Reyes’ release clause drops from €40m to €20m

The winger renegotiated his contract for a year less and will take a 20% pay-cut


Details on José Antonio Reyes’ contract extension, which was signed and made official on 1 October, were released today in a report by MARCA.

The new deal, originally thought to be for three more years through 2014, was renegotiated to two years expiring in 2013.

In addition to the reduction in length, Reyes’ release clause drops to €20m, a 50 percent drop from his previous deal which required a €40m rescission fee.

La Perla will also take a 20 percent pay-cut: his earnings have been reduced from €2.5m to €2m per year.

The 27-year old’s agreement contains several incentives clauses that could bring his pay back up to the level of his former wages.

These incentives are based on such factors as games played, goals scored, international caps and titles won.

The new €20m release clause will likely not bring many smiles to the Colchonero faithful. The amount seems troublingly accessible to major clubs throughout Europe who most certainly would be open to employing the services of our star flank-man.

  • Derek Maaijen

    To be honest I’m not worried about the buyout clause. In today’s market there aren’t many clubs able to spend €20m on a player, and if they do there are probably better alternatives.

    I don’t know the details of the incentives, but it’s good to hear Reyes was willing to take a pay-cut!

    I am a little surprised reading that his contract now runs till 2013, because earlier we read that he had signed until 2014.

  • I am worried I must say. The clause (as is the case of Kun’s) is little more than petty cash for top European squads.

    Just take the examples of Di Maria, Silva or Mascherano transfer prices this summer and you will realize how lame of a move it actually is.

    As a worried-with-the-management supporter I need to be sure that fulfilling trophy and standing goals lie well above making more comission cash on our indebted club’s sake. There are so many obscure operations going on around the new training campus or the new stadium that someone at PR should remind the Gils and Cerezo that making hefty deals against supporters wishes will only further diminish the almost non-existent faith in the “directiva”‘s honesty

    Great article as usual Martin.

  • rojiblanco17

    I’m not that worried and I agree with Derek. Reyes is too old and inconsistent for big clubs to spend that amount of money on. The wage-cut is decent too. Besides that, 20 million is one thing, but Reyes will have to decide for himself if he wants to go. He is happy at Atleti with QSF now, he is one of the big one’s at the moment so I don’t really see him leaving. And if he does, we’ll just buy Santi Cazorla, hehe..

  • Arjit

    Reyes is only 27, he always plays good in our bigger games, he’s more consistent than any of our midfeilders except for assuncao. I dont know what you’re talking about. I would think he would have got a pay rise instead too if aguero is getting more. Atleast Reyes has improved on passed seasons i have yet to see aguero actually get better. 20 million is about the price we paid for Simao a few years ago and he was about the same age back then…

  • rojiblanco17

    Well, if you look in comparison to some of the other spanish wingers, who are younger and are performing more consistent. I think it’s logical that the big clubs would rather look there (see Pedro Leon for example) than for Reyes. He has a troublesome history..he is kind of a risk-buy and that why I don’t think there are clubs who are willing to spend 20 million on him.

  • Flo

    That’s true but why would you do this? Only a two years contract and dropping the release clause by half.
    I only see one reason. The clubs wants to sell him next summer, because one year later he can go for free. It doesn’t make sense. If the club would want to keep him then they wouldn’t do something like this. He deserves better.

  • rojiblanco17

    Of course he deserves better, no doubt about it. Perhaps Reyes himself wanted this, as a sort of makeshift for the lowered salary.

  • Arjit

    i guess if merida, alberto perea, salvio and keko actually reach their potential we will have plenty of talent in the wings. Also if we bring in afellay then we’d be even better. I guess 20 million is quite a bit for reyes, plus he seems happy and plays well at atletico he wouldn’t want to leave. 20 mill is quite a lot actually considering how real madrid paid 15 mill for oezil

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