La Liga: Sevilla 3 – 1 Atlético

Weakened Atleti take a tough blow against third place rivals

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Tonight a crippled Atlético team suffered a 3-1 defeat to Sevilla in the Sánchez Pizjuán.

Atleti, without Godín, Agüero and Reyes, lined up in a 4-2-3-1. That’s a formation that would perfectly suit Fran Mérida, but the youngster was stuck on the wings instead of being used as the playmaker.

It was a clear example of our limited options in attack. It wasn’t until Diego Costa was brought on and we switched to our regular 4-4-2 that we finally put Sevilla under pressure, but the match had been over for a long time at that point.

Sevilla showed their intentions early and almost scored in the 8th minute. Negredo found himself in plenty of space after a corner was headed on, but shot straight at De Gea.

Our Spanish wonder-keeper wasn’t able to stop Negredo from scoring in the 29th minute though. Perotti drove inside with the ball at his feet, and passed to Negredo who curled the ball beautifully into the far side of the goal.

And within five minutes Sevilla had doubled the score. Kanouté and Capel combined through the heart of our defence, and although De Gea stopped the Malian he had no chance when Perotti’s shot on the rebound was deflected into the back of the net.

In the first half Atleti produced very little, which forced Quique Sánchez Flores to make a double substitution at half time. Antonio López and Mario Suárez were substituted for Filipe and Diego Costa, and the latter made a tremendous impact on the game.

With Diego Costa on we finally had an answer to Sevilla’s physical play, but it was the home side who scored again.

Diego Capel crossed towards Álvaro Negredo, who laid it back for Kanouté. The striker struck it past De Gea from outside the area, leaving the goalkeeper without a chance.

The game looked dead and buried, but Diego Costa got one back for Atlético within ten minutes. The Brazilian picked up a loose ball in the box and slotted it under Palop. The ball bounced off of the keeper, hit the post and span viciously past the Sevilla defender into the back of the net.

Costa also came close to grabbing a second, but Palop pulled off an amazing save when the young striker headed on goal from close range. Meanwhile Diego Forlán was invisible throughout the entire match.

Sevilla were happy with the score and Atlético weren’t able to create any more opportunities, meaning this match ended 3-1 for the Andalusians.

Line-up: De Gea; Ujfalusi, Perea, Domínguez, López; Assunção, Mario, Tiago; Fran, Simão and Forlán.
Subs: Filipe and Diego Costa (“46), Raúl García (“80)

Goals: 1-0 Negredo; 2-0 Perotti; 3-0 Kanouté; 3-1 Diego Costa

Atlético have two weeks to prepare for the next match, as the FIFA have arranged another international break. Hopefully we’ll be able to welcome back Diego Godín and Kun Agüero when we take on Getafe, because we seem incredibly vulnerable when some of our starters are missing.

  • We need Godín, we need Filipe (Why, Quique? Why?!) and, sure, we need Kun back as soon as possible. Well, we also need to go back to those times in which we used to play the first half of each match… at least to see if there is any difference to playing just the second.

    By now we have not beaten any of those who we want to call “our challenges”: Barça, Valencia and Sevilla finally results in 1 point out of 9 possible. Let’s trust in the “Calderón factor” for the second leg of the competition against Sevilla and Valencia or else qualifying for Champions League will be very hard this year.

  • Flo

    You are absolutely right, but we had the toughest start of any teams. All the other “challenges” have to play each other.

  • Guest

    Pardon the intrusion, I was hoping someone would be so kind as to answer a question. Is Forlan ok? His invisibility over the past few weeks has me concerned something is wrong.

  • Flo

    It seems he’s just tired. He played almost every game in last years la liga season, copa del rey, champions league, europa league and world cup. He almost got no holidays and another 9 games until today. As far as I know he is not injured. He might be just tired. And he might miss his colleague agüero aswell 😉

    Maybe after the international break and with kun on board, he will be the old forlan.

  • Mohammed

    One thing I can’t believe about Forlan, is that Renato is faster than him!!!! What has happened to you Diego?!!

    Today’s loss is 90% QSF’s fault. He’s still doesn’t want to take chances, begins games defensively even against inferior teams and waiting for the counter which is stupid if the opposing team defends with 10 men.

  • atleti from kuwait

    am with you mohd about QSF’s and forlan but he done every things he can but we have some players that very strange like perea and ” THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD” !!!!!!
    i miss aguero as hell and i think everybody can see that forlan without kun = Zero !
    guys dont upset cuz our team is good when godin , filipe , reyes and aguero returned we will beat everybody 🙂

  • javi

    I dont understand why Felipe Luis didnt play the whole game. Hes only played a few games and he has done extremely well. Also, I think Fran Merida plays better in the center next to Tiago, not on the wings.

  • Arjit

    we need some changes. filipe needs to start, marida should replace simao on the left wing. reyes on the right. tiago should play deep (like xavi) distribute the ball out properly n clam things down. aguero n diego forlan will do their thing. possibly we could benifit by giving forlan a withdrawn role uruguay style? we’ll see what quique comes up with but thats what i would do.

  • I.A.

    Well, i agree with some Forlán´s critics, obiously we need Godin on defense, and Reyes is a player too important for us, but yesterday there was mistakes with only one responsable: Quique Sánchez Flores. If atleti wants to play with an only one striker, shouldn´t be Forlan. He needs Aguero or another player sweeping up the zone with speed movements and opening spaces, like when he plays with Suarez in Uruguay. On the other hand we don´t need change our system depending on the enemy. That is a great mistake. The match was a disappointment, but i saw some good things yesterday, one of their was Mérida: our future Cesc. Certanly he needs time but each match he plays improves his image.

  • Flo
  • javi

    I think this two week break with his national selection will benefit Forlan, specially if he scores a couple of gols. He needs a change of air to come back with a fresh mind, although it would also be good if he could take a break from all competition for two weeks.

  • I.A.

    “The Brazilian picked up a loose ball in the box and slotted it under Palop” Loose ball? Derek, it was a fantastic pass by Mérida, not a “loose ball”.

  • Derek Maaijen

    We’re always so busy twittering and tweeting that I miss the replays of goals, thanks for correcting me I.A.! It’s another example of why I would have loved to see Mérida as the playmaker in the 4-2-3-1 we tried, but unfortunately there weren’t any other wide players available.

  • Mohammed

    True, Derek. It has been obvious since the beginning of this campaign and after Jurado has left that we really need another winger. Let’s hope Afellay comes in the winter and more importantly let’s hope he gives a direct impact.

  • Ringo Schut

    I think he will, but communication problems could be in the way…

  • Arjit

    i wonder how much afellay woud cost us? if his contract is expiring i would think he would be pretty cheap. consider the case of when maxi rodriguez left for liverpool, just 1.5 million euros were made. afellay around 4-8 mill? BARGAIN.

  • Flo

    I don’t think they will buy him in the winter transfer period. Maybe in summer when he is available for free transfer.
    I’m also not quite sure if we really need him. It would mean less playing time for Merida and Salvio comes back too. Maybe if Simao will leave us in summer…

  • Futbol Fan

    I am a new Athletico Fan, having become enamored by the play of Forlan in the world cup, and of La Liga over the past two years. Therefore I chose to align with Athletico…which–I hope–can gather a recharged Forlan and tactical sharpness, as we struggle to survive in the Champions League, and stay afloat in La Liga.

  • NiñoTorres

    Well you’ll have to learn the name of the team first 🙂

  • Flo

    It’s called Atlético not Athletico 😉

  • Nick Poskitt


    +1 🙂

  • javi

    or you can call them Atleti…
    On the Affelay matter, what is important is that they have two foreigners now, Kun and Costa, and that is why Salvio had to go to benfica for a year, now Kun is about to become a Spanish national, allowing us to bring in one more foreginer back, my prediction is that they bring back Salvio before they get Affelay or any other…unless of course we get a reidiculous offer from Benfica, but I dont think they have the money to do it.

  • @Futbol Fan, I’m a Citizen as well. Welcome to Atlético.