Atlético B lose against Rayo Vallecano B

We lose the first of two Madrilenian mini-derbies

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AtleticoFans got a bit ahead of ourselves last week when we said Atlético B’s next match would be the big one against Real Madrid Castilla. That is, in fact, next weekend.

This round saw our youngsters head to Rayo Vallecano B, but Atleti, fresh off the back off their first win of the season against Badajoz, failed to produce a repeat performance and fell to a 1-0 defeat in the first of two Madrilenian mini-derbies.

Rayo’s Jorge Sáez scored the solitary goal in the 73rd minute.

Before the game, Atlético B coach Antonio Rivas was worried about his defence, with César Ortiz and Jorge Pulido absent after picking up red cards against Badajoz, but Benítez and Atienza did well to replace them.

Atlético B’s main worry lies up front, as the team doesn’t seem able to score goals. In the absence of topscorer José Collado, injured for at least another month, the team seems to lack a focal point in the attack, as Vítor still hasn’t been able to impress. In nine matches we have scored just four goals.

Atlético took some more control of the match when Sergio Marcos was brought on in the second half and Alberto Perea and Abel had decent opportunities, but we never seriously threatened goalkeeper Juan Carlos.

Next week we do take on Real Madrid Castilla on the Cerro del Espino. The boys in white have won five and lost four of their nine matches so far and have won their last three games, while Atlético B have taken just six points from nine matches.

Line-up: Iago; Benítez, Regalón, Atienza, Cantero; Fer, Roberto, Gallegos, Mínguez; Perea and Vítor.
Subs: Sergio Marcos and Abel (“52).

Goals: 1-0 Jorge Sáez

  • RojiBlanco

    Perhaps we have too little physical presence in midfield and up front? I don’t know that much about Atleti B, but guys like Gallegos and Marcos are little players..

    It’s not good to see B perform this bad. Sure, the ‘golden’ generation are with the first team or loaned out, but this is just bad. Come on Atletico B!

  • Ringo Schut

    You guys forgot the absence of Koke, are they doing something with the first team, did Rivas want to try other players, another suspension or are they injured?
    I’ve seen parts of the game, but even though Marcos had more creativity than Minguez, he didn’t really improve Atleti a lot… you could see good ideas, but his passes weren’t good enough most of the time.
    Only some long shots from Perea were close to being dangerous.
    I don’t know if Collado would make a big difference, the passes to the players up front aren’t there… Koke, when he plays, can organize the midfield, but the players on the wings aren’t really wingers, more second strikers. That doesn’t have to be a problem, but they’re just not good enough right now. Perea is okay, but doesn’t show that much magic. The absence of Cedric and Keko seems significant.
    Maybe the players need to be in a more consistent formation, there are changes every game, you can’t really get used to eachother that well… Rivas seems like a good coach, but he should realise that it’s important to give a team the chance, instead of every player.

    The defence is okay, but I’m not a fan of Ivan Benitez’, the way he lost the ball in attack, the stupid fouls and the easy way he’s passed show why Ortiz is favourite…

    I hope Pulido and Cesar are back versus Castilla and that Koke is on the pitch. Minguez doesn’t seem good enough, but Marcos is too offensive… It’s a good way to improve Koke’s defensive abilities, but it’s also important to avoid relegation at the end of the season. Fer is a defensive midfielder, but is he good enough? I think Ruben or Indiano could’ve been helpful, but they’re gone.
    Use Perea, Gallegos and Marcos as supporting strikers and Vitor or Saul up front, perhaps bring on the other one for Fer when needed.

    That would mean something like this:
    Iago; Cesar Ortiz, Regalon, Pulido, Cantero; Koke, Fer; Sergio Marcos, Gallegos, Alvaro Perea; Vitor.

    Subs: ’60: Saul Niguez Fer, ’75: Minguez Sergio Marcos & Abel Vitor

  • RojiBlanco

    On a side note, what happened to Jaime Hernandez? The previous left-back. Did he leave?

  • Derek Maaijen

    Jaime left indeed, I’m not sure if he’s found a new club.

    According to AS Koke is with Spain U19 this week and will miss the match against Castilla, Ringo