Juan Carlos Arteche passes away

Former Atlético captain loses the battle against cancer

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Last night, Juan Carlos Arteche, 53, passed away.

Sadly, the former Atlético captain lost a long-fought battle against cancer.

Arteche played for Atlético during an eleven-year stretch (1978-1989) and won the Copa del Rey and Spanish Super Cup with Los Rojiblancos. He played a total of 308 matches and scored eighteen goals.

  • Arjit

    RIP Juan Carlos Arteche. Hate it when things like this happen

  • I.A.

    I feel bad. He was the Atleti´s 4 during my chilhood and first adolescence years. Arteche was the kind of idol wich likes so much in the Calderón; same type as Juan Manuel López. If you wanted to know what person he was, then you only had to look him his eyes. We all knew that. Phisical strong, expeditive as defender, he had one very good characteristic: Arteche learnt to be better as player. Specially beside Luiz Pereira on the begining. He always fighted for Atleti with all his heart, and the fans recognised him. Maybe he wasn´t Lehivinha, Gárate, Futre or Caminero, but we are sure he was Atleti. We miss you, Arteche, really miss you.

  • I.A.

    Sorry, i think he played 308 matches, not 293. He is the fourth player who has played more encounters for Atleti

  • Derek Maaijen

    Those are great words, I.A. Thanks for the correction on his number of appearances.