Del Bosque takes a pass on Reyes

Once again, the Spanish national team will be without a single Colchonero


One more round of international matches, one more senior Spanish national team devoid of any Atlético Madrid players. While it might be bold to question the decision-making of a world cup champion coach, it’s very difficult to understand why José Antonio Reyes was neglected by Vicente del Bosque this time around.

“Maybe Del Bosque doesn’t know De Gea, Domínguez and Reyes are Spanish,” wrote one Rojiblanco twitterer earlier today on the social networking site, as he ironically attempted to explain the logic behind our boys being left off the Spanish national team set to face off against Lithuania and Scotland in the upcoming Euro 2012 qualifiers.

Injuries to Fernando Torres, Pedro Rodríguez and Jesús Navas opened up a couple of spots on the reigning champion’s roster and Reyes seemed a likely candidate for a call-up to La Roja. Unfortunately, the Spanish coach went with Valencia duo Aritz Aduriz and Pablo Hernández; and Villarreal pair Borja Valero and Bruno Soriano.

Heading into this season, Reyes was determined to return to Spain’s national squad and made his objective known this summer following the world cup. After being chosen by Luis Aragonés to represent his country at the 2006 World Cup, where he appeared in only one of four matches, La Perla was overlooked by Aragonés for the 2008 Euro Cup and by Del Bosque in the recent world cup in South Africa.

His impressive form since returning to first team action roughly a year ago was a key factor leading to a three-year contract extension offer, a deal that was formalised earlier today at the Vicente Calderón. At his signing presentation, the 27-year old told reporters with regard to his exclusion from the national squad:

“It’s not my decision, it’s the coach’s. Obviously I would have liked to have been called upon. I feel that my play right now is at the national team level, but I repeat, it’s up to the manager.”

José Antonio still has plenty of time to convince the Spanish tactician that he is worthy of playing for his nation, and hopefully his omission will further fuel his motivation.

David de Gea also excluded by Del Bosque
David de Gea’s remarkable performances, particularly within the past month, have brought our home-grown star under the shine of an international spotlight. He has been penciled in, with the permission of no one at Atlético, as the future keeper for European titans Manchester United and Barcelona, and is no doubt coveted by several others. Nonetheless, despite his clear and undeniable talent, the Spanish boss did not feel the need to call upon our 19-year old wonder either.

While De Gea is certainly deserving of a call, at the very least as the third-string goalkeeper, it makes sense that he was not tapped to join the senior side. David is more vital to Spain as the Under 21 squad’s starter, as opposed to being reduced to a bench-warming role behind Iker Casillas and Victor Valdés.

Del Bosque’s selection of players from the current top two teams in the Primera División seems to indicate that club performances matter to him. If this is the case, then our poor form of late probably hasn’t done much to help any of our guys catch the Spanish manager’s attention. Another possible explanation for Reyes being excluded could be his recent red card and suspension.

How do you feel about Del Bosque’s new call-ups? Do you think they are more deserving than Reyes and/or De Gea?

  • Derek Maaijen

    It makes sense not to select Dominguez and De Gea yet, as Spain U21 have some very important matches coming up. However, a call-up to the senior side shouldn’t be far away if they keep up their performances.

    Spain have so many incredibly gifted wingers that I can understand why Reyes isn’t picked. However, he does deserve a shot for what he has achieved this past year. There isn’t much difference between players like Pedro, Navas, Joaquin, Reyes, Pablo, Cazorla, Mata, etc, but it sure would have made me proud to see a rojiblanco in the Seleccion again.

  • Thats a pitty Reyes didnt get a call up, although one must admit that atm he is not playing as good as he used to in the last season, while Valencia wingers star in every game of La Liga.

    De Gea is the successor of Iker and I can hardly imagin something could change that, so he just has to be patient.

  • Siddharth Kanjilal

    VDB hasn’t considered too many youngsters so that they are then available for the U-21 playoffs. In recent games he even let World Cup winners Javi Martinez and Juan Mata play for the youth team as they needed to finish second in the group to keep their hopes of qualifying alive. De Gea and Dominguez are future Spain starters if they can keep up their form and consistency.

    As far as Reyes is concerned, I honestly see him as a bad role model as he goes to ground way too easily and way too often. Besides he’s 27, and I would therefore pick Pablo Hernandez over him any day.

  • javi

    I actually like the fact that Reyes does not get picked for the national team for the selfish reason that he will play less games and be more rested, as you guys said he is no spring chicken so lets save his legs for Atleti. Unfortunately, Forlan is exhausted because of all the games he had last year with Atleti and Uruguay. So rest is good for these guys. I wish Forlan was not going to China for a stupid friendly game.