 3 points with “easier” opponents, and asset we never had before until this season. Things are starting to become ugly for us in the league, especially after the next week game before which Im more pesimistic than ever.

  • javi

    ATLETI ATLETI ATLETI…why do you do this to us?
    Diego Alves saved the game for Almeria, but we just cant give away points like this. We should have won against Almeria, Valencia and Villareal. Were not going anywhere in the liga like this. So hopefully we win against Rosemborg and continue winning in the Copa.
    By the way, our offense was very good, Simao and Reyes were excellent. I like what Forlan and Kun did. I dont udnerstand why Costa replaced Forlan. But our midfield and backs were weak. Tiago, Filipe, and Merida were particularly bad. I hope Real Madrid does not kill us too bad this week.