Forlán puts himself in an awkward position

The forward isn't making himself popular with recent actions

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Diego Forlán has had a lot of explaining to do this past week, to both his club and country.

First there was an interview Forlán gave in English. He told Reuters that he hadn’t received any offers from other clubs this summer, but he would leave if any came in.

“If they send an offer you can decide if you want to go. If there is a good offer and if I have the chance to go, I will go. Like I always say, I came here to Europe, I left my home and I left everyone, so I’m not attached to a team.”

Forlán was quick to announce that his words were misinterpreted, but AS journalist Dani Hidalgo let us know on Twitter that these in fact were Forlán’s exact words from the interview.

Meanwhile in Uruguay the 31 year old forward hasn’t made himself popular either, after refusing to travel with the national team to Indonesia for a friendly.

Apparently Forlán’s brother was supposed to organise the trip, but when the Uruguayan FA decided not to use his services, Forlán decided not to travel with the national team, out of loyalty for his brother. Uruguay beat the home side 7-1.

Forlán decided to join the national team after all for their match against China, to be played later this week. Much to the dislike of Quique Sánchez Flores, who feels his forward could have used an extra day’s rest ahead of our clash against Getafe.

Forlán has had a very long season behind him and at 31 years of age might need some extra rest. Despite scoring three goals, Forlán hasn’t quite looked himself at the start of the current campaign.

To make matters worse yesterday Forlán had to stay in Germany for a night on his travel to China, after problems with his visa.

We can’t wait for Forlán to hit his second-half-of-the-season form to make us all forget about his current problems.

  • javi

    Looks like Forlan is confused these days, both on and off the field. His playing leaves a lot to be desired these days, and between the fiascos of the interview comments and this trip to Asia, its leaves you wondering what is he thinking. In my opinion it would have done him good to just chill out for two weeks. Then again, the beggining of each season are not his forte. I wonder if he is adding pressure on himself to get out of the rut he is in. I wish him the best. Come on Diego…you can do it!

  • Garymadrid

    The interview was done with Marca and very poorly translated into English. I find the article very negative to a man who has brought such good things to the club. He is keeping his options open and there is nothing wrong with that.

  • Flo

    If that really is true that he had no offers in this summer, after winning silverware with us and being best player at the world cup, then I guess he will stay with us until he ends his career.
    The situation now is kind of weird but I wish him the best to get out of this very soon 🙂

  • javi

    Garymadrid, you can see the interview here:
    Its in English, and its there, he said he would leave if an offer came in. His English sounds good, maybe he didnt mean what he said, but he said it. Under the translation you can hear Forlan in English.
    There is nothing wrong with keeping options open, but he recently signed an extension, hes not playing well, so why incite the fans when he needs their support?

  • Inside the Club

    His english is perfect. He attended a bi lingual school in Uruguay. But also look at the interview. It has been cut a certain parts and remember boys that this is a paper that photo shopped a picture of Messi last year. I wont read too much into it.

  • Mohammed

    I read Marca everyday on my browser, and it’s the most hateful paper to Atleti. They always try to make up stories and publish articles that are negative and destructive. Every derby, I open Marca’s Atletico page and find that Real’s news are more than Atleti’s!!!!