Salvio to return in January?

Atlético is looking into the possibility of bringing ‘Toto’ back earlier than expected


Argentine forward Eduardo Salvio, who was loaned out by Atlético to Benfica this summer, has spent most of the initial stage of the Portuguese season parked on the bench.

AS reports that if either Diego Godín or Kun Agüero acquires a Spanish passport before the winter transfer period, Salvio could make an early return to Madrid.

The purpose of Toto’s temporary transfer was for him to develop and gain experience at a competitive level while Atlético sorted out its non-EU problem.

He competed for the last available non-EU spot with striker Diego Costa in the pre-season, and the Brazilian was ultimately the one chosen by Quique Sánchez Flores to remain with the team.

Salvio has featured in only four encounters to date at Benfica, three of them in the Portuguese Liga and one of them in Champions League play for a meager total of 107 minutes.

Of Atleti’s eight loaned out players, only Leandro Cabrera – who has made just one appearance for Recreativo – has seen less action than Eduardo.

The 20-year old reportedly faces stiff competition from regular starters Carlos Martins, Óscar Cardozo, and Javier Saviola, all of whom have the full support of manager Jorge Jesus, and this has dampened our young striker’s chances of playing.

We are clearly in dire need of depth up front and on the wings, so a Salvio return will likely be a welcomed move by Rojiblanco supporters. It’s unfortunate that the former Lanus man was unable to earn an important role in Lisbon, but his situation could prove to be a blessing in disguise for us.

  • javi

    This would be very good news for us. I believe this kid has real potential, maybe he is not the next Kun, but certainly he has shown in the games he played last year that he can play, he is fast and very creative. He just needs time, and unfortunately Benfica does not seem to have room for him. I do hope he comes back, and personally, I like his potential more than Diego Costa.

  • Flo

    I agree with you Javi! Would be great to have him back in winter!

  • Southhamptons shirt, Blackburns shorts

    I do hope he comes back and soon. Have you read the story on Madrid Atleticos about De Gea having signed for Arsenal. They claim its a done deal. If its true its a big blow to us.

  • Ringo Schut

    I don’t think De Gea signed, I guess he’ll sign an extension with us.
    Arsenal deserve a good goalie, but sign someone else! 🙂

    PS: Afellay showed today why we should sign him as Simao’s replacement!

  • Ringo Schut

    oh and ss,bs, I see no truth in the article and it’s ‘source’.
    How is it possible we owe Arsenal 5 million for Fran?

  • javi

    I agree, it does not look or feel like a real story and it makes no sense at all. AND I certainly hope its not, the fans will burn the stadoum if its true.

  • Garymadrid

    We did speak before we posted the article about the possibility of it being true. First our source is someone who works for the club and told us 6 months before that Torres was on his way to Liverpool and we would sign Forlán. So we do have a level of trust. Is he right? Only time will tell. De Gea might sign a contract extension but lets face it most contracts aren’t worth the paper they are written on. How do we owe Arsenal €5m? Technically we don’t, Fran does. Any player under the age of 23 who moves on a free must pay a training fee to his club. Because Fran signed for Arsenal before his 18th Arsenal would be entitled to a fee. When he signed this was a subject that I brought up and was brought up in the English media. The case generally goes to a Tribunal and a fee is decided. Most clubs pay the fee for their player like Arsenal did with Barcelona. There were stories in the English press in June but they all quietened down. Also we need funds for the new stadium, The Madrid city council are not going to give as much money as they originally promised for the new ground and we are in big debt. Saying that Cerezo is no fool and I think should we sell De Gea on Monday we will sign someone like Luis Suarez on Tuesday. Only time will tell.

  • javi

    For you Afellay fans, is reporting that Pitarch went to see his last game and the teams are now negotiating, but that the player has negative feelings toward Atleti given comments he received from Heitinga.

  • Dave

    I can’t see Arsenal signing De Gea and sticking him straight into the team.

    If he isn’t getting starts then why should he leave?

  • Flo

    Why should he leave anyway? He fought for his place in starting eleven and got it. He comes from cantera and has the full support of the fans. Everybody loves him. He won silverware twice with us in his first season and is battleing now for champions league with a great team in which youth team he played. He also will get a better contract soon and will play for many years here.
    That doesn’t makes real sense.

  • Ringo Schut

    Negative news from Heitinga?

    Heitinga did some good things and some bad things.
    He should only be giving a warning: There’s a lot of pressure at the club, the fans are expecting a lot from you.

    I really hope De Gea stays, he seems like a player with an Atleti-heart, but even though he’s already in one of the strongest competitions, you cannot always trust a heart for a club.