Analysing Griezmann comments, new deal, and Cholo

Carlo Valladares addresses the pressing issues facing Atleti this summer

Griezmann signed one year contract renewal on Tuesday

Griezmann signed one year contract renewal on Tuesday

Atletico Madrid’s supposed 17/18 season kits have leaked, but we at Atlé still want to address Antoine Griezmann’s recent comments (or backtracking) and his new deal that extended from 2021 to 2022.

Amid the news of the deal and the confirmation, the French superstar took advantage of the deal to release an apologizing statement on the club’s official website:

“The first thing that I want to do is apologize to the people who misunderstood my statements. Maybe I expressed myself badly or someone wanted to make news where there weren’t any, but since I came, I have given my all for my club, my teammates, and my coaching staff, and I’m very happy to live one more season with all of you.”

This new deal and recent comments didn’t mark the end of Manchester United’s high-profile interest; in fact, it was the Court of Arbitration’s decision to reject Atletico’s transfer ban appeal that seemingly squashed the deal’s momentum.

The deal didn’t just impact Atletico Madrid’s summer recruitment plans; it seems to have influenced Griezmann’s decision to leave the club amid their inability to find a replacement due to the ban.

Back in May, on the same day the transfer ban appeal was rejected, Griezmann took to Twitter to show his commitment toward Los Rojiblancos. Obviously, the timing of the tweet was not coincidental:

Nevertheless, here we are now. #Griezmann2022 happened. It is happening. We can credit his ability to sympathize with Atleti’s unfortunate recruitment halt and the ban itself. Given his remarks to Telefoot earlier this month, it is obvious his decision to stay was due to new circumstances and not out of his pure love and loyalty for the club, per Bleacher Report:

And that is okay.

Personally, as someone who has watched Griezmann grow into a complete player as a central striker, No.10, and as a half-space roamer, it didn’t bother me that the former Real Sociedad man wanted to try new challenges with a bigger club and a coach who is a proven winner. No disrespect to Diego Simeone, our hero, but if I was Griezmann, the prospect of Jose Mourinho on the touchline for a final seems more like a guaranteed celebration than our Argentine gaffer.

These tempting matters aside, despite the new deal, Griezmann still has evoked doubters regarding recent comments. It is still widely believed he will not stay long term and will definitely go to Manchester United next summer when Atleti is able to conduct recruitment business.

Some Atletico fans will be salty, some Atletico fans may not give him the same praise for the upcoming 17/18 season, but as I have told others and continue to tell them – Simeone staying (hopefully for longer than Griezmann) is a true reason to be happy, even more so than our French superstar. Regardless of who leaves, Simeone is the guy that is the true difference maker. Not Griezmann.

Obviously, be happy we have both for next season but never think we’re hopeless to find goals when Griezmann does leave. No, we have one of the best coaches in the world that is great at finding a way.

  • AndersAT

    Nice article. And I agree that it would not have been a disaster if he left, but it is nice he stays. I hope Costa joins in January. Those two together would be devastating.

    I don’t agree on your views on Man U and Mourinho though. I think he is heavily overrated, and if Griezmann would like to win titles Man U is definitely not the right place. He should go for Man City, Chelsea, Bayern or Juventus.

  • Guardiola is massively overrated. Mourinho mostly wins due to his tactics, not his players. Guardiola needs Ballon d’Or nominees.

    Thanks for reading, though.

  • AndersAT

    Hmm. Agree that Guardiola is overrated too, but it does not change the fact that Man U under Mourinho has been a disaster, much like Chelsea and Real Madrid before that, and there is no sign of that changing any time soon.

  • Manchester United will win a UCL with Mourinho.

    And how? Manchester United won 3 trophies. Far from disaster.

    Mourinho is Chelsea’s most successful Manager ever. No top manager today would win a UCL with the Porto teams and Inter teams that Mourinho coached.

  • AndersAT

    Hardly, but we will se about that.

    Community Shield, league cup and Europa league is hardly impressive with a club like Man U (playing awful football in the meantime), but if you think so, fair enough.

    His previous feats are of course impressive, and I do not disagree with that, I referred to his last spell with Chelsea and Real Madrid, which mounts up to a long time of not being a particular good coach with some great teams.

  • I only acknowledge winning. I don’t feed into that common fan, media bred “attractive” football nonsense.

    He got too ahead of himself with Real Madrid. He won a title in his last spell with Chelsea, too, despite his last season being a disaster. But his players dropped into unrecognizable form that 15/16 season.

  • AndersAT

    I am not talking about attractive football, I am a more result oriented guy also. I am simply talking about not playing well.

  • SL_FAN

    Jose is massively overrated. After he exposed in Spain he is not the same guys he was. Chelsea Sacked him and even with most expensive squad in the world (May be 2nd) he finished 6th in EPL and won two domestic charity trophies.

    If Greiz move to Man U its because of global icon of Manchester United not because of Jose. If Jose continues to play his hoof the ball tactics griezman will be out Man U in following season.

    Hope Griez stays at Atletico (Much better club than Man U At the moment) or move to a Club like Bayern Juve or PSG even.

  • Jamie

    Good grief, what did I just read.