Atleti look to tie down more players

Simão, Camacho, Perea and Juanito all still waiting for a contract extension

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The past week has been all about contract extensions. Tomas Ujfalusi, José Antonio Reyes and Paulo Assunção were all handed new deals and it seems only a matter of time before Agüero puts pen to paper.

Assunção and Ujfalusi signed contracts until 2013, with the latter announcing at a press conference on Tuesday that he expects to finish his career with Atlético.

Reyes was handed a deal until 2014 and it seems Sergio Agüero is next. Our president Enrique Cerezo confirmed that there are advanced talks with Kun’s representatives, although no deal has yet been confirmed.

Newspaper MARCA reports that Agüero will sign a three year contract extension, which makes him an Atlético player until 2015. His annual salary will go up by €1m to a total of €6m.

The buyout clause in Kun’s contract will remain unchanged, as the €60m fee was enough to scare away any interested clubs in previous years.

Yesterday, during Assunção’s press conference following his extension, Cerezo confirmed that more players will be presented a new deal soon. According to AS, David de Gea and Álvaro Domínguez are up next, as soon as Agüero’s deal is wrapped up.

Although the club still intends to lower its wage packet, they realize it’s absolutely vital to tie up the integral parts of our team. These two canteranos have a great future ahead of them and our directors want to make sure it’s with Atleti.

De Gea is said to earn only €200.000 and can expect a major salary bump, while Atleti will be keen to increase his buyout clause, which currently is €20m and might not be enough to scare away interested parties.

Both De Gea and Domínguez currently have contracts that run until 2013.

Those that are left behind

There are at least four more players waiting for a new deal. Juanito, Luis Perea, Ignacio Camacho and Simão all have contracts expiring next summer, which leaves them free to negotiate with other clubs from the 1st of January.

Juanito’s case is clear. We have Jorge Pulido ready to take his place and this summer it seemed Juanito would make way. Apparently we were willing to let him leave for free, but Juanito wasn’t interested in joining Real Betis or Levante. It’s certain that he won’t be a rojiblanco next season.

When Atlético, unexpectedly, announced the contract extensions of Assunção, Reyes and Ujfalusi, we were surprised they hadn’t included Luis Perea in the package. The Colombian is a long serving player in the Vicente Calderón and still very useful due to his speed, tackling and versatility.

When the aforementioned trio signed their new deals, we hadn’t heard anything about it from the media; we expect the negotiations with Perea are being kept on the down-low as well. We’re sure he’ll get a new two year deal.

Ignacio Camacho’s case could turn out to be a disaster for Atleti’s directors. The youngster has stalled in his development since he debuted two years ago, but still has tremendous potential and might become one of the better defensive midfielders in la Liga. But since the arrival of Paulo Assunção he has hardly featured. During the pre-season we were hopeful of his chances, but recent squad selections by Quique point out that the young midfielder really is the fifth pick for a midfield position.

So far Camacho hasn’t complained, but he will realize that if he doesn’t extend his contract every team in la Liga will be happy to sign him on a free transfer at the end of the season. Later this weekend we will take a closer look at Camacho’s situation.

Simão’s future is surely the most hotly debated amongst Atlético fans. The Portuguese is a high profile player, but not every fan is satisfied with the winger’s contribution to the team. Quique Sánchez Flores sees Simão as an important part of his plans, but Atleti were open to selling him this past summer, hoping to raise some cash before Simão leaves on a free next summer. Flores was even promised Pedro Léon or Santi Cazorla in return.

But as far as we know no offers were made for Simão, who now might be playing his last few months as a colchonero. The Portuguese is happy in Madrid, but points to the club’s directors when he’s asked about a possible renewal. Meanwhile our directors seem to only want to hand Simão a new deal if he agrees to a significant wage cut. We think whether the player is willing to make this sacrifice or not will be the decisive factor in these negotiations, although Atleti might already be looking at a younger replacement.

  • Again great work with the article.

    Imho the hottest topic is Camacho – I simply cannot understand why is he treated like this, I mean he has it all to become club’s legend, hes bond to our colours, his potential, youth, everything. And hes not getting his chances, but when he is given an opportunity to play, he barely fails (he only fouls too much). All in all he is a great prospect who did all he could to earn a real chance he was never given. And he never complained, he only worked harder. This is a disgrace how he is treated by the club.

    Simao plays this season way better, but still I guess he is too expensive and we should start looking for a replacement.

    Juanito, lol, is an obvious case – bring in Pulido.

    Perea should stay, he has features that are irreplaceable by our other defenders, like his pace or ability to play perfect games against big opponents (while he tends to get many mental farts playing against weak opposition).

    De gea and Dominguez have to be the spine of present and future atleti and their wages and buyout clauses have to represent that.

  • Ringo Schut

    A bit ironic that Kun gets a lot more, but the rest (except for the youngsters) have to take a big cut.

    However, as mentioned, keep your pillars., without pillars the building falls down

  • javi

    I think the philosophy with Kun is just on point otherwise he was out of here soon.
    I also think Camacho they are going to use to get another forward in the winter break, otherwise how can you explain the lack of contract extension.

  • Inside the Club

    First. Camacho has not progressed at all. Do you want that every player that breaks a sweat gets a big contract and playing time? I can you even consider to replace Paulo with him. Juanito is getting big money to warm the bench and will not give that up. His family havent settled in madrid and thats a known fact but he earns big money from his bosman move.

  • How could he progress if he got so few minutes on the pitch!? Maybe if given a proper chance he would have progressed. Has Raul Garcia progressed anyhow? Even Kun didnt progress by much since his 2nd year at the club, so what are you talking about? Im not insisting that Camacho will be the new Vieira, but I guess he would have done as good as Paulo.

    But on the other hand, you can always say that Ufo and Assuncao were the pillars of our team in the last years, and even if they are getting old, those new long-term contracts should be seen as rewards, somehow determined by the past, but at the same time intended to affect the future, by giving other players an example that if you try hard and give it all to play good, the club will appreciate that. In that sense those extencions may be a good move after all, even if at the first look they seem just insane.

  • k14

    I think the best option about camacho case is to extend and loan him elsewhere, only way to prove himself, because honestly … I never saw anything from here, and I find it a bit strange hes a defensive midfielder, just look at his hight and weight.

  • Look at Makelele’s height and weight.

  • Arjit

    In the case of camacho, we shouldn’t have bought mario, just given camacho more playing time. He’ll become the next big thing but he needs his chances. hopefully he starts like every copa del rey game.

  • Garymadrid

    Listen urban you have a point but to say that kun hasnt progressed since his 2nd year is a joke. Last year he played the beat football of his career and I know because I was there but his finishing let him down. Camacho was given a chance and he didn’t progress. So what now? I think a loanspell will do him the world of good and get his confidence up. Inside the Ground I agree with you to a point but camacho did start bright and hopefully we can see it again.

  • Flo

    De Gea and Domínguez should be bound to the club for a long time. And their buyout clauses should be doubled at least.

    To renew Camachos contract and loaning him afterwards seems to be a good idea.

  • Will

    Agreeing with GaryMadrid, wasn’t Kun chosed as the best player of La Liga two seasons ago?

  • Jeff


    “I know because I was there”

    does that mean those of us who watch on TV are wrong? fantastic

  • Garymadrid

    No didn’t mean that at all jeff and I didn’t say that. Sometimes on tv you don’t see everything like movement off the ball , players tracking back to cover when other players go forward. Assuncao is the greatest at this but doesn’t get nearly half the credit he deserves because it is not seen on the camara. De Gea and Dominguez are the future and I would agree to tying them
    down on contracts but not for fear that they will leave but because they deserve it.

  • Ringo Schut

    I have to agree with Gary, Kun has grown in all aspects except for his finishing, he misses too much chances.

  • Independencia atletica

    Tonight, i´ve watched on tv the under21 match. I saw Rubén Pérez game and it looks me more than a promise, even looks me clearly better player Than camacho and suarez: always in his spot, good with the ball on foot, he seemed mature on all of sides of game..
    Very good future player for Atleti, probably Assunçao´s sucessor.